What is esports, and why should you care about it?

Each year esports are getting more formal recognition in many countries. But the great majority of the public is unfamiliar with esports and even thinks that it is just little kids playing computer games, which further confuses the situation. Esports are extensively covered in the win.gg esports news section. Before moving on, we'll start with the basics, how esports came to be.

What led to the creation of the esports industry.

When a couple of gamers got the opportunity to participate in a computer game for a small prize between friends, the term "esports" was coined. Most esports tournaments have many exciting entertainment elements because many computer games spend a lot of game development time on visuals and the dynamism of the process. The iconic Doom 2 game was perfect for that, which included team fights as well as stunning visuals and audio for that time. Another game, Quake, was more technically complex and was perfect for esports participation. It was specifically designed to be played in a competitive multiplayer mode. Owing to the success of the Quake video game series, many other game developers started thinking about adding competition elements to their games. Nowadays, some esports games are more popular than real-life ones.

Why esports should be recognized as a legitimate sporting activity

Be receptive to new ideas and points of view to comprehend this section fully and understand new concepts. When you look at the numbers, esports are highly popular and well-loved.

There is easier accessibility. First of all, there are millions of individuals that are interested in computer sports all around the world. People with disabilities are not subjected to any forms of discrimination in this field. The internet allows you to play with other gamers from all around the world, regardless of where they live. In recent years, the esports community has developed to such an extent that it would be deemed negligent to overlook such a significant number of passionate fans.

Most viewers are active participants in the games they watch. It is far more than in any other real-life game. Many esports opponents argue that it is not a sport, despite the fact that the last time they played their loved sport was 10-20 ago. The only thing they do now is sit in front of the television and enjoy their favorite games while drinking a beer. 

E-sports are rising in popularity, as well as in terms of financial investments and salary. Because of the influx of wealth, it has many good employment opportunities. Many organizations of championships spend significant investments on good camera quality, big prize pools, etc. Sponsors provide good assistance to the players, including computer accessory makers and other entities. Professional athletes are highly accomplished people who earn a living doing what they enjoy doing the most.

Top esports championships like the International are now on par with major hockey and football competitions in terms of prestige and prize pool. They are done in the same enormous stadiums in major cities throughout the world.

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