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Work from Home Jobs that Require No Experience

Work from Home Jobs that Require No Experience

Gone are those pre-historic times, going to offices was considered as a prime way to support your finances, where you had no option but to sit in an uncomfortable work environment for more than half of your day and still prepare for the very same process next day. During those time you must have thought about what if you could just be in a space that motivates you to utilize your potential completely.

Online work from home means where you get to work while you sit on your comfortable chair and utilize your time according to your needs and earn some real money through PayPal or any other payment providers. Work from home has not just been helpful for people working from their home but also for those who keep on traveling from one place to another and still get to earn a little extra to support their income.

And you can do that even with not much experience on your resume, there are various legitimate work from home jobs that require no experience at all, isn’t that exciting.

You have to use the strength employers are looking for, it could be anything like time management skills, dedication, ability to think outside the box.  Also, No experience jobs don’t mean that you can qualify with no set of skills. Even if you work from home with no experience, your job will require specific skills. It’s true, looking for genuine work from jobs can be exhausting when you are just entering the world of work from home jobs.

According to my personal experience, it’s still way better than spending hours in a place where you just aren’t meant to be. There are so many ways through which you can earn money in this vast industry of no experience online jobs.

Well, this new digitalized world has made it possible for teens to earn money without even leaving your comfortable chair.

12 Online Jobs that Require No Experience

Below are some of the Online work from home jobs :


No Experience Jobs - Online Work from Home - WRITING JOBS

If you have the required passion for writing then working as a freelance writer is something you can handle. Writing is one of the easiest entry-level work from home industries you can be a part of as it requires more talent and skills than experience. Once you enter the world of freelance writing jobs you will see that most of the companies will hire you based on how well you can write rather than how many companies you’ve already written for.

Finding some beginner-friendly writing gigs is not as easy as it seems because most of the companies that pay well will hire someone with a really good way of handling words but that doesn’t put a negative impact on your work as you are a beginner and more than the money you will need to build up your portfolio. You can always start small and keep on sharpening your writing skills.

A freelance writer’s jobs aren’t always glamorous because finding your first job is not easy and keeping that in mind I am going to share some of the content sites that fall under the category of entry-level work from home jobs: TextBroker, BlogMutt, Wordgigs, BKA(buy keyword articles), etc. Being a freelance writer is an amazing work from home oppurtunity for stay at home Moms.


No Experience Jobs - Online Work from Home - DATA ENTRY JOBS

Data entry is one of the first ideas that come in your head when it comes to entry-level work from home jobs because these jobs don’t require many skills as long as you can read and type. After all, all you have to do is enter data from one source to another. Data Entry jobs are considered to be flexible enough as you do not require a phone and you don’t have to deal with any customers.

Hence, making Data Entry jobs great opportunities in the field of No experience work from home jobs. Companies that can help you in getting a Data Entry jobs are Amazon Mechanical Turk, KellyConnect, DionData, Axion Data, QuickTate, Upwork, etc. You have to be prepared for the hard work you’ll have to do in Data Entry jobs but it still helps you in not leaving your couch and still earn money on the side.


No Experience Jobs - Online Work from Home - CUSTOMER SERVICE

These kinds of entry-level work from jobs are usually offered by companies that are providing 24/7 support to their customers and it can be over phone calls, chatbox or even email responding. Customer Service jobs have been proven to help you with the jump start of your career in Online work from home jobs that require no experience but some specified skills.

Especially if you have good communication skills and you think you can handle your customers be it over phone calls or emails then you can start picking up phone calls as customer service might turn out to be one of the best Entry-level work from home job. Companies that hire for online jobs in the customer service department includes Amazon, Google, Sykes, LiveOps, NexRep, Sitel, Apple, Aetna, etc.


No Experience Jobs - Online Work from Home - VIRTUAL ASSISTING

Another interesting and effective way of earning money in this vast field of entry-level work from home jobs. Most companies that hire virtual assistants are more interested in your skills rather than whether you have worked as a virtual assistant before or not.

With the radio growth in technology, it becomes easy for companies or even bloggers to hire virtual assistants for helping the entrepreneurs with the administrative tasks they do not have time for like, Email management, Social media management, live support management, etc.

As a virtual assistant, you get to choose which tasks you can handle depending on your skillsets because virtual assistants have responsibilities depending on their client needs. You can start looking for VA jobs that fall under the category of entry-level work from home Jobs are 24/7 Virtual Assistant, Freelancer, Upwork, Pinterest, Fancy hands, 99 Dollar Social, etc.


12 Online Jobs that Require No Experience - Transcription

One of the most hassle-free ways to enter the world of entry-level work from home jobs is Transcription. Most of the transcription companies don’t care about the experience if you can listen to audio files and convert them into a text document in a way that readers would be willing to read. the audio file can be a college/School lecture, meetings, interviews, podcasts, simple dictation, these are very basic transcription jobs you can start with.

