Anaca Nicoli Candice Swanepoel son, children, father, mother, sibling, brother, age, wiki, biography

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Anaca Nicoli birthday is on 5 October 2016 and born place is Brazil. Anaca Nicoli is famous as son of Hermann Nicoli. Anaca Nicoli father Hermann Nicoli is Brazilian model.

Anaca Nicoli age, wiki, biography

Anaca Nicoli date of birth is 5 October 2016 and place of birth is Brazil. Libra is his star sign. He took birth on Wednesday. He celebrates his birthday every year on 5th October.

Anaca Nicoli parents are Hermann Nicoli and Candice Swanepoel. Hermann Nicoli is his father name and Candice Swanepoel is his mother name. His father Hermann Nicoli is a well known model and his mother Candice Swanepoel is a South African model and philanthropist. Being a model his father has worked in many modeling and talent agency - Next Model management. His dad has worked as a brand endorser for various apparel and fashion companies. Anaca Nicoli father is also known in the fitness training. 

He has 1 sibling. In Sibling he has 1 brother. His brother name is Ariel Swanepoel Nicoli. His brother Ariel Swanepoel Nicoli was born on July 20th 2018.

His grandparents are Willem Swanepoel and Eileen Swanepoel Green. Willem Swanepoel is his grandfather name and Eileen Swanepoel Green is his grandmother name. His grandfather Willem Swanepoel is from Mutare, Zimbabwe and his grandmother Eileen Swanepoel Green is South African. His uncle name is Stephen Swanepoel. His ethnicity is South African-Brazilian. Anaca Nicoli mother is known working on Victoria's Secret. In 2010 his mother became a Victoria's Secret Angel. His nationality is Brazil. 

Anaca Nicoli parents relationship

Anaca Nicoli parents Hermann Nicoli and Candice Swanepoel dated each other when they once met at Paris. They declare their engagement in public in August 2015. The couple was blessed with 1 son whose name is Anaca Nicoli in 2016. In 2018 the couple next son was born whose name is Ariel Nicoli who was born in 2018. His parents are no more with each other as they have got separated.