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Audio specialist Sennheiser enters the automotive sector

Karma and Sennheiser to showcase first in-car AMBEO sound system at Monterey Car Week

India, 8 August 2019: Sennheiser has entered the automotive sector with an AMBEO immersive audio solution for in-car entertainment and communication in collaboration with Southern California-based luxury automaker, Karma Automotive. Meticulously engineered using highest-grade microphone and loudspeaker technology and 3D audio expertise, the AMBEO sound system provides impressively enveloping sound and clear audio for phone calls. The system can first be experienced as a technology showcase on a new 2020 Karma Revero GT during Monterey Car Week from August 15 to 18.

Karma will present a fully immersive AMBEO sound experience technology showcase
Karma will present a fully immersive AMBEO sound experience technology showcase

“We are extremely pleased to be taking the unique immersive audio experience of AMBEO to automobiles, and to be doing so with Karma Automotive, who put their development focus on electric vehicles,” said Daniel Sennheiser, co-CEO of Sennheiser. “With Karma, we are combining the future of mobility with the future of audio enjoyment.”

Co-CEO Andreas Sennheiser added: “We set out with the aim to create nothing less than the best-in-class sound experience. The system we designed will amaze with its authentic immersive sound, voice intelligibility, and possibilities for sound personalization.”

“At Karma Automotive we pride ourselves in creating immersive driving experiences through global relationships and technology partners such as Sennheiser,” states John Maloney, Chief Revenue Officer of Karma Automotive. “Karma’s Pebble Beach technology showcase of the AMBEO sound system in our 2020 Revero GT illustrates cutting-edge audio technology possibilities for the future.”

Distributed sound system
The AMBEO sound system on board the 2020 Karma Revero GT consists of a multi-channel loudspeaker set-up arranged in two main layers plus a subwoofer to provide authentic sound immersion anywhere in the cabin. To make this experience complete, the vehicle’s headrests have been integrated into the loudspeaker concept.

Crucially, the ability to enjoy breathtaking immersive sound does not require specific 3D audio sources – the system’s AMBEO up mix algorithm can turn any stereo material into an immersive experience. Audio sources and levels are managed via a convenient graphical user interface, which allows the driver and passengers to personalize the sound according to their preferences. The interface also lets you determine the preferred degree of immersiveness, and your position within the sound stage.

Example screen of the AMBEO user interface
Example screen of the AMBEO user interface

Finally: Intelligible phone calls thanks to beamforming microphone arrays
With the AMBEO system, clear phone conversations in the car are no longer a dream. The system employs beamforming technology to actively focus on the speaker, with the beamforming microphone arrays integrated into both sides of the cabin. The result is precise capture of the voice, while wind, engine and tire noise is efficiently attenuated. The other passengers can join the phone conversation or continue listening to their music or film audio undisturbed. This solution has yet another advantage: It enables relaxed, clear communication between everyone in the car.

An engineering feat
Sennheiser engineers worked more than two years on developing and fine-tuning the AMBEO technology for the automotive sector. “The main challenge was to bring immersive high-quality audio into the complex and difficult environment of the car, which is quite unlike our usual use cases for immersive audio and beamforming technologies,” said Dr. Véronique Larcher, Director AMBEO Immersive Audio at Sennheiser. “We almost had to start from zero, with the objective of not only bringing a good solution to market but creating the very best available. This AMBEO system now combines the gold-standard AMBEO up mix algorithm for immersive audio with high-quality, elevated sound reproduction and the latest beamforming technology for clear communications.”

Audio specialist Sennheiser enters the automotive sector
Audio specialist Sennheiser enters the automotive sector
 Sennheiser_Example screen of the AMBEO user interface

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Sennheiser Unveils its Latest Professional Audio Portfolio at PALM Expo 2019

  • Launches XS Wireless Digital, IE 400 Pro and IE 500 Pro Professional in-ear Monitors
  • Unveils NDH 20, the first ever headphones by Neumann and Neumann KH 750 Subwoofer
Mumbai, 06 June 2019: Taking ahead the professional audio revolution, German audio-giant Sennheiser set a new benchmark by launching best in-class technology and audio solutions at this year’s PALM Expo 2019Held in Mumbai, PALM Expo is one of India’s leading exhibition and conference that serves as the epicentre of showcase, engagement and quality knowledge dissemination for pro audio, lighting, live sound, install sound, musical instruments and AV integration industry professionals.

Sennheiser Unveils its Latest Professional Audio Portfolio at PALM Expo 2019This year, Sennheiser took the bar a notch higher by launching not just one or two, but five clutter-breaking audio solutions from the Sennheiser and Neumann family – the Sennheiser XS Wireless Digital, a portable transmitter and receiver, IE 400 Pro & IE 500 Pro, professional in-ear monitors, Neumann NDH 20, first ever headphones by Neumann and KH 750 Subwoofer.
In addition, Sennheiser also showcased a wide range of its other innovative equipment for consumers to experience and gain deeper insight, including the Sennheiser Digital 6000, Digital 2000 IEM and HD 300.

