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Pop’I now opens doors in Bengaluru

Explore the world of healthy, through Pop’l Food Truck

Stay Junk-Free with natural delicious food

Bengaluru 27th July 2017: Now, experience food that is tasty and healthy. Pop’I- Bengaluru’s most happening food truck- is now near you in Whitefield, Inorbit Mall.
Pop’I now opens doors in Bengaluru

Pop’I now opens doors in Bengaluru

In the hustle bustle of Bengaluru when our 9-5 jobs almost consume us and there is no time to breathe, live or let alone eat, comes Pop’l Food Truck, a healthy option to save the day! Every occasion is a time to celebrate, and where there is celebration there is food. The portions are generous, the flavours reflect love, hospitality is a way of life and food is a culture.

Founded by Mr. Vishal Gupta & Ms. Rashmi Upadhyaya, Pop’l is a specialty concept of fast food bringing together the finesse of a quick, friendly and casual dining experience. Bengaluru has not only been long known as the Silicon Valley of India, but is also immensely popular for its entertainment, music and food culture. The launch of Pop ‘l is going to give the city, many reasons to cheer!
Pop’l offers customers a chance to experience a variety of food options from Thai Curry, Stir Fried Asian Greens, Whole wheat pasta (Penne), Mexican Vegetables with Lemony couscous, Vegetable Lemongrass Sauce, POP’I Khichdi, Sprouts Khichdi, Masala Dal Khichdi, Healthy Sweet Tooth, Aloe Vera Halwa, Granola Bars, Healthy Coolers, Pine apple- Ginger- Aloe Vera, Coconut Mojito, Kiwi-Plum-Coconut, Spinach-Apple-Carrot-Lemon and Roasted Beetroot-Coriander-Lemon-Ginger amongst others.

“Pop’l Food Truck is a labour of love and passion for food. Due to hectic work schedules, it becomes immensely difficult to pay attention to one’s diet and fitness regime. Hence was borne the idea of a Food Truck with healthy food options.  This is one of our firsts and we hope to impress patrons with these delectable healthy treats!” say the founders of Pop’l Food Truck, Mr. Vishal Gupta & Ms. Rashmi Upadhyaya.

About Mr. Vishal Gupta & Ms. Rashmi Upadhyaya

The idea of doing something with food is a dream Vishal has been harboring since childhood. A born foodie, he really missed the lavish spread of food from home and restaurants at his boarding school. Caught in the rat race of a rigorous IT job, Vishal often needed to step out for a hearty meal. The dearth of healthy eateries gave birth to Pop’l Food Truck.

A home science graduate, Rashmi is a die-hard foodie and a passionate cook herself. She loves to feed people.This passion for food led her and Vishal to join hands and their culinary expertise to create a marvelous product like Pop’l Food Truck.

Address: Inorbit Mall, Whitefield, Bangalore   
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