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How to get rid of fleas in house naturally

How to get rid of fleas in house naturally

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13 Proven Ways to getting Rid of Fleas in Your Home Naturally

A common myth believed by everyone is that one can only have fleas in house through an animal. On the contrary, fleas can make their way inside of any type of fabric - which includes clothing on your body or any item you bring inside your house that has previously been in an infested area. But before you start dealing with a flea infestation, you must first learn about the four stages of this pest’s lifecycle.

The infestation is mainly caused by a combination of the population made up of pupa and larvae. If you want know what do flea bites look like, they  can be very uncomfortable and itchy for all human and non human members of the family. They carry tapeworms and typhus that can cause an allergic reaction and infection from sore scratched bites.

The only way to keep your house and pets safe at all times, is through ultimate care. Since there are over 2000 different types of fleas around the globe, they can obviously cause a lot of damage. Most fleas can latch on to pets and humans at the same time. Many times flea bites can be misdiagnosed, which can lead to further complications. To be well prepared below we have listed for 6 types of fleas for easy detection and to know how big are fleas:

Human Flea (Pulex Irritans)
Cat Flea (Ctenocephalides Felis)
Dog Flea (Ctenocephalides Canis)
Sand Flea (Tunga Penetrans)
Sticktight Flea (Echidnophaga Gallinacea)
Bird Flea (Ceratophyllus Gallinae)

Fleas thrive on a humid environment and while investing in a dehumidifier may be a smart move, there are various natural remedies for fleas. These various techniques can teach you how to get rid of fleas in the house fast and effectively. 

Thankfully, there are various home remedies to get rid of fleas. It can be fleas in house or fleas on humans all these natural remedies for fleas, will definitely help you to get rid of fleas in house: 
Flea Repelling Plants: Healing plants are on top of the list of best way to get rid of fleas in house. Plants like spearmint, chrysanthemums, penny royal and lavender are some plants that work as flea treatment for house. 

These plants can be easily planted in and around your house in flower pots, flower beds or your yard. They are effective and work perfectly as a natural flea repellent. These varieties of plants are loaded with compounds, specific oils and natural chemicals that work magically as one of the best home remedies for fleas. The fragrance of these plants, irritate the fleas and makes avoid the path on which they are planted.

1. Dish Soap

Next on the list is the perfect solution on how to get rid of fleas naturally. A simple dish soap trap is what kills fleas effectively. The perfect natural flea killer can be made with three simple ingredients. All you need is dish soap, a candle and warm water. Since fleas are nocturnal animals, it wise to set the trap at night in the infected areas of the house. Mix the dish soap with warm water and fill it in multiple plates or bowls. This solution in turn acts as an effective glue trap making it the perfect flea killer for house. Make a fresh batch every day and replace the old solution, for effective results. With soap water you can get Rid of Moths from the Kitchen.

2. Rosemary

A soothing organic natural flea repellent, is Rosemary. It is a safe and effective method that can be used on humans and pets. Converting the rosemary into powder can help you treat fleas in your home. This herbal flea powder can be made with ingredients that are easily available in every household. You would need peppermint, wormwood, rue, fennel and rosemary. Mix the herbs and grind them into a powder and sprinkle it to treat fleas in bed, fleas on human, carpets, furniture, window sills, pet bedding or anywhere else you may suspect a flea infestation in your home.

3. Herbal Flea Spray

Making a non-toxic natural flea spray from items that are found around your home, is the best way to get rid of fleas from your house. To create this amazing natural flea spray, all you need is 2L of water, 4L of vinegar, 500ml lemon juice and 250 ml of witch hazel. Before mixing all the ingredients well in a large spray bottle, make sure to vacuum your entire house. Take out the trash, wash all kinds clothing that could be infected before spraying your house with the natural repellent. You can spray the natural remedies for fleas all around your house and floors.

