The Thrillseeker's Guide to the Best Amusement Parks in America

 Whether you've never been on a rollercoaster before and you want to try one, or you've ridden every coaster you can, there’s no beating an amusement park for sheer thrills!  

America has hundreds to thousands of amusement parks sprawling over its endless land, which means there are countless ways to be entertained, and experience new thrills regardless of where you are.

These are the top amusement parks in America, and what it is about them that thrills so many people!

Why People Love Rollercoasters

Every time a discussion about roller coasters comes up, people are quickly divided.  Some love the adrenaline rush that comes with the dips, dives, and upside-down drops that come with being on a coaster, while others hate the sensation.

There's no clear reason why either party prefers what they do, but roller coasters have quickly become one of the top attractions to amusement parks!  

Six Flags Over Texas

If you ever make it out to Dallas, or you already live in one of the amazing apartments in Dallas, TX: you have to stop in at Six Flags Over Texas.  This 212-acre theme park was the first of the six flags chain and made sure to do it bigger and better than any other.  

Open year-round so that thrill-seekers don't have to take a break in the winter, this park has over thirteen roller coasters, fifty-five regular rides, and three water rides, ensuring that you can't do everything in just one day.  This is a fantastic park to plan a week around!


If you’re ever in Pennsylvania and want to take a bite of some sweet excitement: it’s time to visit Hersheypark!  This awesome park has over 70 rides and stretches out on 110 acres: making it the largest amusement park in the state. 

Open for almost 100 years; this family theme park has rides for fans of any age and some of the best food you'll find in the state.  If you don't mind going upside down on roller coasters or trying something new with the other four million visitors it gets a year: this is the place to go.  

Kings Island

In Mason, Ohio, there’s an adventure park that offers more than anything else in the state.  Although there’s Planet Snoopy, a section for kids with smaller roller coasters, most of this park provides a chance to try several death-defying rides that will have your heart pumping so hard you can feel it.

These coasters range from classic wooden ones to those with no foot support so that you feel like you're flying through the air.  This can be an incredibly fun location to visit for families of any size and age.

Knott’s Berry Farm

While in California, if you don’t want to make a stop at any of the Disney parks: it’s time to check out Knott’s Berry Farm!  This awesome park offers everything from seasonal fun (their Halloween festivities are incredible!) to the best rollercoasters in the world.  

The park is sectioned off into four different areas, which each allows you to spend at least a day exploring and getting in all of the excitement you could want.  Every ride in this park is more fun than the last and is great for someone of any age!

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