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TPOIS brings an innovative marketplace for redundant industrial machines and equipment

New Delhi: India is a land of opportunities and innovation giving way to numerous startups. This startup land has seen several young enthusiastic creating exceptionally different and novel concepts of doing business. One of the finest examples to this is, a revolutionary e-portal enabling industries/companies to list their surplus machines and equipment helping other companies in need of those machines to purchase it at the reasonable price.

TPOIS (Think Positive on Industrial Surplus) helps you recognize your hidden wealth which otherwise was just a pile of redundant items. Hence is a unique platform that facilitates sale and purchase of industrial products between the owners of machines/equipment and the companies willing to buy them a fair price.                                  

Mr. Madhusudan Chokhani, the Founder and think-tank leader of shared his views and said, “TPOIS targets industrial community to help them en-cash their surplus and convert it into working capital. The concept was launched in early 2015 when in the first year itself we achieved 70 to 80% of our target and hence touched the right cord of audience. Considering this market need, we finally launched this virtual platform in 2017. TPOIS signifies that the industrial community should always be positive on their surplus product. We help companies in reducing its inventory by upto 60%.”

This platform is a boom for industries where they can buy and sell machinery and equipment at ease.  One can find industrial machines, equipment, tools, e-waste, scrap and finished products/surplus at which is available at a reasonable price. Furthermore, posting the ad is also convenient with just a picture and a click.  In short, it is a virtual market to trade second-hand products which are still in great shape and condition.

Madhusudan Chokhani – Founder, TPOIS

Mr. Madhusudan Chokhani is the Founder and think-tank leader of TPOIS. This young & dynamic business leader carries more than 15 years of rich experience in Industrial Business & Real Estate after receiving the prestigious MBA degree from one of India’s most reputed business school, FORE School of Management, New Delhi. When most of the SAW pipe units owned by the large business houses have been closed down in the last few years, Mr. Madhusudan Chokhani, the man of dauntless attitude produced 100000 Metric Tonne Spiral Saw pipe per annum from Chhindwara (Madhya Pradesh) plant under the green fields industry norms. And, this bulk production was served to cater the various needs of many Central & state departments, and large PSUs. In addition, he also completed a 90000 Sq. ft real estate commercial complex at Sector 18, Noida (Uttar Pradesh).

Nowadays, Mr. Chokhani is working to double the manufacturing capacity of the Spiral SAW plant and over a period of time he plans to achieve an INR 500 Crore annual turnover from the existing INR 175 Crore. He is also exploring many new opportunities to develop an advanced commercial complex or a small township. And, with regard to TPOIS, he is planning to tap various types of industries and business houses in helping them to register and sell their used/unused industrial machines and equipment on this unique e-portal.

Before venturing into the business world, Mr. Chokhani had also spent a considerable time in building up India’s first dry dock shipyard of the group at Chennai Port in collaboration with the Keppal Shipyard of Singapore. It was the biggest collaboration between India and Singapore at that time (i.e., 1989).

Mr. Madhusudan Chokhani is open to new ideas and always looks forward to adopt innovative practices for a delightful customer satisfaction. He leads a team of more than 300 people in his group of businesses, including a team of 20 people in TPOIS. He understands that employees’ contribution is very essential for the growth of a company, and he acknowledges them with excellent pay packages and workplace amenities.

Mr. Chokhani is also known for his commendable interpersonal skills and a highly receptive behavior. About his personal life, Mr. Madhusudan Chokhani loves spending quality time with his family & friends. He is also a member of the Rotary Club in Delhi and unwinds himself with evening workout in his favourite fitness centre.

TPOIS (Think Positive on Industrial Surplus) is based on a novel business philosophy which advocates that don’t neglect your industrial surplus because it is the HIDDEN WEALTH of the organization. On this premise, is a revolutionary e-portal which enables industries/companies to list their dead stock (machines & equipment) because what is redundant for them is the necessity of other businesses. The logo of TPOIS symbolizes growth with business ethics. It also conveys the vision and passion for ruling over the world with the motto of best the in quality of services and best in commitment. Hence is a unique platform that facilitates sale and purchase of industrial products between the owners of machines/equipment and the companies willing to buy them a fair price.

With a focus on the needs of the industrial community, has been created to provide a one-point stop for all industrial solutions. TPOIS is a repository of old and new (unused) items such as industrial machines, equipment, tools, e-waste, scrap and finished products/surplus. It’s a virtual open-market for the buyers, investors, and dealers/brokers of the secondhand industrial products. With a focus on the needs of the industrial community, has been created to provide a one-point stop for all industrial solutions. Headquarter of TPOIS is based in New Delhi.

Bringing companies to a pivotal organization that revolutionizes the methods of trading, TPOIS provides an impetus to growth. facilitates sale and purchase of products in the open market. Trading is carried out at your price and your terms & conditions. Trading in old or new unused items - i.e., industrial machinery, equipment, tools, e-waste, scrap and finished products/surplus inventory can be carried out expediently.

The concept was unveiled in early 2015, when a group of companies were loaded with abundance of surplus and then they decided to en-cash it to generate the required working capital from the company itself, with the punch line “Bring In The Revolution By Converting Your Surplus Stock Into Liquid Capital” and we achieved 70 – 80 % of our target and finally decided to make it online for the benefit of the industrial community by fulfilling our Goal and finally launched in 2017.


•      To extend our unique technological and multi-faceted expertise in the area of industrial trading to all companies especially transition companies.

•      To expand our base of clients to include those that have not yet started to utilize the internet for multi-channel marketing in e-commerce.

•      To accomplish for our client-base an increase in their revenues and enhance the exposure of their brands.


•      Our vision is to become the prominent provider of marketing services for industry.

•      With our foray into Industrial listing services, e-auction services and marketing of Industrial Machinery & equipment for our clients, it is our aim to make excellence, expedience, and efficiency our hallmark of service.

•      We provide the best e-auction and listing services which are both cost and time effective. With a range of options, trading without any intermediaries and transparency in procedures, we aim to strengthen inter-linkages within the industry.

•      We believe that participating firms will experience the benefits of listing in the present time which will pave the way for greater efficiency in the future.


To rule over the world providing best quality services and fair commitments.


•      Revenue generation from non-moving/unused assets.

•      Low inventory carrying cost and reduced paperwork.

•      Establish connections throughout the country with similar industries.

•      With simultaneous efficiency in mobilizing idle inventory and creating channels for marketing, companies can achieve their own goals while industrial efficiency increases over time.

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