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Bikxie, the bike taxi service launches cashless payments with MoboMoney

 February 2 2016,  18.23 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

Just get a tag & say goodbye to the hassles of fumbling for cash or change

New Delhi, February 02, 2016: Constantly innovating to enhance today’s all-important Customer Experience, Bikxie, the two-wheeler taxi service provider has exclusively tied up with MoboMoney to offer cashless rides to its passengers. An innovation from Tech Mahindra, MoboMoney is a first-of-its kind ‘Tap and Pay’ digital payment solution. It serves as an offline wallet and can be used even by commuters not having the mobile app or a smart phone. Bikxie will offer free MoboMoney tags to its users from designated centres in Gurgaon which can be further used to make payments via NFC devices carried by Bikxie drivers.

Along with its safe, quick and cost-effective two-wheeler taxi service, the company has now made paying for this service fast, simple and cashless, thus revolutionizing the daily commute experience of travellers in India.

Using a MoboMoney tag is convenient and completely secure. The data in each transaction is protected by a unique encryption which offers added assurance to users. Customers can recharge/top-up the tags either through an app or by giving cash at designated centres with amounts ranging from Rs 10 to Rs. 10,000.

Speaking on the tie-up with MoboMoney, Mohit Sharma, Co-Founder & Chief Executive officer, Bikxie, said, “This association brings together the synergies of two brands, Bikxie and Tech Mahindra, committed to elevating the daily interactions of Indians. With the MoboMoney tag, Bikxie users simply have to hop on to their two-wheeler taxis without any worries of carrying their wallet or exact change etc. During rush-hour, travellers often end up spending precious minutes haggling with rickshaw and auto drivers or scrambling for change. This tie-up seeks to completely eliminate such inconvenience and make daily rides more convenient. We are looking for a long term strategic association with MoboMoney”

Vivek Chandok, Head – Consumer Business, Tech Mahindra Limited said, “Tech Mahindra, as part of its strategy to drive Digital Payments adoption in India, is looking for partnerships that leverage technology and go-to market alliances. We aim to significantly expand the offline payment ecosystem by eliminating all barriers in the payment experience. The core values of MoboMoney and Bikxie are fully aligned – we both offer technology-based solutions to critical problems. While Bikxie solves the issue of last-mile connectivity, we are here to help consumers tide over the problem of petty cash and ensure faster and seamless transactions.”

Currently available in the Maximum City, Gurgaon, the on-demand two-wheeler taxi service can be hailed from key locations or accessed through the Bikxie app. Bikxie aims to ease the daily commute of college and office goers as well as users in residential areas. The unique differentiator of Bikxie is its emphasis on comfort & fool-proof safety of its passengers.

The Bikxie app is equipped with the option of feeding in an emergency contact and also has an SOS button. Once the trip starts, the emergency contact of the user gets intimated and is also sent all the required information once the passenger reaches his/her destination safely.

Bikxie, the bike taxi service launches cashless payments with MoboMoney

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Bikxie launches the country’s first women-only two-wheeler taxi service, Bikxie Pink

Service officially inaugurated at Gurgaon with Ms. Madhu Kishwar as Chief Guest

 January 20 2016,  18.55 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

New Delhi, January 20, 2016: Bikxie, the two-wheeler taxi service provider launches its women-only service, Bikxie Pink in Gurgaon. Bikxie Pink, a first-of-its-kind service in India, offers a fleet of Scooties driven only by women drivers. The service further bolsters Bikxie’s position as the only two-wheeler taxi service dedicated completely to the safety aspect with a special focus on the security and comfort of its women passengers. Bikxie Pink was officially inaugurated by Indian academic, writer and women’s rights activist, Professor Madhu Purnima Kishwar on January 20, in Gurgaon.

Bikxie Pink will initially be rolled out with five women drivers and the fares will be the same as the Bikxie service for men. The women drivers will be given same comprehensive training and screened via the same police verification process that the male drivers undergo.

Bikxie Pink was conceptualised based on the company’s internal research. It revealed that while male passengers would opt for a fast and reliable two-wheeler taxi with enthusiasm, female passengers would be reluctant on account of safety concerns and apprehension of riding behind male drivers. To make female customers feel safe, the company has launched Bikxie Pink.

Speaking on the launch, Professor Kishwar said, “Women, today, are highly aspirational and independent. However, due to issues relating to safety in public places and paucity of safe mode of travel, they are often thwarted in achieving their full potential. Bikxie has done us all a great favour by launching a swift, safe and completely stress-free solution to the last mile connectivity problem for women. With Bikxie Pink, women can enjoy an efficient & affordable two-wheeler taxi service without worrying about their personal safety.”

