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Best Scroll Saw Machine Price in India - Top best Scroll Saw Machine

Best Scroll Saw Machine Price in India - Top best Scroll Saw Machine

A scroll saw is an electric machine or says a pedal-operated saw which is used to cut complicated and delicate curves in wood, metal or any other material. It has a fine blade which allows intricate cuts to be done easily and more accurately in much less time and more beautifully than a handsaw. They are very useful when it comes to power and speed. The blade present in the scroll saw moves in an up and down direction making it easier to create puzzles and complex designs. The scroll saws are small and portable but best when used as stationary. It should be mounted on a table and made sure that the scroll saw is stable.

Most of the scroll saw provide a depth cut of around 1 inch to 2 inches. Now when there are so many varieties available, it becomes difficult to choose which scroll saw to buy. It requires some basic understanding of scroll saw to differentiate and find the best one. So, here we will help you differentiate between various types of scroll saw and a guide on how to buy the best scroll saw in India. 

The Top Brands

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Best Scroll Saw Machine Price in India have been mentioned here. We've even spoken here about Types of Scroll Saw, Features to consider while buying Scroll Saw buy online and more. Best Scroll Saw Machine Price in India for cutting any hard material. In today's markets, there is a wide variety of Best Scroll Saw Machine Price in India available in market. In the shop or on online store you can get different Saw Machine in India. There are several Best Saw Machine in India on the market, making it incredibly difficult to choose the right one. The Top Best Scroll Saw Machine Price in India are available on amazon also.


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Item Dimensions LxWxH - 40.6 x 32 x 38 Centimeters

Item Weight - 15.54 Kilograms

Voltage - 220 Volts

Price: - Rs 24,200

2) FERM Fret Saw - Scroll Saw - 120 W - Foot pedal switch - 0-45° Adjustable - Including 3 Different Saw Blades (10, 15, 25 TPI)

Price: - Rs 14,550

FERM Fret Saw - Scroll Saw - 120 W - Foot pedal switch - 0-45° Adjustable - Including 3 Different Saw Blades (10, 15, 25 TPI)

Item Dimensions LxWxH - 65 x 32 x 35 Centimeters

Number of Batteries - 1 Lithium ion batteries required.

Item Weight - 10.94 Kilograms

Voltage - 230 Volts

3) Ferm SSM1005 Scroll Saw-Fret Saw-90W - Adjustable Working Table with Dust Blowing System for Wood, Plastics and Non-Ferrous Metal (Blue, 0-45 Degrees)

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Ferm SSM1005 Scroll Saw-Fret Saw-90W - Adjustable Working Table with Dust Blowing System for Wood, Plastics and Non-Ferrous Metal (Blue, 0-45 Degrees)

Item Dimensions LxWxH - 60 x 29 x 33.5 Centimeters

Colour - Blue

Item Weight - 14.18 Kilograms

Voltage - 230 Volts

4) VOLTZ VZ-SS Scroll Saw 120 W - 0-45° Adjustable - Including 2 Saw Blades

Price: - Rs 9,990

VOLTZ VZ-SS Scroll Saw 120 W - 0-45° Adjustable - Including 2 Saw Blades

Item Dimensions LxWxH - 65 x 32 x 30 Centimeters

Power Source - Corded Electric

Item Weight - 10.8 Kilograms

Voltage - 230 Volts

This was our selection of the Best Saw Machine in India along with best Price. According to your choice and budget, you may pick from our post Best Saw Machine in India for your industrial use With Price Buy Online or you can purchase online on Amazon. We hope we were able to assist you in locating the Best Saw Machine in India.

Types of Scroll Saw 

Basically, the scroll saw is divided on the basis of the design of the saw. There are usually three important designs, which are: 

Parallel Arm - The original design of this arm dates back to 1870. In this design, there are two arms that run parallel to each other and the blades are attached to the end of each arm. The blade goes up and down in movement. It has two pivot points. This design is considered the safest design among all other designs as if the blade breaks the arm swings up and stops immediately. 

Double Parallel Link Arm - This is the latest design of the scroll saw. It has two parallel arms and the machine and working rely on them. These parallel arms move back and forth thus making the blade at the tips of each arm move in an up and down direction. The advantage of this design is that there is less vibration but it also makes more movement during the stroke, which may result in 'over cutting'. The design is also not very safe as, if the blade breaks it continues to move until the power is cut. 

C - Arm - It is a simple design where the arm is in the shape of 'C' and blades are attached at the end of the 'C'. The design has one pivot point. The motion of the blade is up and down and the cut is powerful in an arc. In this design when the blade breaks, the top portion continues to move until the power is shut off. 

There are still two more designs which are rigid arm and oscillating loop. 

Rigid Arm - It was a quite popular design in the 1920s and 1980s until the parallel-arm design was developed. It had a spring that was fixed over the arm and that pulled the top of the blade with a force and stroked downwards. It had a true vertical stroke but the disadvantage was that there was less tension at the top of the stroke than at the down of the stroke. The mechanism of the design is also said to be complex. 

Oscillating Loop - The design is having only a blade, which is connected to two ends of a flat belt. It forms a loop that oscillates back and forth. 

Mini Scroll Saw 

A Mini scroll saw machine is an electric machine much smaller than that of a scroll saw. It is portable and can be carried. It cuts the small materials with much accuracy and detail. It is basically for crafts and small-scale projects. It is used for much detailed and tiny work. 

Scroll Band Saw

Scroll Band Saw is similar to that of a scroll saw but still there are major distinctions that make them different. The band saw has an arm that is perpendicular to the table. It is much more powerful than that of a scroll saw. The blades of the scroll band saw are circular in shape. These blades move in a circular motion and downwards forming a band hence, getting its name band saw. It can work with thick material but is not a good option for detailed work. It can make big and powerful cuts. 