Sticking true to its commitment, Sennheiser showcased the best of audio solutions at PALM Expo 2019 which are designed to provide an immersive experience and connect audiophiles, musicians, DJ’s, content creators, broadcasters and other professionals to the future of audio.
Mr. Vipin Pungalia, Director, Professional Segment, Sennheiser Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. said, We, at Sennheiser, have always been committed towards introducing new age audio solutions with cutting-edge technology that cater to the constantly evolving needs of our users. The aim is to make life simpler for the industry professionals, enable them to capture the best of audio and video content and have a seamless experience while doing so. To further that, this year at PALM Expo, we have launched some of our most innovative professional audio solutions. These include products like IE500 and XSW Digital, which have received a phenomenal response in international markets and we are looking forward to a similar response in India.”
He further added, “PALM Expo has been a great platform where the best of the industry comes together under one roof with technologies that shape the present and future of audio, and we are extremely happy to be a part of the same.”

Sennheiser also showcased some of its other recently launched products like Sennheiser HD 300 headphones and Sennheiser Digital 6000, a one of its kind, with two digital channel solutions in one rack. With increasing focus on content creation, Sennheiser also showcased the Memory Mic, a small wireless portable mic designed for daily vlogs, travel, cookery videos or even podcasts.
Products launched at PALM Expo 2019:

1. Sennheiser XSW Digital
Sennheiser Unveils its Latest Professional Audio Portfolio at PALM Expo 2019XS Wireless Digital is essentially a cable replacement. It works digitally, using a 2.4 GHz transmission to create a wireless peer-to-peer connection. With a simple touch of a button, step away from the cables and maintain a faithful connection. As a liberating solution for the musician moving about on stage, or a convenient approach to practicing in the rehearsal room, XS Wireless Digital empowers your inner creativity by allowing you to roam free. It means interacting with the crowd like you never have before and enables you to take your performance to the next level. It’s the power to turn audio limitations into audio opportunities.
Frankly, it’s a simple but versatile tool that means more than we’ve had the time to discover. What we do know is that it works, and if you’re looking to change your relationship with cables and frequencies, then you need to try it out. Who knows? You might find you have an instant connection.

No more cables
A good connection doesn’t require being tied down. Wireless means no obstacles, no distractions, just effortless audio, every time. Empower your performance with the ability to roam free; lose the cables but keep the connection.
One touch ease-of-use
It’s simple, each XS Wireless Digital has only one button. Press to power up and link simultaneously, click once to mute, and hold to power down. It’s as easy as plugging in a cable, minus the cable part.
Digital for worldwide operation
Your sound should be as boundless as your ideas. Forget about having to set frequencies and step into the world of digital. Using a 2.4 GHz transmission, sync and go anywhere, anytime—effortlessly.
  • One touch ease-of-use
  • 2.4 GHz digital transmission for worldwide operation
  • 75m range (250ft) in optimal conditions
  • Up to 5 hours battery life on a single charge
  • Switch between multiple transmitters linked to one receiver
  • Configure any combination of transmitters and receivers
  • Mute from either transmitter or receiver

2. Sennheiser IE400 and Sennheiser IE500
Sennheiser Unveils its Latest Professional Audio Portfolio at PALM Expo 2019The brand-new series of professional in-ears offer natural, high-resolution sound, a secure and comfortable fit that comes close to custom-moulded in-ears and a break-proof, patent-pending cable connection. These new models have been appreciated and loved by musicians, DJs and sound engineers across the globe. Theses professional in-ears ensure impeccable audio reproduction with warmth, great detail and natural clarity, thus improving the artist’s focus and performance control even in difficult stage situations. The three models target professionals across segment with IE 500 PRO being top-of-the-range followed by IE 400 PRO and IE 40 Pro designed as an entry model. IE 400 PRO and IE 500 PRO have reinvented the single dynamic driver principle while other in-ears in the same price range work on the balanced armature principle. The IE 400 PRO and the IE 500 PRO, use a single high-performance dynamic driver that covers the entire frequency range with ease, resulting in a distortion-free, detailed and accurate sound reproduction.

3. Neumann NDH 20
Sennheiser Unveils its Latest Professional Audio Portfolio at PALM Expo 2019The Neumann NDH 20 is a closed-back studio headphone combining excellent isolation with the carefully balanced sound image and outstanding resolution you would expect from a Neumann product. It is thus ideally suited for monitoring, editing and mixing tasks, even in loud and noisy environments. The NDH 20’s newly designed 38-mm drivers with high-gauss neodymium magnets ensure high sensitivity and low distortion. In other words, the NDH 20 would not need a dedicated headphone amplifier; it sounds just as great on mobile devices such as laptop computers.
  • Linear sound balance, like Neumann’s acclaimed studio monitors
  • Excellent isolation allows working in noisy environments
  • High long-term comfort, easy transportation
  • Two detachable cables (straight/coiled)

Some of the other range of key products showcased:

  • Sennheiser HD 300: Featuring an extremely durable construction and a folding headband for easy storage when not in use, the HD 300 is perfect for listening to music on the go. Sennheiser’s own transducers ensure a well-balanced sound and powerful, dynamic bass
  • Sennheiser Digital 6000: The first digital two channel solutions in one rack. As precise as the top-of-the-range wireless Digital 9000
  • Sennheiser Memory Mic: The Memory Mic allows you to create rich audio landscapes for your content, whether it’s daily vlogs, travel or cookery videos or even podcasts. When recording with the Memory Mic, the integrated microphone of the smartphone will also be active and pick up ambient sound. This allows you to record a commentary and preserve the original soundscape of the site at the same time

About Sennheiser

Audio specialist Sennheiser is one of the world's leading manufacturers of headphones, microphones and wireless transmission systems. Based in Wedemark near Hanover, Germany, Sennheiser operates its own production facilities in Germany, Ireland and the USA and is active in more than 50 countries. With 19 sales subsidiaries and long-established trading partners, the company supplies innovative products and cutting-edge audio solutions that are optimally tailored to its customers' needs. Sennheiser is a family owned company that was founded in 1945 and which today has 2,750 employees around the world that share a passion for audio technology. Since 2013, Sennheiser has been managed by Daniel Sennheiser and Dr. Andreas Sennheiser, the third generation of the family to run the company. In 2015, the Sennheiser Group had sales totalling €682 million. 
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Sennheiser and Neumann Showcased a Range of New Age Audio Technology at Broadcast India 2018

Mumbai, 1st November, 2018 –German audio giant- Sennheiser and Neumann, demonstrated its entire range of media production tools at Stall D-410, at the broadcast India show 2018. Catering to the entire breadth of content creation and production needs – from YouTubers and vloggers to film crews, studios, theatres, and broadcasters, Sennheiser’s new technologies like AMBEO and HD Audio Production, got a splendid response at the show.

Sennheiser and Neumann Showcased a Range of New Age Audio Technology at Broadcast India 2018

Sticking to the core agenda of the Broadcast India Show, Sennheiser presented its professional audio equipment which is loaded with disruptive technology and designed for various purposes like video creation, and broadcasters, amongst others. These specifically designed products ensure a superior and memorable sound and speech experience.

Speaking at the show, Mr. Vipin Pungalia, Director Professional Segment at Sennheiser Electronics India, said, “Sennheiser is globally recognized for its innovative and disruptive products across the audio segment. As a premium audio solution leader with experience of more than 7 decades, we aim to keep introducing futuristic products and make it easier for industry professionals to operate seamlessly and effortlessly. Created with a vision of catering to the needs of this ever evolving industry, our products enable the users to enhance their audio experience. We are delighted to be part of Broadcast India 2018 and showcase products that further help our end-consumers.”

Key products Showcased at Broadcast India 2018

Ambeo VR Mic: One of the key products showcased by Sennheiser was the Ambeo VR Mic. It’s revolutionary technology is designed to provide three-dimensional spatial sound for immersive audio experience of all kind of video. Sennheiser’s front-end VR Mic captures the full spherical sound at a single point in space that clearly distinguishes between Channel-based, Object-based or Scene-based representations of the sound field. While Channel-based audio delivers its content to a physical loudspeaker layout, with one output channel for each speaker playback, such as Left and Right for Stereo, the Object-based audio describes where a certain audio object is placed in the sound field and data processing calculates its playback to specific 3D speaker systems

Memory Mic: Sennheiser also showcased the Memory Mic which got lot of attention, especially from millennial content creators. It’s a small, lightweight wireless microphone for smartphones along with easy to use video app makes it must-have tools for mobile journalists and content creators who rely on their mobile phone for quick and uncomplicated audio and video capture. It offers broadcast-quality sound and works at any distance from the smartphone. The free Sennheiser video app offers one-touch synchronization of audio and video, sensitivity selection to optimally adapt the mic to the speaker and a mixing function to select the optimum balance between the standard audio recorded by the smartphone and the audio recorded via the Memory Mic.

The IE 40 PRO: Sennheiser also has something new on offer for monitoring- The IE 40 PRO, which are the company’s entry model in a series of brand-new professional in-ears. The IE 40 PRO ensure impeccable audio reproduction with warmth, great detail and natural clarity, improving the artist’s focus and performance control even in difficult stage situations. The meticulous audio performance is complemented by a well thought-out mechanical design that includes a patent-pending, break-proof cable ducting.

HD 300 Pro and HMD 300 PRO: Continuing the legacy of the classic HD 250 Linear, Sennheiser introduced HD 300 PRO monitoring headphones and HMD 300 PRO headset for camera operation and backstage communications. The 300 PRO series includes the HD 300 PRO and HD 300 PROtect monitoring headphones (the latter with selectable ActiveGard protection) as well as the HMD 300 PRO and single-sided HMD 301 PRO communications headsets. The headsets feature ActiveGard and a noise-compensated, super-cardioid boom microphone for clear communications in loud production environments.
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