4 Common Questions About the Best Inverter Battery in India Answered


 4 Common Questions About the Best Inverter Battery in India Answered

 A good inverter battery is crucial for a good home power backup solution. You might have the best inverter in the world, but it can’t function at its best if you don’t have the best inverter battery in India to complement your inverter unit. Therefore, getting a good inverter battery is of utmost importance if you want your system to function at its best.

But, finding a battery isn’t easy in a world of options because as laymen most of us have very limited knowledge when it comes to batteries. So, we came up with this article to help you understand what goes into making the best inverter battery in India and what it takes to become the best in the market.

4 Common Questions About the Best Inverter Battery in India Answered

Image Courtesy: Luminous

The Luminous Red Charge RC 18000 150 Ah comes for ₹16,170 and is the absolute best tubular battery in its class and offers superior backup during long and frequent power cuts. But what is so special about this battery and why you should get one? Let’s understand what makes the Red Charge 18000 150 Ah what it is—the best inverter battery in India.

Manufacturing Process

It’s manufactured using the HADI manufacturing process which is also known as the High-pressure type casting, and it is the most modern state-of-the-art process of manufacturing batteries. Only the best inverter battery in India is manufactured using this process due to its high cost; however, this process makes the battery extremely robust and reliable in terms of backup and gives it extended service life.

What Are its Features?

Since we are only talking about the absolute best battery; therefore, there are certain features that the battery must have to qualify as the best battery. So, what are those features, you might ask? Here are a few must have features you must look out for in a battery.

  • It is corrosion resistant
  • It has superior resistance to high temperatures
  • The battery has low self-discharge
  • Fast recharge and exceptional overcharge protection
  • Quick recovery from deep discharge for consistent backup
  • High Durability with sealed plastic housing.
  • Low antimony alloy used for low maintenance
  • Robust Tubular plates provide an excellent service life

Life And Performance

The best inverter battery in India comes with a 36-month warranty. The Red Charge RC 18000 150 Ah is renowned for its excellent service life and performance. It can easily handle heavy loads and is fully capable of running heavy-duty equipment like air conditioners, geysers, refrigerators, etc. for extended periods with no drop in performance. Moreover, it comes factory charged which makes it ready to be deployed out of the box.

Maintenance Costs

Thanks to its excellent manufacturing process, the Red Charge RC 18000 150 Ah battery doesn’t require much in terms of maintenance and can be termed as either maintenance-free or requires next to no maintenance throughout its service life, which saves you a lot of money.

Maintenance costs are one of the primary drivers of the overall cost you have to bear on top of the initial cost of the battery to determine a battery’s overall value and since you won’t be spending much on maintaining this battery gives it an exceptional value proposition over other batteries in its class.

With that being said and done, let’s have a look at the product specifications: 

Contents of Pack

1 N Battery, 6 N Float Indicator, 1 N Warranty Card, 2N MS fasteners


RC18000, Lead Acid Storage Battery (Factory Charged)


50.2 x 19.1 x 44 (All dimensions in cm.)

Filled weight (±5% Kg)



18 Months (Flat) + 18 Months (Pro-rata)


150 Ah


Medium= 150 Ah

If you are planning to get a tubular battery, it only makes sense to buy the best inverter battery in India, and the Red Charge RC 18000 150 Ah ticks all the right boxes. If you are looking for a battery that offers the best of both worlds, you won’t need to look any further than this battery. Also read Best rechargeable torch battery price with led - Best Charging Torch light / brightest flashlight online shopping for your pocket


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