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Oman expected to see surge in tourism with activities for this year’s ‘Muscat Festival 2016’

 January 21 2016,  19.50 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

Ministry of Tourism named as Gold Sponsor for country’s largest and most attended cultural event

            January 21, 2016

The Sultanate of Oman is expected to witness a key surge in tourism with the activities of the sixteenth edition of the ‘Muscat Festival,’ the country's biggest cultural event, exhibiting the Sultanate's historical legacy, arts & culture, goods and services. This year’s edition, which is running till February 13, 2016, promises to offer a unique mixture of old and new, history and progression--from folk poetry and other exciting activities like the  light village, interactive village, village of dinosaurs, Omani fashion shows, car shows, cultural events, sports competitions, heritage and family village, fireworks displays. Other planned events include a ‘Tour of Oman’ at its sixth session, concerts by Omani artists, theatrical performances for children, exhibitions on electric toys and trade shows. The Ministry of Tourism, which is a Gold Sponsor of the festival, has reaffirmed its commitment to support and promote 'Muscat Festival' as a must-see and must attend event when visiting the Sultanate.

According to expectations, the month-long festivities are expected to draw in more than 2 million visitors. Various events and activities taking place during the festival are set to be held across key venues across Oman, including Al Amerat Park and Naseem Garden.  Specifically, Al Amerat Park will host the Omani Heritage Village, performances of folklore groups from India, Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Turkey and the Philippines, entertainment Art Park, field shows, dinosaur village, science and knowledge village, and small and medium-sized enterprises exhibitions. Meanwhile, Naseem Garden will play host to a trade exhibition, a family village, children's theatre, an illuminated village and firework shows in the evenings.

Salim Edi Al Mamari, Director General of Tourism Promotion, Oman Ministry of Tourism and member of the organizing committee of Muscat Festival said: “We are confident that this year's edition of the Muscat Festival will be able to draw in more visitors to the Sultanate, giving them the opportunity to explore and learn more about the beauty, heritage and culture of Oman. Nationals, residents and tourists will definitely enjoy the programs and activities like heritage villages, theatre performances and trade exhibits. In line with this major event, the Ministry of Tourism expressed its strong support for the festival and highly recommends it to all tourists visiting the country,” concluded Mr. Al Mamari.

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Super Cars Club Arabia challenge to be held in Oman

 January 20 2016,  16.56 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

Omanaya Tour set to be a center of attraction within the Sultanate

January 20, 2016

The Oman Ministry of Tourism has recently announced that the Super Cars Club Arabia Challenge is set to be held from January 23 to 28, 2016 in Muscat, Oman. Organized by the "Super Cars Club Arabia", the Omanaya tour is a highly anticipated event that gathers the region’s premiere exotic automobile enthusiasts in an exciting circuit that will bring them from the Sultanate’s capital to the UAE.

Event organizers noted that the tour will start in Oman, where most of the 1,200 km driving will be done. The participants of the course will drive from Muscat and pass through the Sultanate’s other sites, such as Sur and Nizwa, before crossing the UAE border and heading to Al Ain and Abu Dhabi. The Omanaya tour will conclude in Dubai. A lead car and a follow car tasked with monitoring the accepted speed limit will be dispatched to manage the drivers.

Omanaya was organized following the overwhelming response Super Cars Club Arabia received for its Euroabia tour which was held in August 2015 to several European countries including the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Monaco and a number of other countries. Oman Ministry of Tourism is eager to promote such events as it highlights the country’s strong infrastructure as well as many notable natural and cultural attractions.

Super Cars Club Arabia challenge to be held in Oman

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16 women from various GCC countries climbing the highest mountain peak of the region

December 9, 2015,  17.34 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

Unique trip for GCC ladies in Oman to cross Western Hajar mountain range organized by Al Jabal Al Hajariya Travel and Tourism in cooperation with Oman Ministry Of Tourism

December 9, 2015
16 women representing various GCC countries will climb Jebel Shams, the region’s highest mountain peak via Western Hajar mountain trek organized by Husaak Adventures in collaboration with Oman Ministry of Tourism from December 10 to 12, 2015 at Muscat, Oman. The three-day expedition will see the 16 female mountaineers making their way to Jebel Shams’s height of over 3,000 meters above the sea level.

