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Narayana IIT Academy students crack JEE Advanced 2017

With the ranks of JEE Advanced 2017 declared, it is celebration time at Narayana Institute, whose students has once again turned victorious thereby highlighting their accomplishment. This ranking validated Narayana’s leading position in IIT examinations training. Approx 50 percent of Narayana’s students made it into the top rankers of JEE Advanced. The Narayana Group is Asia’s largest educational conglomerate with over 300,000 students and 30,000 experienced teaching and non-teaching faculty in over 500 centres. Spread across 13 states, Narayana is the pride of India in hosting a plethora of schools, junior colleges, engineering, medical and management institutions, along with IAS training academy, coaching and correspondence centres.

Delhi- based Shubham Atri scored Rank 3 in Delhi. Organized by IIT Madras, the examination was held on 21 May 2017.Approximately 2.21 lakh candidates had registered and appeared for Joint Entrance Test (JEE) Advanced Examination. Candidates, who cleared the JEE Main or the first phase of the two-phase exams, were eligible to sit for the JEE Advanced. Shubham scored 116, 111 and 94 marks in Maths, Physics and Chemistry respectively.

Mukesh Atri, father of Shubham Atri said, “I was confident of the success of my son. Shubham has an excellent track-record in education since his childhood days. My son’s success would have been not possible without coaching and support of the teachers of Narayana Institute.”

Speaking on this occasion, U.P. Singh, Director Narayana IIT NEET Academy (Dwarka branch) said, “I run a Talent Adoption Program in which I support the students who are not financially strong. It includes Coaching fee, school fee, transportation fee, hostel fee, books, etc.  We at Narayana Institute, feel a greater sense of accomplishment and happiness when students get good rank in the examination. The dedication and hard work of students always pays off. Arsh Gautam who achieved an all India rank of 72 in JEE Advanced Examination, Avanish kumar singh who got Rank 23 are a part of this talent adoption program

L-R Arsh Gautam,  U.P Singh (Director of Dwarka Branch) Narayana Group, Shubham Atri, Mukesh Atri (Father of Shubham Atri)-
 L-R Arsh Gautam,  U.P Singh (Director of Dwarka Branch) Narayana Group, Shubham Atri, Mukesh Atri (Father of Shubham Atri)-

U P Singh(Director, Dwarka Branch)  with Arsh Gautam at Narayan Institute
.”U P Singh(Director, Dwarka Branch)  with Arsh Gautam at Narayan Institute

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Bangalore, June 11, 2017:  As always, BASE students have once again put up an impressive show in the JEE advanced examinations, the results of which were announced today. The toppers from BASE are Anirudh S (AIR 131), Ninad Huilgol (AIR 217) & Sumanth R Hegde (AIR 504). Around 440 students from BASE had qualified in JEE Mains this year to appear at JEE Advanced.

For this success, I would like to thank BASE for their continuous support and encouragement. I've been associated with BASE since 8th standard. They taught us all the fundamentals really well. They've helped me a lot in clearing various exams and Olympiads, said Anirudh S, BASE topper.

I would typically study for about 2 hours per day. I would study a particular topic until I understood the concept well. The practice tests given by BASE were very useful for me to identify my weaknesses and take corrective action. I am indebted to the teachers at BASE. They would explain the concepts excellently and would clarify all our doubts with their expertise. The numerous practice tests were also very useful for my preparation, said Ninad Huilgol, another BASE student.

“It is a matter of great pride to see our students perform so well in this coveted examination. The students have worked relentlessly over the past two years for the exam and we have helped them see through till the very end. We also applaud Milind for his winning streak and commendable persistence and hope he gets through in the institution of his choice. We wish all our students the best in all their future endeavors”, said Prof. Y K Jayaramappa, CEO, BASE.

About BASE: BASE started functioning in the year 1991 from its present premises in Basavanagudi in Bangalore. It was started by Dr. H.S. Nagaraja with the intention of increasing the number of candidates from Karnataka gaining entrance into IITs (Indian Institute of Technology), NITs (National Institute of Technology) and All India Institute Of Medical Science (AIIMS). From a modest strength of 4 faculty members and 3 students, BASE has now grown to include 150 teaching faculty and multiple programmes for students from class 5 to 2nd PU/Class12. BASE has consistently performed since its inception both in terms of growth and an astounding share in the number of BASE students gaining entrance into the IITs, NITs & AIIMS.





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JEE Advanced 2017 : Economically challenged students of TAPAS excel in JEE Advanced 2017

 19 out of 36 TAPAS students gain qualification into IITs

Joint initiative of BASE & Rashtrotthana Parishat
TAPAS: First of its kind educational initiative in Karnataka
Free PU Education & IIT- JEE Training
A unique opportunity for deserving X Std students

Bangalore, June 11, 2017:  Once again the students of TAPAS bring outstanding results in JEE Advanced 2017, the results of which were announced today. ‘TAPAS’, a free residential program initiated in 2012 by Rashtrotthana Parishat and BASE is a pioneering initiative in the field of education. It aims to train deserving students from economically challenged sections of the society such as children of daily wage earners, cobbler, auto driver, house maid etc.

