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Why Car Pool when you can Bus Pool?

Mr.  Harshit Gohil, Founder-

 January 18 2016,  14.50 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

Car pooling is taking a toll in your pocket, petrol & diesel prices are soaring high, Kolkata’s traffic is making you reach late everywhere. Worry not

Presenting a first of its kind Bus pooling application in Kolkata. Carve your way out of Kolkata’s bustling traffic using goHop. goHop is a a peer-to-peer ride sharing service to keep the city moving.  GoHop is trying to solve the problems faced by 4.5 million daily commuters in Kolkata and 70 million daily commuters nation-wide.

What is Bus pooling?

Bus Pooling provides Bus Transportation for daily commuters.. Traffic Jam increases day after day due to the increase in number of vehicles on streets. This costs countries a lot.Losses are due to:

•Lost productivity
• Lost fuel in idle cars

• Accidents
• Pollution
•  Health effects

By utilizing the power of crowd-sourcing & IT can help in providing customized transportation solutions for people which is convenient for them to leave their cars and trust in  buses instead.

Pros of Bus pooling:
•Pocket Friendly- Bus pooling is an economical way of travelling.One can travel through Bus Pooling (apps such as goHop provide such facilities) in extremely affordable ticket prices.

•·         Time saving- It’s more time saving as compared to waiting for a Bus for long hours. One doesn’t have to have to be late for office/colleges with the help of Bus Pooling

• No need to drive your car, travel carefree- With the coming of Bus Pooling one doesn't have to drive their own car, can easily travel without any stress or hassle.

•Pre-booking of tickets, no need to wait for bus for long hours: With the option of pre-booking of tickets, one doesn't need to wait for a bus for not a prefixed duration of time.

•Causes less pollution, environment friendly –. Bus Pooling causes much less pollution when compared to Car’s working on diesel & petrol.

•Reduces  traffic congestion on the roads, and the need for parking spaces.

Bus Pooling offers you a secure, reliable, punctual and economic ride in the city of Kolkata. Did you know that if you drive to work for 2 hours daily, you spend around 2 full days every month in driving? What can you do in a bus in one month instead- read books while travelling, check emails, play games, watch videos on your phone.

What you lose by Driving to work (below are the estimations for a person who drives daily 2 hours between home & work)?

•·  Fuel- As we all know petrol & diesel prices are soaring high. If one travels by car to work, one loses fuel & money which is spent in refilling the fuel tank. So pooling gives you a better and pocket firneldy option to not only save your money on fuel but also it helps saving the environment.

•·  Maintenance & spare parts-  When one drives a car to work, one also needs cost for maintenance & spare parts which can take heavy toll on your pocket.

•   Oil- When one drives a car to work one also needs oil for maintenance purposes. So one loses their hard earned money to maintain a Car.

• Depreciation- that is a reduction in the value of an asset over time, due in particular to wear and tear can vary from car to car, how often it’s driven etc.

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