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Rain Whittaker: Do you want to know about Rain Whittaker? we have done a research about her net worth in 2022, hеight, wеight, age, biography, аnd соmрlеtе dеtаil аbоut her lifе

Rain Whittaker place of birth is United States. Rain Whittaker brother Beck is an American musician, songwriter, singer, and record producer. Beck in the early 1990s got to stardom with his experimental and lo-fi approach, and Beck became well-known for his ability to produce musical collages that included elements from a broad variety of musical styles.

Rain Whittaker age, wiki, biography

Rain Whittaker born place is United States. By profession Rain Whittaker is a poet. Her Parents are Bibbe Hansen and David Campbell. Her mother's name is Bibbe Hansen and her father's name is David Campbell. By profession Rain Whittaker father David Campbell is a Canadian arranger, composer and conductor, whilst her mother is a visual artist. Her mother Bibbe Hansen, a Warhol celebrity, spent her childhood in New York City, where she was surrounded by Andy Warhol's The Factory art environment in the 1960s. 

Bibbe Hansen made the journey to California when she was 17 years old, and it was then that she met Campbell. Rain Whittaker grandfather from her mothers side was the artist Al Hansen, of Norwegian origin and was a leader in the avant-garde Fluxus movement. Rain Whittaker maternal grandmother was Jewish. Due to the family's ongoing financial difficulties, they relocated to the area around Hoover and Ninth Street, which is mostly comprised of Salvadoran refugees and Koreans. Rain Whittaker was brought to live with her father's parents in Kansas for a while.

She has 2 sibling. In sibling she has 2 brothers. Her brother's name is Beck and Channing Hansen. Beck date of birth is July 8, 1970. Her brother Beck is an American musician, songwriter, singer, and record producer. Her brother Beck stayed with her mother and brother Channing in Los Angeles after her parents divorced. Her sister in law name is Marissa Ribisi. She is the Aunt of Cosimo Henri Hansen and Tuesday Hansen. Her Grandparents are Al Hansen, D. Warren Campbell, Audrey Ostlin Hansen.

Her brother Channing Hansen Career

Channing Hansen enormous hand-knitted textiles are set on wooden stretchers, and they contain vivid abstract shapes that undulate throughout their surface areas, which are similar of webs. Since this is such a labor-intensive procedure, the artist must do everything by hand, including dehairing, washing, dying, blending, and spinning the wool.

Channing Hansen work is, in fact, planned by a computer algorithm that creates virtually endless combinations of colour, fibre, pattern, and knit. It is predetermines the improvised the Hansen's work. The artist relies solely on the algorithm to trigger changes in shape; until the job is completed, they are unsure of how the final product will appear. 


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