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HOW TO GET RID OF DRAIN FLIES? How to kill drain flies?

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Irrespective of the way drain flies look like and their tiny body, they create the biggest mess wherever they exist.  Drain flies are the small insects having hairy bodies and wings. This appearance has made them get a look resembling to that of a moth. Drain flies can come up from any source and there might be a case, when you might see drain flies coming from toilet. Many people have also given them a name of ‘moth flies’. These have a good number of species prevalent worldwide and the number is notified to be more than 2,600. Majority of the times, these insects are found in the sewage systems as well as the plumbing drains. They belong to the Psychodidae family. You may like to read Bed bug blood stains on mattress, cover, carpet, clothes etc

Some call them as the sewer gnats while other may also name them as the sink flies! No matter what name you use to describe the drain flies, they have always proved as a pain for everyone. These create mess wherever they are present and their existence is always marked as a negative aspect. These creatures generally don’t bite but the way their continually keep on buzzing around your eyes and nose is very irritating. If you want to get rid or stay away of these creatures, which are more than enough to drive you mad you need to know the solutions for how to get rid of drain flies home remedies. Read also How to treat bed bug bites & what do bed bug bites look like

There might be a question popping up in your mind while dealing with these drain flies about are drain flies harmful? Usually, they aren’t but their presence creates a lot of nuisance. These creatures generally don’t bite but the way their continually keep on buzzing around your eyes and nose is very irritating. Do you see drain flies in house? If these are present near you and you are intending to clear them off completely, you can kill drain flies. In order to stay away from these species, there are many tactics that you have to follow.

How to get rid of drain flies? 

It is quite surprising that these drain flies have never been known for transmitting any kinds of human diseases. However, their existence can be a symbol of unhygienic environment and elements. Also, they are harmless but a female is capable of laying hundreds of eggs and within the other two days, these will start hatching and the insects will come to annoy you in a larger quantity. If this continues, the situation as well as their population would start getting out of limits and your hands.

Can you think about a single drain flies home remedy? No, you can’t, because they are innumerable! Use a drain fly trap to ensure that these flies stay away from your house and nearby areas. Have a look at How to get rid of crickets in house? Cricket insect facts

You should try your hands in some of the natural treatments proving as an answer to how to get rid of drain flies home remedies. These are the most perfect natural approaches that one can surely use without any kind of losses. Some of these helpful tactics are mentioned below. Have a look:

1. Organic materials: 

There might be a possibility that the drain flies are present in your house due to the organic material continually accumulating in the pipes. This is more probable in the older pipes as compared to the newer ones. Thus, there is a need for you to clean the organic matter from your pipes. For this, you can use the metal pipes brush and pass it through the pipe. This will remove the organic matter and clean these pipelines efficiently from inside. The moment their food source is vanished, drain flies will also pave their way out of that particular place. It is surely the finest drain flies home remedy. 
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2. Vinegar: 

Mentioning about the best drain flies home remedy and not talking about Vinegar is not justified. It is accompanied with a good number of benefits and one of these is getting rid of drain flies. Apple Cider Vinegar is used to serve this purpose. For this, you need to pour about ¼ cup of Apple Cider Vinegar into a glass. Later on, cover it with a plastic and make some holes in it. Once done, keep it near the drain in or outside your house. It is going to attract a good number of drain flies and the moment they will come up into the jar, they will drown and die. Vinegar has been considered as the finest as well as effective drain fly trap.  Read also Bed Bug Traps - Best homemade way to get rid of bed bugs and strongest way to prevent them

3. Fusion of Vinegar, Boling water and baking soda:

This combination serves as one of the best tactics to get rid of drain flies at your home. Also, it is going to clean your drains in the best way possible. Take half cup of baking soda and a single cup of vinegar. Firstly, pour baking soda on the drain and later add on vinegar to it. Let it stay still in the drain. After some time, pour some boiling water in order to wash off this solution. Such a drain flies home remedy would be serving as one of the proper fusion till kill these tiny insects. You may like to read How to get rid of chipmunks - Chipmunks facts and traps

