Oscar Gabriel De La Hoya age, wiki, biography


Oscar Gabriel De La Hoya age, wiki, biography

Oscar Gabriel De La Hoya is the son of Oscar De La Hoya, who competed as a professional boxer in the past. On December 29, 2005, he was born in the family of Oscar De La Hoya and Millie Corretjer as the newest member of their household.

Gabriel is still maturing under the guidance of his parents and siblings despite being a young teenager. Even though he is still in high school, the 16-year-old boy and his parents and grandparents are already having a fantastic time together. However, Oscar Gabriel is an exceptionally bright young man, and he seems to have taken like his father in many respects.

Millie Corretjer, Oscar Gabriel's mother, was in a relationship with Oscar De La Hoya for only 17 years, but during that time they had three children together. Oscar Gabriel is their son. Gabriel is one of a total of six children that came from a variety of different partnerships and marriages of his father. He is the older sibling. Lauren Nenitte De La Hoya is his real sister. 

Oscar Gabriel’s Father

Oscar De La Hoya is a former boxer from the United States who holds a number of titles and accolades since beginning his career in the sport. He is one of the champions who has had a successful fighting career and has gotten a lot of awards. Because of his achievement at the Olympic Games held in Barcelona, Spain in 1992, he is sometimes referred to by the nick name "The Golden Boy." Throughout his career, De La Hoya won a total of ten world titles across a range of weight categories.

Oscar Gabriel’s Mother

Milagros Millie Corretjer, whose real name is Ninette Corretjer Maldonado, is a famous Puerto Rican singer and actress. Since she was a little girl, she has harbored the desire to make a living in the glamorous world of show business. At the age of 15, Corretjer was given the opportunity to anchor the popular television programme "La Ola Nueva" in Puerto Rico. In 1995, she released the album titled "Sola," which went on to become a commercial success. Corretjer and De La Hoya first started dating at some point in the year 2000, and around one year later, in October of 2001, they tied the knot and became husband and wife.

Oscar Gabriel Education

He is still in school and it is possible that he is attending classes at the university at this time; however, we do not have any information regarding that because the topic is not yet open for public debate. As a student, he is doing very well for himself, and he is taking many steps to ensure that he will leave behind a name that is uniquely his when the time comes.


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