Mohit Sharma, Co-Founder & Chief Executive officer, Bikxie, said, “At Bikxie, we are driven by a single-minded focus on making last mile connectivity absolutely seamless and safe for everyone. Bikxie Pink has been launched as a move in the same direction. We understand that our women passengers may not always be comfortable riding pillion to a male driver. They now have the choice to opt for a vehicle with a woman driver and get to their destination safely and comfortably.”

Bikxie also offers other safety features which ensures its services are completely foolproof for commuters, both male and female. Its specially developed app comes equipped with the option of feeding in an emergency contact and also has an SOS button. Once the SOS button is pressed, the emergency contact no, immediately gets the current location of the bike, bike no and the driver’s contact no.

All these enhancements make Bikxie an extremely secure solution for all passengers, male or female. With the launch of Bikxie Pink, the company has taken its promise of offering the most reliable travel solution a notch higher.  

Bikxie launches the country’s first women-only two-wheeler taxi service, Bikxie Pink

Bikxie launches the country’s first women-only two-wheeler taxi service, Bikxie Pink

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Bikxie launches its two-wheeler taxi service in Gurgaon

January 2 2016,  11.59 AM IST || Pocket News Alert

On-demand two-wheeler taxi service Bikxie launches its services in Gurgaon

Unveils its last mile connectivity solution at Gurgaon RTO on January 1, 2016

New Delhi, January 1, 2016: Bikxie, the two-wheeler taxi service provider launched its services in Gurgaon on January 1, 2016. The on-demand service will ease the problem of last mile connectivity in the Millennium City with a safe, speedy and highly convenient option to get to and from metro stations, bus stops or any other destination. Bikxie was launched at the Gurgaon Regional Transport Office in Mini Secretariat by Shri T L Satya Prakash, Deputy Commissioner, Gurgaon and Shri Sushil Sarwan, RTA Gurgaon.

Bikxie will be available as an app and commuters will also be able to hail the two-wheeler taxis from key locations around the city including metros and universities. Passengers can also enquire about Bikxie’s services on the toll-free number 18001034685.

Recognising the potential in this space, three enthusiasts from different background, Mohit Sharma (MBA Finance, NMIMS Mumbai), Divya Kalia (MA Economics, GIPE Pune) and Dennis Ching (MBA Marketing ITM Mumbai) co-founded Bikxie, a two wheeler taxi service for last mile connectivity.

Bikxie aims to ease the daily commute of college students and office goers as well as users in residential areas. The key USP of Bikxie is the safety aspect that is bundled into its services. Drivers are enrolled with Bikxie only after undergoing thorough police verification. They are then given comprehensive training, covering various aspects like customer management, safe driving practices, traffic rules and first-aid management.

The App also has a SOS button which can be pressed by the passenger at anytime should a need arise. Once the SOS button is triggered, a call will instantly go to the passenger to check his well being. The exact location of the bike will also be monitored through our GPS system. Additionally, the passenger can feed in a safety contact into the app. As soon as the trip starts, the safety contact gets a message with the driver’s name, bike number and phone number along with all trip details. When the ride ends, the safety contact is intimated again. Enhancing the safety quotient is the fact that comprehensive insurance is in place for both the driver and the passenger in case of any accidents.

To heighten the comfort and convenience of passengers, they are given a hair net to be worn before wearing the helmet to ensure maximum hygiene. To offer protection from pollution, they are given masks for the trip and wet wipes at the end of it. First Aid Kit is also provided to the drivers so they can attend to any minor medical emergencies during the journey.

Speaking on its launch, Mohit Sharma, Co-Founder & Chief Executive officer, Bikxie, said, “Gurgaon is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the country. However, it continues to be plagued by issues related to the daily commute and especially last mile connectivity. Bikxie aims to eliminate these hassles by providing citizens with a fast, affordable and safe alternative to autos and rickshaws.”

Talking about the services, Divya Kalia, Co-founder, Bikxie, said, “Every ride on Bikxie is tracked and comes with the guarantee of utmost safety which makes it the most viable choice of commuters. After expanding our reach to all areas of Gurgaon, we will look at tapping other cities of Haryana. We are also in advanced discussion with senior officials of other cities to allow us to provide similar service in those cities. ”

In the first phase, Bikxie’s services will be available near DLF Cyber City between 9 am and 7 pm. Initially, 10 bikes will be available for commuters. Bikxie will be a highly cost-effective solution with Rs 10 for the first 2 kilometres and Rs 5 for every subsequent kilometre.

Bikxie has raised seed funding from individual investment bankers and is in talks with some key angel investors for its next round of capital infusion.

Bikxie launches its two-wheeler taxi service in Gurgaon

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