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Cat Repellent - How to get rid of Stray Cats

Cat Repellent - How to get rid of Stray Cats

Stray cat sitting

Cats! You must have seen them roaming here and there, in and around, outdoors and indoors in your surroundings. The pet species of the cats are very adorable and people love to take care of them. But what about those community of cats who live outdoors. The community of cats that live outdoor are also known by the name of the feral cats. Both the indoor and outdoor cats belong to the domestic cat species felis catus. As the feral cats are not domestic, socialized and nor friendly, people do not prefer adopting them.
So, where do such cats live and how to they grow up? These cats live their healthy lives along with their feline families –colonies, in their respective outdoor homes. Also read How Heavy should my Cat be? (Ideal Cat Weight).

Feral cats live their lives completely in the outdoor homes and can settle where food and shelter are available to them. These cats are naturally skilled in hunting their food and shelter. These cats are not adapted to live indoors with people. But these naughty and active animals can be seen out in your gardens, courtyards and anywhere else.

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The nature of these cats is unpredictable and their incredible climbing and jumping abilities are the reason why they sometimes become a nuisance. There are few sure-fire cat repellents. These cats wander in your territories due to curiosity, mating, hunting, feeding, and other reasons.

Read the complete article if you are looking for how to get rid of cats. Also, if you are wandering for the answer to the question of how to keep stray cats out of yard, then we have covered that segment as well.

Will raccoons eat cats? Do they attack cats? Most people have in their mind this question.

At times when they don't have any other food available to them, they plan to prey on small animals like cats and dogs. It is difficult for them to catch larger cats. But it is easier for them to prey on kittens. You will also find they eating side by side with cats and dogs. So, don't feed your dogs and cats outside because raccoons might attack them if they don't get food. So yes, raccoons attack cats.
We have coverd here do raccoons eat cats or not?

What are cat repellents?

Cats can be really a problem when they enter your territory like your gardens or the courtyards. They can create mess by digging out your garden beds and thus harming your property in a lot of ways. You can discourage the cats from pussyfooting around your property by the following:

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  1. Preventive planting with the chicken wire: You can lay the chicken wire across the planting bed before you plant. Cats do not like walking on the chicken wire. Install the chicken wire that is sufficiently large for installing the plants.
  2. Bristly material: With the help of the sharp-edged pine cones, holy cuttings, and eggshells or the stone Mulch, you can keep the cats away. These rough materials will help to keep the cats away from your place.
  3. Smelly plants: Some plants produce the characteristic smells that the cats do not like. There are a lot of plants cats hate and can help to keep the cats away from your garden or yards. Plant these cat repellent plants between your other plants and keep the cats away from your space because cat hate this plants. cat repellent plants are Geraniums (Pelargonium), Catnip (Nepeta cataria), Citronella (Pelargonium graveolens citrosa), Lemongrass (Cymbopogon), Common Rue (Ruta graveolens), Lavender (Lavandula), Scaredy Cat Plant (Coleus canina), Pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium), Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis),Curry Plant (Helichrysum augustfolium).
  4. Water guns: Water is the kryptonite for the cats and when you encounter with a cat in any kind of forbidden area, then you can squirt them with a super soaker or water gun.
  5. Water devices; There are a lot of devices like the scarecrow sprinklers that can detect the presence of the cats and fire at them with a blast of water.
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How to identify the types of cats?

Your yard could have either the stray, feral or any other kind of cat that is causing the mess for you. Before you choose the types of cat repellents, you must identify first the best control method of the cat.

You might have been in a problem because of the cats at night and this would insist you to wonder, are cats nocturnal. It is the feral cats that are nocturnal and are afraid of humans. These cats are well-groomed with the rough foot pads and they may or may not live in a colony and they are also popular for their Lion cut cat.

The stray cats are often more approachable and are active during the day. They are malnourished and appears to be dirtier and less groomed.

What do the stray cats eat?

Stray cats or feral cats can feed on anything that they like. They are more commonly found digging in the gardens and the courtyards. Is there any probability for any plants cats can eat? Yes, there are a lot of species of plants that cats can chew and eat. A few of them are:

  1. Spider plant
  2. Asparagus Fern
  3. Bamboo
  4. Sweet basil
  5. African violet

These are some of the plants for cats to eat and if your garden is having them, then it is the perfect source of attraction for the cats.

How to get rid of stray cats?

Stray cats or feral cats are found anywhere outdoors. They are always in constant search for food and shelter. While wandering here and there in search of food or for some other reasons like mating or breeding, they may enter into your territories and can create a lot of problems for you. So, if you are looking for ways like how to get rid of feral cats, then this is the right place for you.

