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U Mumba's Srikanth Jadhav talks about injuries & the confidence they instilled in him

"I know how hard I have worked to recover and that makes me fearless"-  Shrikant Jadhav

U Mumba's newest star raider in the making -Shrikant Jadhav did not have an easy entry entry into the Pro Kabaddi League . Despite being selected by Jaipur Pink Panthers in season 1 and 2, on merit of his performances across various national-level school and college tournaments , he was unable to be a part of the team due to serious injuries faced before the commencement of each season. In his debut season, the third edition of Pro Kabaddi- he was selected by  Bengal Warrior and the 22 year old continued to play with the Warriors in season 4 as well. Chosen to represent U Mumba in Season 5, Shrikant has had quite a few starts for the Mumbai side. Having recently scored a Super-10 agains Dabang Delhi in Delhi, Shrikant talks to us about recovering from injury,the guidance from the Captain and Coach, playing for his home state and about playing alongside the greats of the game. Transcript below.

On recovering from injuries:

During my injuries, even Though I was in pain, I knew I could overcome it if I worked hard enough. So I worked very closely with my coaches, doctors and physiotherapists to make sure I don't only recover but get stronger and better. While rehabilitating I worked on strength and power especially focusing on the injured muscle. Be it gymming or training, or physio exercises, I gave it my all. So now I am much more powerful than I was before and feel more confident.

On the guidance received from the Coach and the Captain:

Firstly I would like to thank the Coach for his constant guidance. He spotted me during the Kabaddi Nationals at Kerala in 2014 and from there till now, he has remembered my strengths and weakness, and he constantly helps me get better. Both him and our captain Anup Kumar make sure that they allow me to play my own game. They point out my weaknesses to me and show me how to go about strengthening them. Anup always emphasizes on how we should play freely and never imagine the opponents to be greater than ourselves. This belief and confidence, for me personally, helps me become a better player, everyday.

On injury concerns during matches:

I know how hard I have worked to recover and that makes me fearless. The injuries were bad, but they helped me become a better player - that's all that matters. So when I do go on to the mat, injury is the last concern on my mind. If I avoid it, great but if I do get injured I know I have overpowered it before and I can overpower it again.

On playing for his home-state:

I have never had the opportunity to represent Maharashtra beyond school-level games. So when U Mumba picked me up, it was a dream come true. I have been following the team closely for the last four years and was always in hope of playing for them one day. The team is great and the fans are even better. Playing for U Mumba is like a homecoming for me.

On playing alongside experienced campaigners like Anup Kumar, Nitin Madane and Kashiling Adake:

I am only 20 percent of what Nitin Madane, Kashiling Adake and Anup Kumar are. I have always idolized them and to be able to train with and learn their techniques has indeed helped me up my game. They are all star raiders and being with them keeps me motivated to become a star raider myself. The kind of opportunities I have been given and the faith that the team has shown in me has been an incredible blessing.

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Puneri Paltan Thrashes U Mumba by 33-21

Puneri Paltan Thrashes U Mumba by 33-21

Pune, 28 July, 2017: Puneri Paltan came out all guns blazing as they thrashes U Mumba 33-21 in the second match of the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League. A solid all-round team performance by Puneri Paltan’s defenders and raiders was the catalyst in their team’s victory.

Puneri Paltan started the match with great intensity to lead 6-1 after seven minutes and reduced U Mumba to just two players. U Mumba struggled to come to terms in the early part of the match but Anup Kumar scored two points as they trailed 3-7 after nine minutes. In the 10th minute Puneri Paltan inflicted the first all out of the match to lead 11-4.

Puneri Paltan continued their blitzkrieg and led 13-4 after 12 minutes with U Mumba defence struggling badly. In the 13th minute U Mumba got their first tackle point as they trailed 7-13. Kashiling Adake opened his account in the 16th minute as U Mumba trailed 8-13. Puneri Paltan scored four points with two super tackles in two minutes as they ended the first half leading 17-10.

Puneri Paltan began the second half strongly and scored three straight points to lead 20-10 after 23 minutes. Deepak Niwas Hooda scored the first super raid of the season in the 25th minute as Puneri Paltan led 25-10. Such was Puneri Paltan’s dominance that U Mumba failed to score a single point in the first five minutes of the first half. U Mumba managed get four points in the next five minutes as they trailed 14-27 after 30 minutes.

Puneri Paltan’s defence piled the pressure and didn’t give any easy points to U Mumba. It was a disappointing night for U Mumba as their defenders struggled to come to terms with Pune’s raiders. Puneri Paltan recorded a comprehensive win over their rivals as they won 32-21.

