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Inspiring 1 Million Indians to GIFT AN ORGAN

CII – Young Indians, Bengaluru commemorates National Organ Donation Day

·         City’s top hospitals come together under one roof to inspire 1 Million Indians to Gift an Organ

·         Sankara Eye Hospital, Fortis Hospital, Columbia Asia, Apollo Hospitals, Sakra World Hospital & Manipal Hospitals participated in the event

·         International dancer, Lourd Vijay who is a kidney transplant recipient began his Spreading Hope 45 day car drive across the country to encourage organ donation

Bengaluru, August 14, 2017: Young Indians Bengaluru Chapter, part of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), organized an event in the city which witnessed city’s top hospitals come together to spread awareness on organ donation and inspire one million Indians to Gift An Organ. Sankara Eye Hospital, Fortis Hospital, Columbia Asia, Apollo Hospitals, Sakra World Hospital & Manipal Hospitals participated in the event.

Though the first transplant was performed in 1954, we continue to be plagues with myths, which prevents over 5,00,000 Indians who lose their lives due to lack of organ donation& transplant.

A panel discussion with expert transplant surgeons explored why India's organ donation rate in 2016 stood at an abysmal 0.8 persons per million population compared to Spain's 36 per million. Lack of awareness, myths and expertise among doctors to harvest organs were attributed. Most families are distraught during the event of a death and are unable to think about the concept of Organ Donation. Grief Counsellors in hospitals and an implied consent that would enable organs to be harvested based on the wishes of the departed could help overcome this.

“Gift An Organ, is one of the key projects of Young Indians (Yi) to give the much needed impetus to create awareness on organ donation across the country. While great work is carried out by individual organisations, it is important for us to collaborate and we are overwhelmed with the support we have received today. We hope to inspire a Million Indians to pledge and Gift An Organ”, said Dr Kaushik Murali, Chair, Young Indians – CII, Bengaluru & President – Sankara Eye Foundation, India.

Usha (Name Changed) had reconciled to a world of darkness, as she was steadily losing the little vision she had since childhood. Keratoconus a structural abnormality had steadily made her blind. She shared, “My Gods are the family members of the person whose eye I received. Today I have a job and a life to look forward to thanks to the Corneal Transplant procedure I had at Sankara Eye Hospital, Bengaluru. If only more people donated their organs, many more like me would get another chance to live our life and contribute to India.”

International dance star Lourd Vijay, who underwent a kidney transplant, flagged off the ‘Spreading Hope Foundation Drive’. “Having received a new lease of life post undergoing the transplant I am embarking on a 45 day drive up to Kashmir & back, to spread word and encourage people to donate organs to save lives”, he said.

Inspiring 1 Million Indians to GIFT AN ORGAN

Inspiring 1 Million Indians to GIFT AN ORGAN

Inspiring 1 Million Indians to GIFT AN ORGAN

Inspiring 1 Million Indians to GIFT AN ORGAN

Panellists for Gift An Organ

·         Dr A Olithselvan , Chairman-Division of Liver Transplantation and Consultant Hepatologist, Manipal Hospitals

·         Dr. Kishore GSB, Hepatobiliary Surgery & Liver Transplantation, Sakra World Hospital

·         Dr.Sushma Rani Raju, Head  Division of Nephrology, Sakra Institute of Renal Sciences

·         Dr.Anand Balasubramaniam, Senior Consultant, Cornea & Head of Eye Bank. Sankara Eye Hospital

·         Dr.Mallikarjuna HM, Consultant Nephrologist. Apollo Hospitals, Bengaluru

·         Dr Sanjay Bettadapur Subbaramiah, Consultant Cardio Thoracic Surgeon, Fortis Hospital

·         Dr Karthik Rao , Consultant Critical Care Medicine & Anaesthesia , Columbia Asia

·         Dr Kaushik Murali , Chair CII-Young Indians (Bengaluru) ; President Sankara Eye Foundation, India

About CII – Young Indians, Bengaluru

Young Indians, Bengaluru is among the 40 chapter across India which functions under the banner of Confederation of Indian Industry. Professionals, Entrepreneurs and members of corporate India volunteer at Yi towards Nation Building activities. This is achieved through thought leadership, youth leadership & various social projects. Yi provides a platform for informed citizens under the age of 40 to learn, network and contribute back to society. More information on  #YiBengaluru

Gift An Organ is project of Young Indians that looks to raise awareness & information about organ donation.

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Annual Cadaver Donations: Mumbai’s 31 way below Chennai’s 80 Lack of awareness major impendent for cadaver donation - AOH

Mumbai,  5th October 2015:   Although the cadaver donations in Mumbai has increased from 21 in 2013 to 31 in 2015 till now Mumbai still lags considerably in comparison to Chennai which manages to get over 80 cadaver donations each year.  To address this problem, Association of Hospitals (AOH), one of the oldest and trusted associations in healthcare delivery, consisting of 52 hospitals of Mumbai recommended a strong action to increase the awareness about cadaver donation in the city. The main reasons behind the low cadaver donations in the city were a lack of awareness among patients and doctors as well as the few facilities that were equipped to handle cadaver donations, the healthcare body opined.

Dr. P.M. Bhujang, President, Association of Hospitals (AoH), said, “Cadaver donation faces challenges from a legal perspective and an emotional perspective. Awareness about brain dead concept is very low, so much so that even doctors are not fully aware about the legal procedures in such case. To eradicate these onerous issues, joint awareness initiatives between various hospitals, government, and doctors are essential. The most important of all in this are the family doctors and treating doctors who the ones most closely associated with the patients, and probably often the only ones who can make a patient’s family understand the concept of being brain dead to convince the family to donate. Added to this, if all hospitals hired transplant coordinators implementing compulsory notification of brain dead patients it will be a first step in overcoming some of the issues of donations”.

Dr. Bhujang further averred, “The government and various healthcare associations are together augmenting opportunities to promote cadaver donations. Association of Hospitals suggests interactive sessions and seminars with medical workers and families to create awareness about donations. To ensure that donor’ organs reach recipients in time recent use of green corridors and advanced technologies like drones have to be employed.  One of the other ways to create awareness is to make the organ receivers brand ambassadors. We estimate that at least each major city has the ability to save 200 to 300 lives each year as each cadaver can donate multiple organs to waiting patients”.

Annual Cadaver Donations: Mumbai’s 31 way below Chennai’s 80 Lack of awareness major impendent for cadaver donation - AOH

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