Asma Al Hajri, Deputy Director General, International Tourism Promotions in Oman Ministry of Tourism, said: “We are happy to support the brave women in this exciting adventure. The trek to the summit of Jebel Shams will offer a dynamic and truly unforgettable experience that will challenge the athleticism of our participants. The trip reflects the spirit of solidarity within the Gulf region and the success of the hikers upon reaching the top will be commemorated by raising the flags of the GCC nations.”

The trek will begin in the afternoon of the first day with the group gathering at the designated meeting point in Muscat. The hike will cover a distance of over 20 kilometers in a trail deemed suitable for fit and active individuals. The trail has been classified as safe by the relevant environmental authorities and considered one of the most popular trekking sites within the Sultanate as it offers an outstanding view. The Trip is also part of the ministry’s efforts to stimulate and support such events to promote environmental and adventurous tourism in Oman given the stunning nature that the Sultanate enjoys.

We look forward to more challenges in the future, whereby the qualities of fitness and endurance are tested by courageous and determined Gulf ladies.

The group consists of: Linda Al Muqaimi, Rumaitha Al Busaidi and Salsabeel Al Busaidi representing Oman, Lulu Al Awadhi, Dalal Al Omar, Sabika Al Ayyar, Nourah Al Sabah, Lamia Al Ghareeb, and Aseel Al Shaheen from Kuwait, Nada Jamsheer, Hadya Fathallah and Fatima Fathallah from Bahrain. In addition to Nahid Al Dosary and Budoor Ashadawi from Saudi Arabia and finally Sharifa Yateem and Danah Al Ali from the UAE.

16 women from various GCC countries climbing the highest mountain peak of the region

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Oman Ministry of Tourism to strengthen its position as premier tourist destination in Saudi Arabia

December 6, 2015,  16.46 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

The Ministry arrange interactive event showcasing rich cultural offerings of the Sultanate of Oman

December 6, 2015

The Oman Ministry of Tourism has recently showcased the Sultanate’s wide range of tourism attractions and rich cultural offerings through an interactive event held last November 30, 2015 at the Jeddah Hilton, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The event was organized by the Oman Ministry of Tourism, which has demonstrated again its full support to the national efforts towards strengthening the Sultanate’s position as a premier tourist destination for discerning travelers.

The event is in line with the Ministry’s framework to increase the influx of tourists from Saudi Arabia to Oman. The event featured an interactive stand which highlighted the Sultanate’s rich traditions and landmarks to the people of the Kingdom. Guests were treated to a sample of local arts and crafts, along with a host of other exciting activities.

Salim Bin Adey Al Mamari, Director General of Tourism Promotion, Ministry of Tourism, said: “We organized this event in order to highlight the wonderful range of tourism attractions Oman has to offer. Saudi Arabia has always been an important market for us as we receive a large number of visitors from the Kingdom every year. We believe that the Sultanate is an ideal destination for the people of Saudi, being conveniently located, and offering a number of activities that suit all types of travelers. We aim to attract visitors from all across the GCC as they represent a big portion of our annual tourists and we are steadfast in our commitment to providing them with an unparalleled rewarding tourist experience.”

Oman is increasingly being recognized as a unique tourism destination by regional and international travel experts. The government has likewise made great strides to accommodate the increasing number of tourists. More investment is being directed towards local infrastructure

such as the opening of the new Salalah airport, which was recently opened, and the 1,500 hotel rooms set to launch by end of 2015.

Oman Ministry of Tourism to strengthen its position as premier tourist destination in Saudi Arabia

Oman Ministry of Tourism to strengthen its position as premier tourist destination in Saudi Arabia

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Under the auspices of HE the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Crossing the Empty Quarter Expedition officially launched

November 3, 2015,  04.43 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

Public Relations Agency - Orient Planet PR

3 November 2015

As part of the Sultanate’s 45th National Day celebrations, with the blessing of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said and under the patronage of HH Sayyid Haitham bin Tariq Al Said in Oman and HRH Prince Charles - The Prince of Wales in the United Kingdom and HE Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani in Qatar, the ‘Crossing the Empty Quarter’ expedition was unveiled to media at an official event held at the Diplomatic Club in Muscat on Sunday.  For only the second time in recorded history an attempt is being made to cross the Rub al Khali, the biggest sand desert in the world. A team of Omani and British explorers will leave from Salalah in Oman on 10th December and walk across the desert through the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Doha in Qatar.