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U Mumba test their cooking skills ahead of the fifth edition of the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League

Putting their cooking hats on, some of the U Mumba players today teamed up to cook off with the assistance of two brilliant chefs at the Courtyard Marriott. On a day where the winner would be decided based on taste and appearance of the food, captain Anup Kumar, U Mumba's poster boy Shabeer Bapu and Coach E Bhaskaran were their intuitive best as they judged the dishes. While the Maharashtra boys Kashiling Adake and Nitin Madane were on one side, Joginder Narwal and Kuldeep Singh held their own on the other end.

Armed with a set menu and the guidance of the chefs, the newly crowned MumBoys whipped up four superb dishes in just an hour, encouraged by the cheers of their fellow teammates. As coaches Bhaskaran and Ravi Shetty looked on in amusement, plating was complete and it was time for the judgement.

Kashi and Nitin prepared Vegetable Kolhapuri and Jeera Rice, Kuldeep and Joginder whipped up Dal Fry along with their take on Jeera Rice. After a careful round of testing by the coach, the captain and the star players, alongside the head chef of Courtyard Marriott, Kashiling Adake & Nitin Madane.were adjudged the winners of the Cook-Off.


6393 : (L-R) Shabeer Bapu, Coach E. Bhaskaran, Kashiling Adake, Kuldeep Singh, Captain Anup Kumar, Joginder Narwal and the Chefs of Courtyard Marriot pose after the cook-off at the poolside

6364: Coach E. Bhaskaran, Anup Kumar and Kuldeep Singh share alight moment as Shabeer is engrossed in food tasting
6355: The teams rally behind the coach to see his reaction (L to R: Anup Kumar, Nitin Madane, Kashiling Adake, Kuldeep Singh, Joginder Narwal and E. Bhaskaran)

U Mumba test their cooking skills ahead of the fifth edition of the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League

U Mumba test their cooking skills ahead of the fifth edition of the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League

U Mumba test their cooking skills ahead of the fifth edition of the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League

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U Mumba Coach E Bhaskaran shares his thoughts on the team ahead of Pro Kabaddi Season 5

“The morale of the defence is always high when the raiders are strong” – E. Bhaskaran

U Mumba Coach E Bhaskaran shares his thoughts on the team ahead of Pro Kabaddi Season 5

At the onset of the fifth season of the Star Sports Vivo Pro Kabaddi, two-time finalists and Season 2 winners U Mumba are sweating it out in Dehradun at their pre-season camp. With a new team and a group of talented youngsters at the helm, Coach E. Bhaskaran who has been a constant in the team, speaks about the advantages and challenges for U Mumba during the upcoming season that will see four new teams contending for the trophy this year. Excerpts below:

On being one of the stronger teams in the league:

We will definitely benefit from  being amongst the most successful teams in the league. U Mumba is known for its player selection, training, team management and overall functioning. We have developed a reputation of being able to turn lesser known players into stars through constant encouragement and strong performances, something that was evident right from the beginning of the league. Because of all this, opponents look at us differently- we are seen as a threat. There is automatic pressure on them to try and beat us.

On Anup Kumar as Captain

Anup has led the team ever since U Mumba came into existence.. He has a very different reputation among the teams and players- he is an iconic figure in international Kabaddi now. His nickname also ‘Captain Cool’ also describes how well he copes with pressure  and is calm and collective in even the most stressful of situations on the mat. He leads the team exceedingly well. Other than that, he has also been a great raider through the  seasons which is  an added advantage for us. Having a good captain is very important especially when the players keep changing due to auctions. Given his experience, he plays a key role in grooming the youngsters in our side as well. The Captain and coach coordination which is a key factor in any team sport is very good between Anup and which I feel is very important in the overall dynamic of things.

On player fitness during the extended season

Yes, the season is longer but the good thing is that the recovery period after each match has also significantly increased so it works well. There is time to recover and then concentrate on training again.
Our 20-day  fitness camp held in Dehradun was precisely for this reason too.  We wanted to  ensure that the players are physically fit to go through this long season. Choosing a high altitude destination was also to build their stamina and increase endurance for the league.

On why raiders are crucial to the team

I feel every very team this season has good raiders, including us.  We worked on a strategy and managed to achieve exactly what we wanted in the auction. We have 4 strong raiders who will allow the defence to take risks and go for the kill during each of the opponent’s raid.  The morale of the defence is always high when the raiders are strong.