4. Salt

Using salt to treat fleas in carpet is the most effective and organic method on the list. A combination of salt and vacuuming can guide you on how to get rid of fleas in carpet. Salt is a dehydrating agent that dries out the fleas upon contact, that helps in eliminating the adult fleas. Salt sprinkle works effectively on carpets, when left to rest for 1-2 days followed by thorough vacuuming. You can also use the salt in cracks and crevices, where the fleas may hide during the day. This is one of the safest flea treatment for home that you can use around pets and kids.

5. Diatomaceous Earth

While DE is non-toxic method that is used to get rid of fleas, it is often suggested that you wear a face-mask. DE can cause irritation to your eyes and throat and can be very messy to use. To combat a flea infestation house you will need to sprinkle the DE powder with high flea activity. Apply thin layers and leave it to rest for 2 days. Be sure to use the food grade grade option for application on the infected areas of your house. The DE will cause dehydration in the flea and make succumb to suffocation eventually. Vacuum the remains after two days and follow the necessary flea prevention methods thereafter. Also a Best Methods To Getting Rid Of Carpenter Ants Permanently

6. Lemon Spray

An effective and fragrant natural repellent for fleas is Lemon Spray. You can spray this citrus solution on all the infested areas of your home - pet beddings, chairs, sofas and other furniture. To create this solution you will need a thin slice of lemon added to a pint of water. Boil the lemon and water thoroughly and leave it overnight to rest, to use the next day. The spray can be used on infected furniture or areas in the house as a natural remedy for fleas. The solution is safe to use around kids and pets and leaves a lemon fragrance around the house.

7. Baking Soda

As we all know that vacuuming is the most effective method used to get rid of fleas. Vacuuming helps pull the fleas out of the fabric making it the best flea home control system. To make this process actually work, you would also need baking soda. Since baking soda is safe to use, you can lay it all over your carpets, furniture, windows, beddings and thresholds. Make sure to rub the baking soda into the fabric for maximum exposure to the fleas. The next step is to vacuum your home thoroughly from every corner of the infected area. Empty the contents of the vacuum bag into a trash bin and dispose it off carefully. Known to get rid of fleas in house naturally.

8. Essential Oils

Along with many healing properties, essential oils can be used as a natural flea killer. These oils are known as the best home remedies to kill fleas. Lavender, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Lemongrass and Peppermint are well known plants that produce essential oils which help in killing or repelling fleas naturally. While these oils are non-toxic not all pets and humans are created with the same physiology. It is best to always check for allergies or sensitivities against the skin. You can also make an EO spray to use for yourself and your pet. For immediate effect a few drops of the oil around the collar will give instant relief to your pets (especially dogs). It is also known to Kill Maggots from your house.. 

9. Apple Cider Vinegar

An item so commonly found and used in our household, that you just cannot miss using it! While ACV has its own health benefits, it is also an excellent natural repellent against fleas. Mix ½  water with ½ vinegar in a spray bottle along with a few drops of essential oils and apple cider vinegar. Spritz the solution generously around your house and on your pets regularly to repel fleas. The solution is not only good for the skin and your pets coat, but you can also mix the ACV in your pets drinking water for better health. It also helps you to get Rid of Raccoons.

10. Nematodes

Once you can disinfect your house from a massive flea attack, chances are your pets may carry them back in again. Your pets tend to play in the grass and roll around in the mud, which can definitely bring in some nasty fleas. In order to avoid a reinfestation, you can opt for Nematodes - parasitic roundworms. Though it may sound disgusting these worms are completely safe and organic. They live in your yard protecting your home from invaders. They primarily feed on organic matter and insects such as fleas and can be easily bought on Amazon! Keep your yard trimmed and neat to avoid a flea habitat.

11. Fogging

Is the best solution to kill fleas in an infested household. It reaches the hard-to-reach places where fleas crawl in to hide. This technique is also used by exterminators, but only for out of control infestations. To fog your house, you will either need to safely stash away all food items and utensils or empty your house completely with pets (if any) for a few hours. Before reentering your house, open all the doors and windows and leave it for about 2 hours. Fogging will not only kill the fleas, but also other insects and rodents that may be present in your house.

