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New Delhi, 27th August, 2019: Somany Ceramics Limited, an internationally acclaimed organization that specializes in ceramics and allied products segment and known to be a leader in design and innovation has launched its new TVC campaign. The tagline of the campaign is “Zameen se Judey”.


Coinciding, with the company’s vision, the TVC features Bollywood superstar and brand ambassador of the company, Salman Khan. The TVC beautifully conveys whether its style, quality or technological brilliance, Somany matches international standards. It persistently makes effort towards offering quality and delivering excellence.

The new TVC is live on the Somany’s digital platforms and scheduled to go on air in the coming week. Somany’s new campaign ‘Zameen Se Judey’ with Superstar Salman Khan signifies its humble and rooted approach. When equated with Salman’s personality, the campaign’s essence is that ‘no matter how high you soar or how successful you are, you should always be rooted & remain grounded’.

Commenting on the new TVC, Mr. Abhishek Somany, MD, Somany Ceramics Ltd said "Somany has carved a niche for itself as a relevant and trusted company today with its dynamic capability to evolve with changing décor aesthetics over the years. It understands its consumers, and in return, its patrons trust Somany to offer the best tiles, sanitaryware & bath fittings products in India. Both Somany Ceramics and Salman Khan have one thing in common that the TVC has wonderfully captured, the fact that both have established themselves as an unchallenged leader in their respective Industry and still remain grounded, which is the thought behind Zameen se Judey. Somany has an ever growing consumer base while Salman Khan is a unanimously loved and respected superstar whose body of work always cuts across with the audience.

Somany Ceramics new TVC is live on company’s digital platform such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.
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Hindware launches ‘Start with the Expert’ TVC Campaign with Brand Ambassador Shah Rukh Khan

Hindware launches ‘Start with the Expert’ TVC Campaign with Brand Ambassador Shah Rukh Khan

Bangalore, August 16, 2017: Bollywood Icon Shah Rukh Khan dons the avatar of an expert guide as he urges customers to #StartWithTheExpert for India’s leading sanitaryware brand Hindware’s new TVC campaign. Through the television commercial, Hindware communicates its philosophy of being the Expert Companion in helping consumers make their dream bathrooms.

Mr. Sandip Somany, VCMD, HSIL Limited said, “As a brand, with close to 6 decades of experience, Hindware has gathered extensive understanding of the consumer needs and have harnessed it to offer products and services which fulfill not just the rationale but the emotional needs of the consumers.”

“Our series of four television commercials reinforces our commitment to provide high-quality bath solutions and expert advice to Indian consumers to assist them in creating their dream bathrooms.” he added.

Mr. Manish Bhatia, President BPD added, “This campaign will be amongst the largest in the industry so far and in keeping with times it will be a 360 degree campaign activating all touch points like airports, television, cinemas and internet. We intend to cement our position as 1st brand of choice for any Indian who wants to make their dream bathroom come alive.  All they have to do is to start with the expert; come to Hindware”.

“I share a great relationship with Hindware and admire their quality of reinventing themselves in a product parity market to remain relevant and appealing to a larger set of audiences”, said brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan.

The film successfully captures the real journey that two couples go through during their journey in designing their dream bathroom. Narrated by Shah Rukh Khan, TVC takes us through two routes that different customers take to renovate their bathrooms. While one customer undertakes the project based on the examples present in the magazines and other’s sources, the other customer turns to Hindware for expert advice. When the renovation is complete, the customer who sought Hindware’s advice ends up with an extremely stylish and well-coordinated ‘dream bathroom’, while the other customer ends up with a ‘bathroom from hell’. The TVC ends with Shah Rukh Khan urging the customers to ‘Start with the Expert’ today.


Creative Agency: McCann

Production Agency: Flying Saucer

Director: Pushpender

A massive media campaign with estimated 1000+ GRP’s has been undertaken to popularize the new brand positioning through this TVC.

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Manpasand Beverages launched its latest TVC campaign for ‘Fruits Up’ featuring brand ambassador Tapsee Pannu.