4. Bleach:

Serving as a satisfactory drain flies home remedy, bleach can be used to get rid of these creatures. Just in case you are not able to get a vinegar then we have a more powerful method for you. This is none other than the usage of bleach. This is quite simple. For this, you’ll have to pour a combination of 1-part bleach along with the 10 parts of water on the drain. Let it stay still for some hours and after that, clean it off with some cold water. This treatment is quite effective however it cannot ensure the perfect cleaning of your pipe the way vinegar and soda would have done. With this you can also stop the drain flies coming from toilet.  Thus, the above-mentioned ways to get rid of the drain flies are quite effective and serve as the most favourable options for how to get rid of drain flies home remedies. 

How to kill drain flies? 

Do drain flies bite? No, they don’t but they are for sure a sign for unhygienic conditions wherever they are residing. There are a good number of chemicals as well as natural ways to kill drain flies. The natural ways which have been told in the below information are more than enough to kill the drain flies. These include the usage of apple cider vinegar, bleach and baking soda too.

These are not solely going to swipe away the drain flies from your house but also, deeply clean your pipes. With this, you can also expect no entrance of the drain flies in the near future. However, apart from this, you are also free to try out some non-natural techniques to get rid of drain flies. You can try out a plethora of ways to permanently killed drain flies and they are way too easy!

These products are readily available online as well as offline and you can apply them to the infested areas to treat the ever-growing population of drain flies in house. While being in the shower, you can also use a good number of gels, sprays as well as scents to maintain a distance from drain flies. There are many other ways, both natural and chemical to swipe away these irritating insects. However, you need to take out some of your time from your daily schedule to undertake them. Such tactics can be confirmed as the perfect drain fly killer and that’s what kills drain flies. Have a look at WHAT DO GROUNDHOGS EAT - PET GROUNDHOG

What do drain flies look like?

Are you thinking about what do drain flies look like? Here is the answer. Drain flies are quite small, however their size may vary from one insect to another. The length of their body ranges between 2 to 5mm. Their body colours may be light grey while others might also have the tan coloured bodies.

Mentioning about their wings, their shape resembles a leaf and the body is wholly covered with small hair providing them a fuzzy kind of appearance. On comparing the size of the wings, it can be entailed that they are quite large than these insects’ bodies. Many say that these drain flies look like a moth and so, you will be able to see them as similar to moth.

One can spot drain flies near the infested areas such as any kind of decomposing matter or even the microscopic plants as well as animals. They are known to be feeding on the organic resources. If you now spot the drain flies in house, you would now be able to identify them You may like to read How to get rid of fleas in house naturally

Are drain flies harmful? 

If you have drain flies in house, You don’t have to worry about their bites, Majority of the people who have a fear of drain flies are always questioning about whether drain flies bite? Well, the answer to it is a positive one in this case. No, the drain flies do not generally bite humans. If you have drain flies in house, you should not worry about the bites. Since they don’t bite anyone! Certain chunk of population thinks that drain flies bite. However, this is not the case. Also, there are many people who have come up with a question in their mind whenever they see any drain flies. This is none other than- are drain flies harmful? However, there presence in a large number is highly annoying.

You don’t have to worry about their bites, But the main issue of tension here is their large population. Adult drain flies have an ability of laying more than 50-100 eggs and when each one of them hatches, the whole troop flies and annoys everyone. These are commonly found in your wash basins, sinks and sewers and also the filter plant. Till now you might have become quite sure about the exact information related to drain flies bite

Drain flies do not reside without any reason. If they are prevalent at a place, there might be an existence of some factors which might be favourable for them. These would be attracting them and so, they are residing there near your house annoying you in the best possible manner. There exist many breeding sources of the drain flies and thus, they are considered as the primary causes for their presence. But, not only the drain flies there are other flies which find their breeding sources way too easily. These include drain flies, phorid flies, fruit flies as well as sphaerocerid flies. You may like to read HOW TO GET RID OF LICE AND NITS IN HAIR

Signs of drain fly infestation: 

Just in case you are doubting about the presence of drain flies but not sure if you’re thinking it right, then look out for the signs of infestation. You can also spot their presence in the toilets as well as bathrooms. You can spot them here while seeing the drain flies coming from toilet. Wherever they go, there are high chances that these creatures would leave their signs of presence. It is said that the drain flies are majorly attracted towards the moisture filled areas which are rich in nutrients. These must be containing the organic material in sufficient quantity. If you are highly sure that there is an existence of drain flies’ population at the place you were doubting on, wait no more and use drain fly trap. 

