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Doctors perform unique Radical Prostatectomy Technique for Prostate Cancer

Bangalore, June 8, 2017: Doctors at Fortis Hospital, Rajajinagar, Bangalore performed a complex urological procedure on a 64 year old man recently. The patient was diagnosed with a tumor in prostate and kidney. The application of the unique technique desisted the chance of prostate removal & its consequent effects. The team of doctors was led by Dr Premkumar K, Consultant Urologist & Renal Transplant, Fortis Hospital, Rajajinagar, Bangalore.

The patient Mr Raju complained of difficulty while urinating when he approached doctors for consultation. With further examination and diagnosis, his prostate-specific-antigen (PSA) level was found to be at 7ng/mL as against 4.0 ng/mL or lower. PSA is a protein produced by cells of the prostate gland. Under the circumstances, radical prostatectomy; i.e. an operation to remove the prostate gland and some of the tissue around it, and Partial Nephrectomy was the expert medical prognosis. The procedure not only got rid of any chance of relapse of tumor in the adjoining areas but also eradicated the fear of losing control of urination and erectile dysfunction. The proficient procedure the nerves and continence were preserved after surgery.

Speaking about the entire procedure, Dr. Premkumar K, Consultant Urologist and Renal Transplantation Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore said, “While preparing for the surgery, we carried out a few scans to check any malignancy anywhere else in the body. The PET test revealed that the patient also had cancer in his left kidney which measured about 3.5 cm. We decided to take out both the tumours in a single sitting. We did radical prostatectomy and Partial Nephrectomy-removal of 1/4th of affected part of kidney while preserving the remainder of the kidney. This is a minimal invasive method, which provides good result when compared to the traditional open surgery. He recovered very well, and got back to normal diet, in five days post-surgery.”

Mr Raju said, “My world went completely haywire when I learned about cancer. With just two weeks away for my daughter’s wedding, I was completely devastated. It is because of the thoughtful medical intervention by the doctors that I was back on my feet in just five days hale and hearty. I am forever indebted to my doctors for this.”

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