Dubai and The UAE for the Kosher Traveler - Options for Winter Sun and Passover Programs

Being able to spend a Passover vacation in Dubai and the UAE is a new experience for most kosher travelers. A new world of experiences and opportunities has opened and there are a lot of options for Winter Sun and the Passover Programs also.


One of the biggest concerns with kosher travel is whether you will be able to find the foods you need to eat in order to stay within the kosher requirements. Kosher and Passover kosher are two completely different things, and for the Jewish traveler at Passover the food requirements must be met.

There are some fabulous kosher eateries in Dubai that now offer completely Passover friendly meals. Many of the establishments will cater the food to you so you can plan a private seder at your hotel and have the food delivered.

Elli’s Kosher Kitchen

One of the main eateries that you want to know about is Elli’s Kosher Kitchen. Elli’s has the honor of being the first kosher eatery in this area of the country. 

By choosing to have your meals cooked and delivered from Ell’s you will be able to be certain that the food is kosher and prepared according to Passover customs.

Passover 2022 is going to see you able to enjoy a starlit dinner and shisha bar on at Elli’s Kosher Kitchen rooftop garden of the Aloft Hotel. You can have a romantic dinner overlooking the beauty of Dubai at night. The food will be kosher and Pesach friendly and you can simply relax and enjoy the moment.

Large Group Catering

If you have a group of 20 or more people you can get catering and BBQ services on site. You get all of the fun of a large dinner gathering with none of the planning or work involved.

Take a Lunch

To make sure that you do not mistakenly eat the wrong thing while on vacation you can get lunch and picnic meals packed to go from Elli’s. Your family can go sightseeing or to do outdoor activities and the food you have to eat will be perfectly prepared and kosher.

Why go to Dubai and UAE for Passover

One of the biggest reasons to travel to Dubai and UAE for Passover 2022 is the locations are not as heavily traveled. Do not look for that to be true for long because people are going to travel to these areas in much larger numbers.

The weather in Dubai in the spring when Passover occurs is warm like you would expect in summer. You can go outside, swim, enjoy water activities, and leave your jacket back in the room. It will feel like summer and you will be energized and ready to bask in the sun.

Stay at the Arman

There are six locations offering Jewish travelers places to stay that are Passover friendly and ready to enjoy.

Each day a new list of establishments that are offering kosher travelers the opportunity to enjoy their Pesach vacation and honor their requirements. You are going to be amazed at the sheer number of participating businesses, restaurants, hotels, and entertainment complexes.

Tours and Activities

The UAE and Dubai offer some fabulous opportunities to take tours and see things you have never seen before. With your food concerns taken care of by the new kosher eateries you will be able to concentrate on fun activities.

Atlantis Aquaventure & Lost Chambers Aquarium is one of the fantastic amusement parks ready to give you chills and thrills with rides and more than 65,000 marine animals. Relax on a private beach or go watch the sharks and rays being fed.

Go on snorkeling trips or take a jet ski tour. You can see Dubai from the water, from the air, and in the light of day or at night. The experiences awaiting you in this area are numerous. You would need to stay in Dubai for an entire month to actually be able to do everything there is to do and eat at all of the amazing restaurants now serving kosher foods.

Kosher Friendly

Dubai and UAE are now completely open and accepting of Jewish and kosher travelers. There are no barriers and bans stopping the kosher experience from happening for you in these areas. Times have changed, people have changed, and now the borders and the doors are finally open to allow everyone to get an opportunity to enjoy the sites and sounds of this area of the world.

Final Thoughts

If you have not been to Dubai then 2022 Passover is an excellent opportunity for you to visit and get to explore this region. The beautiful desert scenery and the crisp evenings under the brilliant stars are enough to make you glad you took the time to come.

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