New TVC of ‘Fruits Up’ with Tapsee Pannu breaks ‘fizzy’ stereotypes

·         Conveying the ethos of ‘Fruits Up,’ the Ad depicts changing perspective of today’s youth
·         The Ad reiterates ‘Fruits Up’ as an alternative to synthetic based drinks
·         It narrates the brand’s USP of health and flavor with “real fruit with fizz” tagline

May 10, 2017: India’s leading fruit juice player, Manpasand Beverages Ltd has launched its latest TVC campaign for ‘Fruits Up’ featuring brand ambassador Tapsee Pannu. This is the first Ad of the brand with Tapsee after she was signed up as the brand ambassador for the product in December 2016. Fruits Up offers a range of carbonated fruit drinks in different flavours and is made without any synthetic base to cater to the changing preference of Indian palate. ‘Fruits Up’ is primarily targeted at the young urban consumers who are candid, sensible and conscious of their choices.

Keeping its target audience in mind, the campaign shows a confident and affirmative Tapsee Pannu walking with a tray full of ‘Fruits Up’ to greet and meet her prospective matrimonial match. The ad on the surface seems like slipping down the usual traditional way, but here’s the twist. Tapsee Pannu, dressed in a chic western outfit instead of an Indian ensemble, turns the table around as the groom’s parents hesitantly put forth their “modest” demands. She prevails by asking the groom side whether ‘they’ have the capacity to fulfill these demands, else the game is off! This new thinking and change in perspective is capped by the voice over “Badal raha hai India ka swad” (India [and it’s taste] is changing).

The ad not only depicts the change in perspective and preferences of the youth of today, but also breaks various stereotypes. First, it builds up on the strong persona of the characters played by Pannu in her recent films and depicts her as a self-assured young woman who knows her mind and is not going to be cowed down by age old societal charades. Secondly, it offers “Fruits Up” as a healthy fizzy alternative to existing synthetic based cola drinks. The message is further accentuated by the tag line, “Fruit Bhi Fizz Bhi.”

Manpasand Beverages believes that the youth today are much more aware and in touch with reality. Along with being outgoing and candid, they are responsible to and ready to look at their surrounding with a non-conventional lens. Hence, ‘Fruits Up’ is positioned as a youth oriented brand for people who are open to try innovative drinks without compromising on the health quotient.
Mr. Abhishek Singh, Director, Manpasand Beverages Ltd. said, “‘Fruits Up’ represents a variety of healthy carbonated fruit drink with goodness of fruit pulp in it. Our tag line, “Fruit with Fizz” is the apt description of the brand that aims to capture the health conscious and sensible youth of today. We wanted the campaign to resonate with the youth of today and also stress on the changing norms of the society. “

Manpasand Beverages launched its latest TVC campaign for ‘Fruits Up’ featuring brand ambassador Tapsee Pannu.

Manpasand Beverages launched its latest TVC campaign for ‘Fruits Up’ featuring brand ambassador Tapsee Pannu.

Manpasand Beverages launched its latest TVC campaign for ‘Fruits Up’ featuring brand ambassador Tapsee Pannu.

Elaborating on the concept of the TVC, Mr. Singh said, “Through this TVC, our aim was to convey the essence/idea of the product rather than advertise the product itself. As our brand is positioned as a healthy alternative to synthetic cola drinks, we decided to use the matrimonial meet-up as the backdrop to showcase today’s strong-willed women who make their own choices and simultaneously highlight ‘Fruits Up’ as a flavorful fizzy drink.”

Media/Origin: TV Advertising
Product Group: Foods and Beverages
Advertiser: Manpasand Beverages Ltd.
Advert title(s): “Badal raha hai India ka Swad” says Fruits Up in its first ever TVC with Tapsee Pannu

About Manpasand Beverages Limited (

One of the country’s leading fruit juice players with Rs. 556 crore plus net sales in FY2016, Manpasand Beverages Limited has got the unique distinction of being the only pure play Company in this sector in the Indian capital market. Manpasand Beverages represents the successful story of a visionary first generation entrepreneur, Dhirendra Singh, who has built one of India’s fastest growing fruit juices company and is now ready to take on the global cola giants head-on.

   Manpasand Beverages is a fruit drink manufacturing company with a primary focus on mango fruit, which is the leading flavour for juice drinks in India. Company’s flagship brand, ‘Mango Sip’, a mango-based fruit drink, is strategically focused towards customers primarily based in semi urban and rural markets. With a view to expand its product portfolio and target the urban markets, Manpasand launched its ‘Fruits Up’ range of products which offers fruit drinks and carbonated fruit drinks in different flavours. Without any synthetic base, 'FRUITS UP' is made up of natural ingredients and comes in a range of carbonated and non-carbonated fruit drinks. With ‘Fruits Up’, the company plans to capture part of the huge carbonated drinks market, which is estimated to be worth around 25,000 Crores. Recently, the company has entered into packaged tender coconut water segment through their new brand, ‘Coco Sip.’ In terms of health drinks, ‘Manpasand ORS’ is afloat in North Eastern and soon has plans to go pan India.