19 of the 36 students from TAPAS program have qualified in the JEE Advanced 2017, now standing a chance to secure a seat at the coveted IITs across the country.  Aanjinappa M AIR 91 (category rank), Premkumar S Naik AIR 213 (category rank) & Shridhar AIR 4428 (general category rank) are among the toppers. Out of the 36 students, 31 had qualified in JEE Mains to appear at JEE Advanced.

TAPAS selects around 30 – 40 bright students each year from economically weaker sections across Karnataka and offers them free PU education & IIT JEE training, free food & hostel accommodation. A selection test is conducted at all district headquarters and additional towns in Karnataka. Based on the performance and subsequent assessment, final selection of students is conducted. Many of these students are from Kannada medium till their class X. The selected students are admitted to the Pre University course at Rashtrotthana PU College in the city. Experienced teachers from Rashtrotthana PU College train them for the board exam and the IIT training is provided by BASE faculty.



JEE Advanced 2017 : Economically challenged students of TAPAS excel in JEE Advanced 2017

Aanjinappa hails from a small village named Chekkanahalli, close to electronic city, Bangalore. Coming from a humble family background - mother being the only earning member as a daily wage labourer with a meagre salary, she was keen to give him good education. Today she is proud of his result. She is happy that he had this opportunity to be in the right environment provided by Rashtrotthana and BASE which helped him bring out his best in academics. She feels indebted to them for the service rendered to help him achieve this success. She feels that Aanjinaapa should after settling in a job be a in a position to help 3 more students like him to reach a good level in academics.

A student of TAPAS for the last 2 years, quiet and unassuming, but very determined to reach academic excellence against all odds. He wants to pursue Mechanical Engineering at IIT Chennai. He likes Reading and Playing Football.

In CET he has got full marks in the Maths paper. In PU Board exam has scored 100 in Physics, Chemistry and Electronics and a total of 95.3 %. In JEE Main scored 240/360 and has a category rank of 32. His dedicated effort in the last 2 has yielded wonderful results.


JEE Advanced 2017 : Economically challenged students of TAPAS excel in JEE Advanced 2017

He is thankful to Rashtrotthana and BASE for the full support provided to him to achieve this academic excellence. Prem Kumar hails from a village in Bagalkot. He did his schooling at JNV, Bagalkote. His parents are daily wage labourers. He wants to pursue engineering at IIT Mumbai. He likes to play football during his free time.

SHRIDHAR (AIR 4428 - General Category Rank)

JEE Advanced 2017 : Economically challenged students of TAPAS excel in JEE Advanced 2017

Sridhar is from Bangalore. His father is not alive and his taken care by his mother who takes tuitions for school going children. He likes to play online games during free time. He wants to pursue Computer science at IIT Mumbai. The training acquired at Rashtrotthana and BASE in the last 2 years has impacted his life tremendously. He has learnt so much more at the IIT level and BASE teachers have been remarkable in providing the right guidance.

“We are elated at our student’s achievements who have paved a strong path for other deserving students from economically challenged sections of the society to dream of higher accomplishments. We commend their dedication and hardwork and wish them the best in all their future endeavors”, said Mr. N Dinesh Hegde, General Secretary, Rashtrotthana Parishat.

“As a leader in student training in Karnataka from 25 years, BASE prepares students to take on highly competitive exams. We are glad to take up this initiative and help economically weaker sections build their career. This is a unique initiative by Rashtrotthana and BASE to provide free training to the deserving students who have excelled well in their studies. We hope that these students will keep weaving such success stories and we will continue to make a difference with the dedicated efforts of our faculty.” said Prof. Y K Jayaramappa, CEO, BASE.

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FIITJEE, Punjabi Bagh Centre - 200 days prepping strategy for JEE Advanced 2017

(The author of this article is Mr. Partha Halder, B.Tech (Chemical Engineering) – Director at FIITJEE, Punjabi Bagh Centre)

Mr. Partha Halder
Mr. Partha Halder

The country’s most coveted engineering entrance exam JEE Advanced 2017, the gateway to the IIT’s is just about 200 days away. It is scheduled on the 21st May, 2017. Engineering aspirant eyeing a seat in their dream IIT has now entered the most critical phase of their preparatory phase. It is during this phase that a student fine tunes their skills, harness their capabilities, monitor their strengths & weaknesses, plug loopholes, assess their national level standing and engage in maximizing their output.

Around this time students must have completed their syllabus of Class XII or would be doing it by end of November. It’s now time for them to change gear to move on to the next level. But, what is important is clinical planning and putting them into execution. Few important pointers listed below would be helpful:

·          Before going to the next level of preparation one must begin by preparing a study & concept-wise revision plan for the next 200 days. The plan should be such that it should factor in two important milestone ie Class XII board exam & JEE Main ahead of JEE Advanced, 2017.

·          If a student has completed Class XII syllabus by now, then they must immediately start revision for Class XI syllabus. As 40-45% of the questions are asked from Class XI syllabus in JEE Main and also in JEE Advanced. Students would not get sufficient time for revision later due to Class XII board exam.

