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babycenterindia Best baby barricade price, Review & unboxing - baby safety products

Babycenterindia Baby Room Standard with 2 Extension Kit (Red, Blue and Yellow)

babycenterindia Price, review, and unpacking of the best baby barrier - infant safety items

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Brand - Babycenterindia

Colour - Red-Blue-Yellow

Age Range (Description) - Kid

About this item

Length 220 cm, width 116 cm and height is 61 cm

This product is made in South Korea are accredited to EN-71 (European Standard).

It's a fantastic indoor and outdoor play area.

Set-up and disassembly are quick and simple, allowing for compact storage and transportation.

1 standard panel, 1 door panel, 4 side panels and 6 connectors. You also get rubber pads which can be attached at the bottom of the panels to make them sturdy.

Product description

1) Baby-safe, has a larger panel than the previous model

2) Toys are en-71 (European Standard) approved.

3) a fantastic indoor and outdoor play area

4) This playpen has a total area of 13 square feet and may be expanded by purchasing extra extensions.

5) The standard panel offers a game for the youngsters to play with. The kit contains one game panel, one door panel, and four side panels. Rubber pads on the bottom and 6 connectors.






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