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Adam Balsam: Do you want to know about Adam Balsam? we have done a research about his net worth in 2022, hеight, wеight, age, biography, аnd соmрlеtе dеtаil аbоut his lifе

Adam Balsam is famous as brother of Talia Balsam. Adam Balsam sister Talia Balsam is an American television and movie actress. Talia Balsam is a daughter of the actress Joyce Van Patten and the actor Martin Balsam. His sister Talia Balsam has worked on a number of projects for both small and large screens. Talia has had roles in a number of films, such as Killer Instinct, Little Manhattan, Mass Appeal, Conviction, Coldblooded, No Strings Attached, and Little Men.

Adam Balsam age, wiki, biography

Adam Balsam place of birth is New York City, U.S. His Parents are Irene Miller and Martin Balsam. His mother's name is Irene Miller and his father's name is Martin Balsam. His father is of Russian Jewish origin. His nationality is American. His father passed away on February 13, 1996 and the reason of his death was stroke and he passed away in his hotel room while he was in a travel trip in Rome, Italy. The age that his father passed away was 76 years old. Adam Balsam father Martin Balsam Resting place is Cedar Park Cemetery, Emerson, New Jersey, U.S. By profession her father was an American actor.

He has 3 siblings. In siblings he has 1 brothers and 2 sisters. His brother's name is Casy King born on 12 Nov, 1951 and passed away on 15 December 2014. Casy King is his half siblings from his father's relationship with Joyce Van Patten. Zoe Balsam is his real sister. Adam Balsam is recognized for his work in Love Thy Neighbor, Animal Trax in 2001 and The Library.

Adam Balsam sister Talia Balsam date of birth is March 5, 1959. Her sister Talia Balsam got married with actor George Clooney in Las Vegas. The marriage of her sister did not last very long and they got divorced with George Clooney in 1993. Talia Balsam got married with John Slattery in 1998 after the divorce. Talia Balsam son name is Harry Slattery date of birth is 13 May 1999. Adam Balsam is the aunt of Harry Slattery.

Adam Balsam grandparents are Lillian Weinstein and Albert Balsam. Lillian Weinstein is her grandmother name and Albert Balsam is her grandfather name. Her grandfatehr Albert Balsam was a manufacturer of women's sportswear.

Adam Balsam parents relationship

Adam Balsam parents Irene Miller and Martin Balsam got married in 1963. The couple were blessed with 2 children whose name are Adam Balsam and Zoe Balsam. Adam Balsam parents divorced in 1987.


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