Although it is a time-consuming process you still get paid based on the length of the audio file. All you need o get is a computer with a good internet connection and if you already have good typing skills you’re ready to be in the department of transcription. Now, I will be giving you a list of companies that are beginner-friendly and will you a chance, TranscribeMe, SpeakWrite, Daily Transcription, Ubiqus, Scribie, GMR Transcription, etc.


12 Online Jobs that Require No Experience - Translations

Another interesting way of earning money in the world of no experience jobs is the translation. If you know that you are already fluent in more than one language and would be willing to use it for translating documents that can be based on Lifestyle, fashion, health, politics, Media or religion, then this would a great opportunity for you to give your career a kick start in the field of online work from home jobs.

By my personal experience, I know a few people who are not currently taking care of their families but also fulfilling their needs but doing translation jobs full time. Yes, it’s a time-taking and at times, not an easy task but you think you can cope up with this kind of process then this job is meant for you.

Look on the bright side, instead of going to office places and being in an uncomfortable working environment, you get to make your couch your office and work according to your time table, efficiently and effectively.


No Experience Jobs - Online Work from Home - BLOGGING

A different and Long-term commitment-based business method. Unlike any other online work from jobs, blogging takes little longer for you to create your credibility where you start to get some profits from your hard work because you can not get an instant return by writing a blog post.

If you think you are passionate about writing and are willing to do this full time, blogging is the right way to go. Yes, it is a long term commitment but as you can see there are so many bloggers who are doing this full time and still making a living. Just like writing, blogging is made for everyone as every single person has a different and unique story, it just depends on how you put it out for your audience.

Even if you are just looking for some extra earnings to support your permanent income, blogging is a good choice to start with. Making money from a blog is an amazing way to earn online with no prior experience.


No Experience Jobs - Online Work from Home - WEBSITE TESTING

Yes, you can earn money by just testing the functionality of websites. One of the easiest ways to enter the world of entry-level work from home jobs and you get better pay than most of the other online no experience jobs. Being a website tester is as easy as it seems to be, all you have to do is make sure that the website is user-friendly and there are no problems in navigating.

Another thing you will have to keep in mind is most of the companies would ask you to make audio/video of your views and opinions on the websites. Making honest reviews of the design, level of content and how it can be made more and more user-friendly.

All the skills and investment you’ll need to make to be a website tester are not more than having a basic idea of navigating through websites and having a webcam and microphone. The following sits will help you in getting a job as a website tester, UserTesting, Enroll, WhatUsersDo, Loop11, TrymyUI, StartUpLift, Testing Time, etc.


No Experience Jobs - Online Work from Home - ONLINE SURVEYS

These are one of the easiest ways of entering the world of no experience work from home jobs. Online surveys are great for making extra money, especially when you are starting your journey in the entry-level work from home jobs. All you have to do is give your honest opinions about a wide range of products as it helps them in improving their products and services.

Another good news is that some companies offer referral programs where you get a little extra money by recruiting your friends. These are the sites you can signup to get started with online surveys, Swagbucks, Vivatic, Toluna, Cash Crate, Survey Junkie, Pinecone Research, etc.


Online Tutoring Jobs

Online tutoring is another decent way of earning money through online work from home jobs. You can be a online tutor for Schools, colleges and even various corporations tutors to teach their employees a particular set of skills. See, some companies might require a formal degree and even experience but some companies recruit beginners as well.

Teaching online can be a well paid and even fun to work at home job. You need to focus on where your expertise lies, it can be Music, Photography, Academic tutoring, ESL Tutoring, or whichever field you are suitable for.


No Experience Jobs - Online Work from Home - SEARCH ENGINE EVALUATOR

This is another interesting way of starting your career in online work from home jobs if you think you know how search engines work then you should go for it. All you have to do is examine search results and provide accurate feedback making sure the results are useful, spam-free and are user-friendly. Following are the companies that hire search engine evaluators: Leapforce, Lionbridge, ZeroChaos, Appen, etc.


No Experience Jobs - Online Work from Home - ENTRY LEVEL SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGERS

This is an interesting way of earning money from your work from home job. Social media management means you have to promote the company or business brand you are working for. There are various global media platforms like Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. Even if you don’t have experience but you have the skills to do social media marketing, these services are great in demand.

Online jobs are for both experienced and inexperienced people, who wish to earn extra money online or start a new business. Everyone has their own expertise, which can be use to provide as services for others. Exchanging ideas or becoming coach are also some options to work online and earn a good amount of money. Apart from these online jobs, you can also make a few extra bucks through the various money making apps available for smartphones.

Author: Sumit Arora
Sumit Arora is a travel writer and photographer, traveling around India for almost a decade. Passionate about Nature and Wildlife, Sumit documents the devastating effects on Nature.