The press conference, which unveiled details of the journey, was held under the auspices of His Excellency Sayyid Badr bin Hamad Albusaidi, Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was attended by Ambassadors of the United Kingdom and the State of Qatar in addition to a number of government officials and representatives of the media. During the proceedings, Mark Evans spoke of the details of the expedition, the targets of this noble journey and the historic facts of the original journey that took place almost 85 years ago.

On this occasion HE Sayyid Badr Albusaidi, Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs commented: “Oman history holds many important historic events that haven’t had light shed upon them such as the first recorded crossing of the Empty Quarter took place in 1930. This expedition comes as part of the 45th National Day, celebrating the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said - the first patron of the youth and reflects his determination to equip and inspire Omani youth to be prepared for future challenges. We are very proud of the many achievements of our Omani young people, and their continuous efforts that raises’ the Omani flag on the world stage in a whole variety of ways. This challenge is further evidence of the potential of Omanis to face the various difficulties to achieve honorable goals, stemming from their noble characters. We wish the participants all the best on this journey in their quest to build on the achievements of their ancestors.”

The journey aims to inspire young Omanis to embody the fundamentals of responsibility and self-dependence and endurance in order to overcome challenges of the 21st century and achieve their goals.  They will depart on the 10th of December 20105 on a two month journey with the expedition team that includes two Omanis; Mohammed Al Zadjali and Amour Al Wahaibi, and British explorer Mark Evans. They will depart from Bait Mirbat Salalah with the aim to reach Doha at the end of January 2016, a journey of 1,300 kilometers.

The 2015 expedition will trace the route taken by the first men credited with making the crossing in 1930. British explorer Bertram Thomas and Sheikh Saleh bin bin Kalut took sixty days to reach their destination negotiating their way through warring tribes, sand storms and an unforgiving landscape, combatting scorching heat, freezing nights, blinding sandstorms and surviving on a diet of brackish water, dates, dried meat and packet soup. The 2015 expedition will again be conducted solely on foot and by camel train.

Mark Evans, General Manager of Outward Bound Oman and head of the Crossing the Empty Quarter expedition team said: “We are proud to be undertaking this historic and challenging expedition, and look forward to starting the journey in a little over one months’ time.  One of our key objectives is to encourage and inspire young people, and instill the idea that success in life can only be achieved by sustained hard work, willingness and team spirit.”

Another expedition team member, Mohammed Al Zadjali said: “I am excited to be taking part in this challenge, which reminds us of the historical events in the Sultanate of which many people are not aware. The original Empty-Quarter crossing by Bertram Thomas and Sheikh Saleh bin Kalut was undertaken in 1930 and their achievement was met with global acclaim, however many people today have forgotten this great accomplishment. I am honored to carry the Omani flag during this fantastic expedition and spread this message to the Omani Youth, and express to them that ambition is the key to achieving goals with hard work and planning.”

The Awareness Campaign

To capture footage of the expedition, a media team will accompany the expedition party on the first leg of the journey from Salalah to the Saudi border.

The Crossing the Empty Quarter expedition is also accompanied by an intensive awareness in  schools and  media campaign using traditional media, social media, commercial malls, cinema screens, and Muscat and Salalah airports and  Oman Air inflight screens.


Alongside the expedition there will be a ten week Instagram Competition for young Omanis.
They will be invited to be inspired, take on the challenges and take a picture inspired be different themes and quotes.

Competition winners will receive one of 36 free places on a life changing Outward Bound Oman ‘Skills for Life’ course aimed at giving youth the tools to achieve their future dreams and goals (14-17 years category), or one of six places on the UNESCO Connecting Cultures Course held in Oman where winners will represent Oman on the international stage (18-25 years category)

Expedition Partners

The Crossing the Empty Quarter expedition is grateful for the generous support provided by a number of government and private companies in preparing for this event, including; Outward Bound Oman, the Omani-Qatari telecommunication Company (Ooredoo), Muscat City Center, Oman Airport Management Company, Oman Air, VOX cinema, Muscat Grand Mall, Al Futtaim Automotive (FAMCO), Thuraya, City Cinema and Nomas, CfBT.

Under the auspices of HE the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Crossing the Empty Quarter Expedition officially launched

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