·          During revision, remember it is the quality of time spent that is important and not just the quantity. One must engage in Concept wise revision – which means revision should NOT be chapter wise rather it should be concept wise. Lot of times questions are asked wherein multiple concepts are interlinked. If a student revises concept wise then chances of inadvertently missing out on anything is minimal hence automatically their quality of attempts improves. Also, while revising, students must pick up representative problems specific to a concept or chapter and solve them. So, while solving a question a student is reminded of certain concepts or techniques studied earlier and hence other associated things automatically gets refreshed in mind.

·          During revision help and seek help from peer group. Best way to revise is to explain a topic to your friend. Complete clarity with respect to a topic comes only when it is expressed in own words. If possible teach topic-wise. Try to make it a regular practice.

·          Students preparing for JEE Advanced, often ignore few topics which are relevant for JEE Main for example “Chemistry in everyday life” or “Semiconductor”. Hence focus on all topics that are important and relevant for an exam.

·          JEE Advanced is a lot more conceptual based paper hence one needs to revise concepts thoroughly and also its application. As questions asked are application based with the objective to judge a student’s thinking and analytical ability with higher difficulty level, it is imperative to focus on all aspects of a concept. Moreover, every year the pattern of paper and marking scheme remains a surprise element. And this plays a big role by impacting a student’s performance. Hence, questions must be solved by applying your reasoning and analytical ability. Refer to archive i.e previous years JEE Advanced question paper bank. This will help to build confidence to solve specific types of problems.

·          Develop strategy for time management in between the sections i.e Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics.

·          One must subscribe to a good All India Level Mock Test Series. Such test series should be pattern proof so that a student is mentally prepared for any kind of surprises. This will help a student to assess their skills with respect to other good & serious students at the national level. To begin with one must solve at least ONE part or full syllabus test paper in every week. Subsequently appear in All India Level Mock test at least TWICE a month leading up to the exams. If possible subscribe to a good quality ONLINE test series. Also, the report card generated after every such online mock test is instantaneous hence a student gets to know in-depth performance analysis. One can try out for such online test series.

·          While writing the tests students should look at building the right exam temperament, body clock adjustment, ability to focus in various test-taking environments etc.
·          Attend test analysis sessions by experts to gain insight on the ideal approach required to do well. Map it with your performance. Calculate the GAP. Prepare an action plan to narrow the gap. Implement the newly formed strategy in the next All India Mock Tests. Assess the improvement. Subject wise weak areas needs to be identified and revisit those concepts all over again to eradicate them.
·          Students should stick to fundamental approach. Keep concept clarity, there should not be any room for any doubts. Every question will have some unique keyword. Students should underline those keywords while reading the question. Typically a question will have concept basis hidden under each such keyword. Once a student is able to decipher those keywords then they would be able to have absolute concept clarity on how to solve them. Thus it becomes easy to solve instantly. Hence students should not rush through while reading the question for the first time.

·          Success in JEE Advanced is directly proportional to the number of questions solved by “YOU” and NOT “solution seen by you”. Hence, one must NOT refer to solution without solving a question by themselves. Give sufficient time to think logically and analytically to develop a solution approach to a problem. Initially deploy conventional methods of solving. Gradually develop smarter and efficient ways to solve to save on time.

·          During practice and while solving test papers one must keep a tab on the accuracy. To score well one has to be quick and accurate. High speed with low accuracy would prove to be detrimental for JEE.
·          Avoid using a calculator & log tables during preparatory phase (as both are not allowed during the exam). Rely on mental calculation and harness your skills accordingly.
·          Questions selection is extremely crucial. Every paper consists of easy, moderate and difficult questions. JEE will be no different in this regard. In fact a good quality Test series will give you similar experience. Hence while solving mock test develop an eye for selecting the right questions. By quickly solving the easy and moderate questions will enable you to clear the cut-off easily. To go the next level attempting difficult ones would be the key. Judicious attempt should be practiced. Idea is to keep negative marks at bay. This will automatically create a huge difference with the masses as they would be randomly picking up negative marks.

·          During this preparatory period i.e from now till February, one must simultaneously solve Class XII board exam test paper. Though the difference between the syllabus of board and JEE is not substantial still one must practice board exam paper of previous years. Attempt few mock tests as well.

·          Prepare a list of points to remember for all concepts, topic wise and mark the ones that need more practice at your end.

·          Keep referring to high quality notes prepared over the last 18 months.

·          However, one must be careful to read the instructions while attempting the actual exam so that you are well aware of exam pattern and/or marking scheme.

·          To pursue the above point’s one must remain physically fit and mentally focussed. Hence practice meditation to develop inner calm, self control and power of concentration. These matter a lot and will help you on the day of examination. Do not overstress/overstretch yourself. 6-7 hours (esp between 11 pm to 6 am, this helps in setting body clock) of sleep is a must. Late night study must be avoided. Include physical activity in your daily schedule to remain fit and to maintain the right energy level.

The author of this article is Mr. Partha Halder, B.Tech (Chemical Engineering) – Director at FIITJEE, Punjabi Bagh Centre

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