4 Ways to Sell Cars to Celebrities

4 Ways to Sell Cars to Celebrities

Regular clients might keep your business running, but they rarely boost your sales. You know who will skyrocket your sales? A-list celebrities. Imagine what a mention, a purchase, or a tag from The Rock can do to your dealership–The Rock is known for his taste in high-end cars, and buying from you would send the message to his fans that your cars are the best.

But how do you get The Rock or Lewis Hamilton to buy from you or endorse your cars? It is not easy because you first need to contact them, and a response is not guaranteed. Luckily, there are some tricks you can use to sell cars to celebrities, and we have covered them in this post. Here’s what you should do.

1. Connect with the Celebrities

Not every celebrity is into cars or displays their collection. You need to identify the stars who love the kind of cars you stock. You don’t want to try to sell Vin Diesel an SUV off-roader when he only likes fast cars. Knowing which celebrity will buy from your car dealership is vital. 

To learn what your target celebrities drive or love, stalk them on social media, read celebrity car magazines, and watch celebrity lifestyle programs. Identify your A-list customers then market to them. 

2. Customize Your Cars 

Celebrities are all about the high life, and they want to stand out at all times. They want their presence felt when they drive past other cars on the road. Customize your vehicles to appeal to your target celebrity market. For instance, if you want to sell cars to celebrities who like flashy rides with gold rims, ask your auto designer to pimp the rides before posting pictures online and tagging celebrities. The trick is to make your cars as famous as celebrities. Also, if you want to sell to a celebrity, talk, think, and act like one.

3. Contact the Celebrities

It's not like you’ll find Will Smith’s number on his Instagram page or Twitter account, so you need to be creative about finding celebrities' contact information. Connecting with celebrities requires patience, commitment, and persistence. If you have a car that you are almost sure would excite a particular celebrity, do your best to connect with them. 

Befriend their assistant, stalk their publicist, or talk to their social media managers nicely. Also, have a car stock image library to market your services. If a celebrity’s assistant thinks your cars aren’t unique enough, you probably won’t hear from them again. 

4. Be Persistent

A good salesman is persistent and persuasive. Follow up on your prospective celebrity clients but be subtle about it. Don’t camp in the celebrity’s facebook inbox or do anything crazy like following them around town. Approach them professionally and let them know you want to make a sale or get an endorsement. If you get a negative response, leave them for some time and change your tactics. 

If you get a positive response, a mention, or an endorsement deal, use the same tactic to reach as many celebrities as possible. For instance, if a celebrity posted your car image and tagged you, repost on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also post a positive review from a celeb on your website. You would be surprised by how positive reviews boost your sales.

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