   Manpasand’s beverage brands are present in over 20 states of India through more than 200,000 retailers, over 2000 distributors and 200 plus super stockists. The company has two manufacturing facilities at Vadodara in Gujarat, one each at Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh and Dehradun in Uttaranchal and a new one is being set up at Ambala in Haryana.

In the fast and ever-growing fruit-based beverages market in India, the Company has emerged as a significant and formidable competitor to the National and Multinational beverage giants. A customer-centric approach, value-for-money offerings, strong focus on affordable price points, innovation and research, brand building, aggressive production capacity expansions and strong distribution strategies are the Company's major strengths.
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Moonbow: ‘Ab India Peeyega Achcha’ for their water purifiers new TVC campaign by Sanitaryware Company HSIL Limited

Moonbow Urges India to Drink Clean Water with the Launch of their TV Commercial
Redefines Water Purifier Space through Ad Campaign ‘Ab India Peeyega Achcha’

Bangalore, February 16th 2017: Moonbow, the umbrella brand from leading Sanitaryware Company HSIL Limited launched their new TVC campaign today ‘Ab India Peeyega Achcha’ for their water purifiers.

HSIL Moonbow Water Purifier - Achleous

HSIL Moonbow Water Purifier - Achleous

HSIL Moonbow Water Purifier - Achleous

The TVC narrates the story about the innocence of childhood as children from different socio-economic background play together and share water since ‘Accha Paani Share Karna Acchi Aadat Hai’. The new TVC visibly captures Moonbow’s initiative to highlight that everybody irrespective of their race, caste or creed is entitled to pure drinking water.

Speaking on the new brand campaign, Mr. Rakesh Kaul, President, Consumer Products Division, HSIL Limited, said, “One of the biggest challenges in India today is access to clean drinking water. With this TVC, we perfectly capture the brands commitment towards providing consumers across India with clean drinking water. The TVC will play on primetime TV slots across general entertainment channels, select English and Hindi news and movie channels from 14th February 2017 onwards.”

Translating the product thought of ‘Ab India Peeyega Accha’ on to a story line came from the life insight, that children see no barriers. Marrying the same to the aspiration of the brand to make good drinking water accessible to all. The TVC celebrates and demonstrates the same through its story line. Invoking the emotions of oneness that is fuelled even more in the social fabric of the country today. It is a simple story that begins in the kitchen of a home where a kid takes off to play with a bottle of water from the Moonbow water purifier to the playing field. The kid sees a bunch of boys as spectators, and invites one of them to play, after a demonstration of his skill. Soon the other boys other boys are also invited to play. The TV commercial ends on a high note of sharing water because when you have something good you share it with others, instilling the spirit of oneness.

According to the Director Aman Sachdeva, whose recent work includes TVC’S for OPPO phones with Hrithik Roshan, Akash Digital, Nestle and Ministry of Power, said, “I had a good time working on the Moonbow TVC. Films are as good as the teams involved in it; the client, agency and production team came together for a single goal (pun intended) of making an honest film with a sublime message of how kids don't have any prejudices when it comes to social class/ background differentiation. Authentic casting, convincing performances and emotional quotient of the film is just about in right balance as intended.”

Quoting on the TVC, Team Contract, said, “In a fairly cluttered market, where every brand spoke of technology and gave rationale to why their water purifier works seemed very similar to each other. The idea really qualitatively talks about the collective spirit with ‘Ab India Peeyega Achha’. While the broader theme was about Sharing is good, and with Moonbow Water Purifier, you share good water no matter who you are sharing it with.”

Creative Agency: Contract Advertising, WPP Group
Production Agency: Promodome Communications
Director: Aman Sachdeva
Agency Credits: Team Contract

HSIL Limited, a listed company, is the leading player in the Indian sanitaryware industry and is the 2nd largest in ‘container glass’ in South India. HSIL limited has three business segments namely Building Products Division having Sanitaryware products under brands like Queo, hindware Italian Collection, hindware Art, Benelave, Raasi, Amore & home decor solutions under Evok; Packaging Products Division under Associated Glass Industries & Garden Polymers; and Consumer Products Division having home solution products under brands such as hindware Kitchen Ensemble, hindware Atlantic, hindware Snowcrest, Moonbow & hindware Vents.