To look out for the insects, you can search for the signs of infestations by the adult flies. These are known to be breeding somewhere near the drains, garbage, rotten fruits/vegetables and also other organic matter.

Just in case you are doubting about the presence of drain flies in house, The most appropriate way to check it out that your drain is presently a victim of many drain flies is to cover it with sticky tape.
You can check out whether they are really present or not! Whenever the drain flies are going to try flying out of the drain, they will just stick to the tape. If you are able to spot many flies sticking to it, it will become quite sure that your house is dealing with a large infestation. It is quite important that you look out for such signs. This is because if you aren’t aware of that, you won’t be able to get it that the drain flies are present in your house or outside! If you have witnessed them and want to swipe them away, nothing’s best than trying out to kill drain flies. 

How to stay away from drain flies in bathroom? 

Drain flies look like a very harmless insect and they obviously are, but they are biggest nuisance creators anyone can get.  Where there are drains, there will be an existence of drain flies. These can be in your bathrooms and toilets too. Before deciding to get rid of them, you must make sure that they are really present in your bathroom. Once you are sure about it, follow the following treatments to get rid of them: Also, if you see drain flies coming from toilet, you can use the same tips there too. If you are intending to be facilitated with some the solutions about how to get rid of drain flies home remedies, you can try these out.

  • Firstly, locate these species with the naked eyes and make it sure that these are the drain flies you were doubting upon. You might spot many different types of flies in your house including the house flies, fruit flies etc. Check the pipes and drainage and if you spot some there, they surely are the drain flies.
  • You must see to it that the drains are dried and also, thoroughly washed in your bathroom.
  • It is said that the drain flies are the most active during the night time and thus, you’ll have to stick the tape on your drain before sleeping. In the morning when you’ll wake up, you might spot many drain flies stuck to it.
  • Clean your drain and pour high amount of warm water to clear out the drain flies prevalent in that. This is also going to make the drain filled with moisture.
  • Use the chemical sprays and spray them on the drain flies as well as on the areas where they might be present.
  • You should ensure that the drains in your bathrooms are always kept clog free. Also, you will have to see to it that they is no water clogging and standing water accumulated in your bathroom.

For getting rid of these species, drain fly trap is surely the key: 

You might have by now got the answer about are drain flies harmful. No, they aren’t but their existence is surely a sign of uncleanliness in your house. You don’t have to search for these species at a particular place and this is because they can be present anywhere wherever they will see food. The most common source is the toilet and so, you might see drain flies coming from toilet sometimes too.

No one would ever like to have a drain fly infestation at their homes or even nearby areas. But, hard luck for those who have to deal with these tiny but messy creatures on a daily basis. There is a dire need for you to stop their presence. This is because, if they are not controlled in the right time, their population is going to increase to the utmost.

Despite of their not being a creature that would spread any kind of human disease, you shall always want to stay away from them. It is so because of their continual buzzing and irritating movement around our face. Carry out an inspection at your place, near the drains and garbage area of your residence, check out for their presence and take necessary steps to kill these drain flies in no time. This is quite vital for a better as well as hygienic living not only for you but also for your family residing along with you. So, if you are also fed up with the drain flies in your area, make sure that you try out these tips and see the difference.

So, if you are also fed up with the drain flies in your area, make sure that you try out these tips about how to get rid of drain flies home remedies and see the difference. Despite of getting a complete NO as an answer to the interrogation about are drain flies harmful you should use the different tactics to get rid of them. 
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