Follow the given points that can be helpful to you if you are facing the problems because of the stray cats. Here the steps by which your search for how to repel stray cats around your house easily:

  • Eliminate the food and shelter: Cats are more attracted to the food and shelter and roam around the places where they can get the food and shelter. Dry cover and the warm places where they can get the shelter is their most loved place. If you eliminate these potential sources in and around from your property, then you can make your home less inviting.
  • Know the damage that they provide: Be familiar with the destructive habits of the cats that they create and locate for the areas where they create more This will help you to select most of the preventive methods for the cat control.
  • Know the type of the cat first: This becomes the first and foremost step to keep the cat away from the place. It can be the neighbors’ cat or a stray cat or the feral cat.
  • Choose the appropriate cat control method: Depending on the type of the cat's habits and the damaged area, you have to choose the best control methods. Based on these methods, you can decide on how to keep stray cats away.

How to deter stray cats?

Feral or the stray cats are not socialized and thus, don't want humans to be in their surroundings. Stray cats have become a very great problem for people. Here are some ways that you can help deter the stray cats from your area by using some cat deterrent.

  • With the home remedies, you can keep the cats out of your garden or yards. There are some of the known species of plants to deter cats which include the lavender, rue, geranium and lemon thyme, etc. this plants helps to keep the cats away.
  • You can try using the large flat river stones in the garden beds so that the soil is not available for the cats to dig and so it is not attractive for the stray cats.
  • Empty the used tea leaves and the citrus fruits in and around the flower beds in your garden area.
  • Try planting some catnip in the different areas of your yard. Catnip plants also helps to keep the cats away.

How to keep cats out of flower beds?

Gardens is the most commonly attacking spot for the cats. They love to enjoy the bed with fresh mulch or turned soil is indeed the spot of comfort for them. Here are some of the ways that will help you if you have been searching for how to keep cats out of garden.

Ultrasonic devices: These devices are known for producing the unpleasant sound at a frequency that can only be heard by the cats and creates no trouble for humans.

Chicken wire fencing: This can be a great method to keep them the cats away from your garden. It will make your garden uncomfortable for the cats to roam in around the garden and the flower beds.

Unpleasant odors: Some scents are not liked by the cats like the scents of the lemongrass, citronella, orange or the lemon peels. You can also try the eucalyptus oil or the coffee grounds as well in your flower beds to keep the cast out of the garden.

How to trap a cat?

If you are not able to keep the stray cats or the feral cats away from your place using the methods and techniques, then catching or trapping them is the last option. There is a lot of cat trap that is available in the market and you can use them to catch the cats in your homes.  Sometimes it is not easy to trap a cat and you have to be quite careful and have to make some efforts. How to catch a cat depends on the species that you have been hunting for. Here are some of the tips that will help you to keep cats out of your garden or keep your garden safe from these notorious animals.

  • Get the cats comfortable with you: You can implement this by keeping the food first closer to the entrance of the trap and them gradually moving closer to the back of the trap every day.
  • Use a larger trap: Cats like more space and if you are using a smaller trap, then it might not work for you.
  • Cover the trap: Make the trap a comfortable space, try to cover it with a dark towel and make sure that you do not block the entrance. Cats feel safe at the darker places.
  • Use some exciting bait: Use something that is smelly and tasty to attract the cat.
  • Try making a food trail: This can be a great idea for trapping the cats
  • Observe the habits of the cats that you are going to trap.

This is how to keep cats out of your yard when you have become annoyed of them.

How to keep cats off car?

Cats are always looking for places that are warm and comfortable form them to rest on. Your car can be really a great place that they can love to rest in. Here are some ways by which you can keep your cats away from your car:

  • Use the cat repellents: Try to use the cat repellent sprays in and around your car that are safe to use in your car. Spray repellents before you go to the bed, every night and keep the cats away from your car.
  • Sprinkle the cat repellent powders: Use the organic powders in your car that are some natural cat repellents.
  • Try using the dry herbs: Some dry herbs or plants are not liked by the cats. Keep the plant's cats hate near your park so that they do not come near to your car
  • You can try to make your own cat repellents: Making a natural cat repellent at your home is a very easy task. You can just mix the essential oils like the lavender and peppermint or orange with the 3 parts of water in it in a spray bottle and simply spritz it around the car.
  • Try using an ultrasonic cat repellent: With the electronic repellents, you can keep the cats away from the car. These are annoying for the cats and they make no harm to you.
  • Use a car cover to protect your car: This will give no space to the cats to enter in your car
  • Remove the food sources away: Make sure that you keep your space in and around the clean and there are no sources of food for the cats.

There are a lot of ways by which you can keep your places safe from the cats. Here are some things that you should not do at all:

  • Do not try to catch cats with your hands
  • Do not give up

Know the behavior of the cats before you start for choosing the method and the time to keep your places safe from the cats. Hopefully, these points must have helped you in finding the answer to how to keep cats away.

Hope you got all information about how to get rid of stray cats, Natural cat repellents, how to keep cats away, how to keep cats out of flower beds.
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