On the new players

From the 136 players that were a part of the New Young Players’ (NYP) Camp this year, the 3 we selected are within the top 20. We chose defenders because we always need back up for defence, especially for such a long season. They are very energetic, have played in the junior, senior nationals as well as the Federation Cup, so come with some experience under their belt.
Barring Anup and Shabeer, all the remaining players are new to the team. Joginder and Suresh come with a lot of experience. Kuldeep is an excellent all-rounder who can destroy a raider. Hadi as a corner is also very strong. So I can’t really comment on who is the strongest as each of them come with a strong, different skill set.

On changes in training

Conducting a fitness camp Dehradun was one of the first key changes in training this season. The next camp (also in Dehradun) will focus on player to player marking with emphasis on team coordination and technique. Both the camps are aimed at preparing the team for the longer season.

Photo : Team U Mumba during their pre-season training in Dehradun
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U Mumba sign off Season 4 with a win over Dabang Delhi

U Mumba sign off Season 4 with a win over Dabang Delhi

The Season 3 finalists unable to qualify for the semis despite spirited comeback

27th July, 2016, New Delhi: It was a bittersweet end for U Mumba as they won 38-34 through a spirted team effort against Dabang Delhi but signalled the end of their Season 4 campaign as they failed to make the play-offs and finished 5th on 42 points.

The game began with U Mumba needing to win over Dabang Delhi by a margin of 45 points, a steep task with the fact that Puneri Paltan had already beaten Bengaluru Bulls in the earlier match. The home team wanted to make a statement to their home crowd and star raider Kashiling Adake along with Prashant Kumar Rai lit up the stage as they out foxed the U Mumba defence to hand them their first all-out in the 10th minute itself, the score being 12-6. While the latter usually set the pace of the game, Delhi wanted to move things along rapidly which threw U Mumba off their game, making mistakes in both attack and defence. In a do or die raid for Prashant Kumar Rai, he was successfully tackled but defender Surjeet was sent out because he had stepped over the end line. A review called by Rakesh Kumar was unsuccessful and U Mumba sank lower, the score being 16-11. The lanky Delhi raider continued to wreak havoc on the orange and black, executing a super raid and leaving Anup as the last man just before half-time to inflict a second all-out inside the first half. The Mumbai outfit went into half-time with the score 24-13 in favour of Delhi.

It looked like a stern half-time talk from coach Bhaskaran because when the second half began, U Mumba began to recall their winning formula. Star raider Rishank Devadiga, who hasn't shown his spectacular Season 3 form in this season, began collecting touch points with ease. Surjeet and Jeeva Kumar, the latter having not performed to expectations this season, were calm and tactical when it came to their tackles. But the sign of the pressure of making the play-offs was seen getting to captain Anup Kumar as he was signalled a two-minute time-out when the referee showed him a yellow card. Soon Dabang Delhi were all-out in the 25th minute through a two-point raid from Rishank with the score 27-24. After this, both captain and team began to dictate the pace of the game and force the Delhi team to commit errors. Rishank was extremely fired up and that was seen in a particular raid where he carried the defender across the mid line. With the margin of qualifying for the play-offs seeming too steep, it looked like the U Mumba side wanted to end things on a high. They took the lead in the match for the first time when Rishank managed to inflict a second all-out, eliminating the last man Meraj Sheykh, the score going to 30-34. Prashant Kumar Rai managed to reach his super 10 raid points just after Rishank. But in the end, when captain Anup rang out the buzzer raid, U Mumba ended their campaign with a win.

Commenting on their journey in Season 4, captain Anup Kumar said, "We won more games than Pune overall but our big loss in the first leg against them hurt us. Our players could not give their 100% and we lost some of our games due to our weak defence. I don't know if our team will be the same next season but we will bounce back."

Coach Bhaskaran dismissed the fact that a complete overhaul of the team was the reason for them missing out on the play-offs. "We lost big names in the auction but our new players from the auction too came after good performances from other teams." When asked the reason for Rishank being unable to repeat his Season 3 form, coach Bhaskaran indicated, "Rishank was the best raider in the first and last game but he lost his rhythm in the middle. Maybe the pressure of performing got to him"

With four season completed for him, Anup indicated his desire to continue playing the game as long as he can. "I will play kabaddi until I am fit and I'm performing well. The day my performance goes down, I will quit. I wish I could play for 15-20 years though."

Rishank Devadiga stretches to reach a Dabang Delhi defender during their encounter tonight in New Delhi
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