Giraffe Woman Before and After, Giraffe Woman's Neck Ring Removal Photos


Giraffe Woman Before and After

Giraffe Woman Before And After:  Are you familiar with the legend of the Giraffe Woman? In that case, let me introduce you to Sydney Smith, a woman who considers herself to be a giraffe woman. She decided to lengthen her neck in order to become known as Giraffe Woman, which pushed her passion for giraffes to a whole new level. As a result, she is now known by that name. See Giraffe Woman Before And After photos in the article below.

Sydney Smith is a lady who was born in 1988 and considers herself to be a giraffe. She is currently 34 years old. She dreamt about having a long neck like that of a giraffe, just like she did. She does this so that people from all around the world will be able to identify her by her unusually long neck.

Because she has been wearing so many rings made of heavy metal for so many years, she has started to entertain the idea of lengthening her neck. She's been developed an unhealthy fixation on giraffes. She used the traditional copper rings to stretch her neck, which resulted in her achieving a length of 11 inches. It is possible for the neck rings to cause discomfort since they pull the ribs and the clavicle down.

Sydney drew motivation and ideas from the Kayan people who live in Southeast Asia. They are well known for the metal coils that they wrap around their necks in order to give the appearance that they are longer. Sydney had constructed her rings and wasted five years of her life by adding more ornaments to her neck in an effort to make her collarbone appear longer.

 She had done this so that people would think she had a longer neck. She stacked 15 rings to produce the biggest possible stack, which came to an amazing 5 pounds in total weight.

Giraffe Woman: Before and After

Sydney is able to fulfil a long-held ambition of hers and transform into a giraffe woman. On the other side, making the move would be difficult. The fact that Sydney awoke one morning with the understanding that she could no longer continue her way of life is not something that should come as a surprise to anyone. She came to the conclusion that it would be best to have all 15 rings removed.

Now, Sydney had decided not to continue her hunt for the rings since she felt that the jewels had robbed her life of any significance. She said that because she was a lady with a long neck and because she wore fifteen rings around her neck in the United States, she was unable to successfully carry out the responsibilities of her work. She asserted that she was unable to function in a typical manner.

 Additionally, Sydney's love life was becoming increasingly difficult to navigate. The folks who were close to her did not treat her like a normal female would be treated. Either they would find themselves captivated by the neck braces she wore, or it would be quite embarrassing for them to be seen in public with her.

It has been determined that Sydney Smith no longer needs to wear the rings that she had been wearing around her neck. She bounced back from her illness pretty quickly and in full. The realization in her life motivated her to investigate the possibilities of harm that could be caused by the rings.

But despite the fact that this happened so long ago, she is still only known as the Giraffe Woman. On the other hand, Sydney swiftly came to the realization that the rings were giving her a significant amount of pain and discomfort. It wasn't easy, and as a direct result, er flesh got scorched, but it was possible to do what needed to be done.

After having the coils removed from her body, Sydney claims that she was still able to keep her identity as a giraffe lady. Alterations have also occurred in her bodily form throughout this time. She had been wearing weights that weighed five pounds around her neck for the preceding five years, so it is not surprising that she had severe bruising around her collarbone after having the coils removed. During that time, she had been wearing them around her neck.

In spite of the fact that the rings might be harmful to Sydney Smith's health, she was unable to come up with any reasons why she should continue to wear them. Because Sydney's recovery is going more smoothly than the doctors expected, she does not have any regrets about trying to stretch her neck. In fact, she does not feel any regret at all. Sydney is participating in physical therapy in order to return her neck to its normal position so that she can return to her normal position.


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