12. Borax

An effective and non-toxic method, that you can often use around your house to kill fleas. Firstly vacuum your house completely and safely store all your belongings. Also be sure to keep your pets and kids away from the Borax while treating your house. Now, throw some borax on your carpet and vacuum it. It may sound stupid but it isn’t! This method is effective as it raises the fibres of the carpet so that the second round of borax can penetrate well enough into the carpet. Massage the borax into the carpet, lock the room and let it rest for 24 hours, before vacuuming it thoroughly the next day.

Decoding the flea life cycle can help you kill and prevent fleas in your house. It can also eliminate the chances of your exposure to any kind of diseases spread by a flea bite. The four stages of a flea's life cycle are:

Intercepting this life cycle is the key to successfully stop the flea from entering your home and reproducing. Blaming your pets entirely for a flea infestation is not fair, as these blood suckers can travel on humans and then land on your pets. Another important fact to know is that after laying 20 eggs, the single flea will then reproduce another 20 eggs. A development that take place every two weeks. Which means, there will be over 8,000 guests in your house and you won’t even know about it. Just imagine what would be the number of fleas in just two months - 3.2 million fleas! So, to avoid such a horrific situation in life and at home, keep you house dry and clean. A damp atmosphere is a thriving hot bed for the fleas and getting rid of them could only left in the hands of a professional. Vacuum your house and keep a regular check on your pets specially during monsoon season. Try your best to use non-toxic methods for treating your house and incase of a severe infestation, be sure to call an exterminator in time. Fleas are not dangerous but can make daily life a living hell if not taken care of.

How far can a flea jump?

Fleas are known to be one of the best jumpers of the insect world, They are capable of jumping as high as 7 inches and far as 13 inches (33 cm). The distance they cover in a jump is around 100 times their own height and length.

Fleas do not have wings, but the ability to jump so far helps them to switch hosts with relative ease. When you are trying to get rid of fleas, you should do the treatment everywhere, as they are known to be good jumpers.

Did you know that the fleas you actually see jumping and biting only make up for a small part of the flea population in your homes. Flea eggs are known to make up for around 50 percent of their population, while flea larvae and pupae make up for another 45 percent. So if you want to get rid of them then just killing the fleas that are jumping and biting is not enough. You need to kill them all, from eggs to larvae all of it.

How long do fleas live?

If you are wondering how long do these pesky insects live, then you will be surprised to know that The average lifespan of a flea is just 2 to 3 months. The maximum a flea can live with plentiful of food supply is around 100 days. Another fact about fleas is that the female fleas are unable to lay eggs until they’ve had their first blood meal.

How long can fleas live without a host?

The average lifespan of an adult flea is only 2 to 3 months. But without a host to feed on, Fleas won’t be able to live longer than a week. Fleas are known to be at their most vulnerable when they emerge from its pupa stage to have their first blood meal.

Do fleas live on humans?

One of the most common question people have is "Do fleas live on Humans”. The answer is "yes", fleas can live on humans. But it's pretty unlikely because There are over 2,000 species of fleas and only one one of them is known to live on the blood of humans. Fleas prefer living on pets who have a lot of fur. Fleas find it difficult to live on non furry animals, so we don’t need to worry about fleas living on humans. But the fleas can still bite you but not will not actually live on you.

Can fleas live in human hair?

If you are wondering if fleas can live in human hair? then the answer is "Yes", fleas can live in human hair, but they do not to permanently stay there. They will simply use your hair as a temporary place to live until they find another warm-blooded animal like dogs or cats. Also read Tick repellent - How to remove a tick from a dog from your yard or house. 

Flea shampoo: There are many flea shampoos available in the market for Cats and Dogs, which are known to work wonders to get rid of fleas from your pets fur. If you feel you also have fleas in your hair these shampoos are perfectly safe for use on human hair as well.

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