Uses of Scroll Saw 

There are various uses of Scroll Saw. It is also the hobby of many woodworkers. Using a Scroll saw requires little space, little skill and creativity. It is used to:

  • It is used to take mosaic like pictures from the wood also called Intarsia wood.
  • They are used to make delicate and complex cuts and joints in wood or metal or other material. 
  • They are comparatively safer than other tools hence most likely preferred. 
  • They have higher accuracy and are less time consuming when compared with others. 
  • It goes well with small materials so if your material is small, a scroll saw is the best to go with. 
  • It is best for making puzzles and patterns. 
  • It is more versatile than any other saw and this is the reason people prefer to use them. 
  • It can be used by the ones who love making patterns and have a hobby. 

Features to consider while buying Scroll Saw

What to look for while buying a scroll saw? Buying a scroll saw that doesn't fit you will end up either the scroll saw becoming of no worth or you just tolerating working with it. So, we will help you out in deciding how to buy a scroll saw. There are certain factors that must be kept in mind while buying a scroll saw.

The first one must be sure what kind of scroll saw they need according to their work demand. Different scroll sewers serve different purposes and have their own advantages and disadvantages which are already discussed. Other factors are: 

Throat length - It is a feature that has to be considered while looking for a scroll saw. The distance between the saw blade and that of a saw back is called the throat length. It is available between a minimum of 16 inches to a maximum of 30 inches. Most of the projects are covered with the scroll saw having 16 inches to 20 inches of length. Until and unless there is very big material, 30 inches throat length saw is not needed. 

Blade type - The blade type is a feature that is necessary to check while buying a scroll saw. The blade is major of two types: one is pin-end and the other is flat-end or plain. The pin-end saw as the name says have pins at the end of the blade to hold them steadily unlike the flat-end, which are totally plain and need clamps to hold it. Usually, if someone wants to make delicate cuts and curve edges or patterns, a flat end sawer must be considered. Pin-end saw doesn't allow it flexibly. 

Blade changing feature - Blade changing features must be looked through, whether the saw accepts both types of the blade or a specific one. One must also look if it changes the blade tension or not. 

The thickness of cut - One must check this before purchasing a saw. This is the maximum thickness that the saw will cut off the material. Mostly all the saw allow a cut thickness of 2 ½ inches. Still, there are few scroll saws that can cut a thickness up to 3 to 4 inches. 

Vibration - This is a major difference between saws. One must choose a saw with vibration as low as possible. 

Speed - The speed of the saw is measured with strokes per minute. Different types of saws are available with different speeds. Some saws have variable speed, some have two speeds and some have adjustable speed done using a pulley set-up where one can adjust the speed as desired. The one with variable speed is the most preferred one as it allows cutting materials other than wood also. 

Table tilt - To some people, the angle of the cut plays an important role and can be an important factor. There are saws that tilt only to one direction and upto. 45 degrees but there are saws that tilt to both directions and hence can be of important use. 

Weight - The weight of the saw is also very important. If you need to move your saw, it must be of a weight that can be moved easily and doesn't give any type of trouble. Purchasing a heavyweight saw may cause some people problems and the performance is also not up to the mark. 

Stand - The stand must be stable and solid as it helps in reducing the vibration. A light and unstable stand add up noise and more vibrations.

Foot switch - The saw providing this feature is handy and frees the hands making it safer as well as increases the speed. It helps in providing a higher productivity. 

Price - Price is a factor one must consider while buying anything. It should go beyond budget and make your pocket go empty. Considering all the features one should buy a saw which is affordable as it ranges from the lowest price to the highest having both good and bad quality in them.

Cutting Metal with Scroll Saw 

Yes! You can cut metal using a scroll saw. It's just you must know which metal to be used with which blade. It can cut through various metals like copper, brass, aluminum, steel (cold-rolled) and many more. The metals which are soft are easier to cut and all you require is patience while doing this. Metal thickness around ⅛ inches can be done and thickness little more than this will also work. 

The blade used for cutting the metal must have small teeth and there must be larger gaps between the teeth. Jeweler's blade and skip tooth blade are considered for cutting blade. They can be used easily and work well. 

Metal like aluminum and brass is highly advised as they are easier to work with. Cold rolled steel is advised to be the last option, the metal thickness which is considered ideal is 3/6 inches. 

Cutting metal makes noise so one must wear something and use lubricating oil to slow the noise. It will also increase the efficiency of the machine and will make it productive over a longer period of time.

Scroll Saw price in India 

Scroll Saw price varies from lower to that of higher. One must be selective while purchasing Scroll saw. Keeping all the features and necessities in mind one must buy an affordable Scroll saw. For online purchases, amazon, flipkart, merchant machinery, etc are best to buy these products and they can be delivered to any part of the country.

The good quality and worst quality of product are present in all price ranges. One must be wise while buying it and consult some experienced person while deciding to purchase their choice of product.

Wrapping up 

A creative mind and love to do sawing are all you need in order to get the purpose fulfilled and get the desired output. The more interested you are, the more fun loving and interesting scroll sawing becomes. All you need is to have a scroll saw and just a bit of skill. Keep in mind the points discussed here you can buy the best scroll saw according to your necessity and enjoy this most interesting and fun task. A scroll saw can be easier and lovable if you enjoy it. All you need is patience and a scroll saw machine. Also, having a trained working tea is always a plus point as it helps in a better understanding of the machines and the experience is always helpful to all types of people.

Hope you got all information about Best Saw Machine in India along with the best Price Buy Online. If you have any questions about Best Saw Machine in India we have listed With Price- please leave a message below do lets us know which Best Saw Machine in India did you find useful.

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