The brand ‘moonbow’ was introduced in December 2015 by HSIL Limited, with the launch of an exclusive range of air purifiers. Currently Moonbow offers 5 state-of-the-art variants of room air purifiers and an ultra-modern car air purifier. In, August 2016, the brand launched exceptionally well designed water purifiers for the Indian consumers.

‘Moonbow’ was honoured with the prestigious ‘Brand of the Year - Emerging No. 1 2016’ award at The Pride of India Awards held by World Consulting and Research Corporation (WCRC) in December 2016. The brand is at a very nascent stage but aims to be amongst the top 3 players in India over the next five years.

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Yellow Diamond Win Hearts with Bollywood megastar Salman Khan’s – “Dildaar Hai Hum” TVC Campaign

New Delhi, December 20, 2016: Yellow Diamond, an Indian savoury snack food brand, has rolled out a TVC campaign “Dildaar Hai Hum” featuring Indian Bollywood celebrity Salman Khan. Yellow Diamond is the brand of Prataap Snacks, which has a diversified portfolio of savoury snacks which includes extruded snacks, chips and namkeen in varied range of flavours that caters to the Indian taste buds.

Yellow Diamond Win Hearts with Bollywood megastar Salman Khan’s – “Dildaar Hai Hum” TVC Campaign

Yellow Diamond Win Hearts with Bollywood megastar Salman Khan’s – “Dildaar Hai Hum” TVC Campaign

The commercials begin with a musical shot which opens with a funky guy sharing a selfie while eating snacks and actor Salman Khan appears and detests his way of sharing. The actor then whistles and a troop of dancers appear, dressed in sportswear. The actor then explains the meaning of sharing by showing his quirky dance moves on “Share karo toh dil se” soundtrack. This soundtrack is the recreation of the song “Selfie le-le re” from Bollywood movie, “Bajrangii Bhaijaan”.

The vibrant set is designed with dazzling lights, covering a large crew of dancers and has variety of Yellow Diamond snacks placed on shelves. The commercials feature characters from Ramayana and a crew comprising of kids, college students and a middle aged couple dancing to the beat of the background track and relishing the taste of Yellow Diamond’s savoury snacks. The latter part of the commercials has a short appearance of child actress, Harshali Malhotra as “Munni”, who hands Salman Khan a packet of Yellow Diamond snack. The commercials end with the tagline “#Dildaar Hai Hum” displaying the vibrant packets of Yellow Diamond products.

Mr Amit Kumat, MD & CEO, Prataap Snacks said, “Through this TVC, we have tried to convey the age old message that ‘Sharing is caring’, with the entire TVC campaign focusing on sharing. With “Dildaar Hai Hum” as our brand philosophy, we aspire to be loved and accepted by our consumers. The TVC concept brings this out in a lively and humorous way. The presence of superstar Salman Khan is the major highlight of the TVC campaign which contributes towards creating a mass appeal for our brand and products.”

Speaking about the conceptualization, Arun Iyer, Chief Creative Officer, Lowe Lintas said “The campaign thought of ‘Dildaar hain hum’ is specifically directed towards the youth who are highly influenced by technology today. One trend that the youth are addicted to is sharing and posting activities on social media platforms. The video film urges the youth to drift away from this habit of being obsessed with only digital media and rather focus on sharing other aspects of life that are more meaningful. This is because ‘real sharing digital se nahin, dil se ki jaati hai’. We believe this trait will be well-accepted and adopted by the consumers and will ensure that the Yellow Diamond brand finds its place in the hearts of the consumers.”


Created by: Lowe Lintas, Mumbai

Conceptualised by: Lowe Lintas, Mumbai & Yellow Diamond

Creative Director: Arun Iyer

Multimedia spread: TV, Print, OOH and Digital

About Prataap Snacks:

Prataap Snacks started its operations in the Indian snacks market in 2009. Through its brand Yellow Diamond, it aims to offer consumers the freedom of choice. In order to reach out to all classes of consumers, it has a wide range of products in a variety of pack sizes.

Yellow Diamond snacks are manufactured in production facilities spread across India including owned facilities at Indore and Guwahati. To ensure adherence to quality standards for the products, in-house quality control practices are employed at all the manufacturing facilities. The Company also has an extensive distribution chain comprising of stockists, distributors and retailers. The range of product(s) is easily available through traditional as well as modern trade channels.

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