Legitimate work from home jobs - 13 Real ways to earn money online


13 Brilliant Legitimate Work from Home Ideas

Real Ways to Make Money from Work from Home Jobs

The world of working freelance has opened doors for everyone to attain financial freedom, while earning a respectable income with no experience and enjoying things one normally would, if they weren’t stuck at 9-5 job. Having the option to find legitimate work from home jobs at your own convenience, is a dream come true for many, who have patiently waited for over a decade, for the market to realize the full potential of freelance workers.

The Advantages of Working from Home

  • Corporate companies have effectively seen, over a period of time, that if, their employees are happy, the productivity rate has risen monumentally. The physiological and psychological differences seen in people who work from home and people who work from offices is drastic, given the prior set of people are more happy and satisfied with their jobs. 

  • Earning legit extra money from online jobs through PayPal is not the only aspect of working from home, the work from home option gives us time to calm ourselves, gives us time to think about important decisions we might have to make at home, resolve a dispute with your partner which you couldn’t because you didn’t have the time, spend more time with your children or ageing parents, afford that trip you had been planning for years or just simply be, enjoying the afternoon. Working from Home Online is a great way for Teens to earn money as well. There are many legitimate online jobs that pay well in the market, to try from.

Working freelance or from home or remotely is a platform for people, who have an extraordinary set of skills to showcase, but no one to invest in them - people with exceptional writing skills, creating beautiful garments or jewelry or capturing amazing scenic beauty through photography - all skills, that were a decade ago called ‘hobbies’.

‘Hobbies’ that once deemed as ‘not well paying job’ can now earn you real money at the comfort of your home. Working from home is now an option for everyone, be it stay at home moms, travelers, full time working parents or college students. Even kids can make some pocket money from these simple jobs. Also there are many money making apps that enable you to make money from your smartphone.

How to maintain a work from home job

Be your own boss : On the other hand, since you have no one constantly nagging you to meet deadlines and forcing you to skip important family and social events, it is highly upto you on how you handle the work. It is a two way street of trust and professionalism, where once you commit to a job, like you would to any regular job you must finish the given task in order to be paid.

Handle the job : Most of the jobs are online which handled through emails, phone calls or video calls and the timings are flexible without much pressure to meet deadlines.

Explore your options : This gives you an option to work 3-4 jobs at a time with still a lot of time to spare. Work from home jobs helps us to be self disciplined and manage our time around our work needs and home needs.

Good network : To have a legitimate work from home job or to work as a freelancer, you need to have at least a laptop or sometimes working from your smartphone also works, which has an excellent wifi connection and the ability to work in different time zones.

Do your homework : You will also need to do a lot of research and reading and collection of data before you are able to completely switch to legitimate work from home jobs. You must be prepared to get a job or lose or job, you must also be prepared to start with a low income and then work your way up to success which happens through patience and perseverance.

Be spontaneous : You must be proactive in handling tasks with dedication and if you think at some point your are not going to be able to deliver at a given deadline, be professional and handover the assignment well in advance, for the company to find a suitable replacement.

Decide your terms well in advance, but also be willing to be flexible about deadlines and payments. Set your bank account or other form of payments in order to avoid confusion later and keep the terms of payment clear.

Below is a list of jobs and places where you can find those amazing online jobs that pay well and hiring now to choose from, to your freelance journey.

13 Brilliant Legitimate Work from Home Ideas

Legitimate work from home jobs - 13 Real ways to earn money online

1. Work Home Translator

For people who possess the knowledge of languages and have the skill to share it with others, are in luck as many companies now offer legitimate work from home jobs near you. Translating is a very old profession, with a modern day twist of giving the people the option to work from home.

Translating documents and books is a growing business and people who find themselves with extra time or low funds can consider the option of becoming a translator seriously. Languages such as German, Hindi, Chinese, Russian, Japanese or French are very popular among translators and the hiring party does not hesitate to pay the right amount to the right candidate.

2. Web developer/Graphic Designer

You and I are living today in the world of start ups, where everyone is looking for new and creatives ideas to spark our interest in their business. The more creative the website the more customers are attracted to whom, we can then showcase our brilliant ideas. Tech geeks can find legit work from home jobs and find real ways to earn money by providing their expertise to people across the globe over the web. The rates charged per hour by a designer or developer vary from individual to company and one can easily make a decent living through this profession.

3. Freelance writer 

A profession that is not a scare resource anymore. Anyone who is fluent in any language can become a writer and work from the comfort of their homes. Where do you think, I’m writing this article from? The option of having to write for people to promote their brands, products or services has opened doors for me to travel and be able to sit in a remote village and write this article for you.

The online presence has taken over the real life presence, we shop online, we work online, we even pay our bills online and every brand or service we use, is because they have promoted themselves well enough to us, for us to use those products and services. And now, anyone who has a flare to write with emotion can find legitimate work from home jobs, these online jobs are of great advantages for people who want to work on their spare time.

4. Social Media Manager 

Old companies or new companies, everybody needs an active online presence and an office staff can only handle so much, before they are piled on with the social media management. Just like one needs an office manager, one also requires a social media manager, someone who can handle interactions on their facebook, Instagram or twitter accounts, which to your benefit is a job, that can be done at the comfort of your home. While cooking, or taking a walk, while enjoying a spa day or while doing almost anything, you can easily manage social media accounts regularly, which could earn you money, through a legit online job.

5. Sell your Art online

There are so many undervalued artists out there, who create amazing pieces of art that no one had access to, because they never had a decent exposure. Artists who create jewellery out of nothing, or design exceptional and reasonable priced clothing, or have clicked beautiful photographs of people and Nature and Wildlife, can now make a decent amount of living by selling their art in a legit way online. No need to set up a stall anymore, as you can now, create your art, click a picture of it and upload it online on various sites at the comfort of your home, who sell your items for a commission for every item sold.

6. Freelance Photographer

Photography is a profession that requires a lot of dedication and practice and without the help of a mentor, it can take long time until you can actually make a full living out of Photography. Working as freelance photographer can give you all the exposure and practice you need to be a professional photographer this is the best part-time jobs that you can do.

Try starting with small gigs, they may not pay much, but they give you an idea of what you are capable of. Grab every opportunity you have to build a portfolio and practice your skills and before you know it, you will start landing decent gigs and start making a decent living. If you already are a budding photographer, the next step for you may be to start selling your photographs online or enter photography contests for prizes.

7. Teach your skills 

It could be from teaching math, English, a new language, photography, writing, a short diploma course or anything for that matter, any skill that you are exceptionally good at, you can make money from it at your home. With the world being busy with daily routine, everyone is looking to learn something new to add to their resume and you can help them do just that.

Make online postings of the skills you have to offer, even if it is to teach your native language, the best part of it all is that you can do all this from your home. You can use your skills to train someone and make a regular living for yourself.

8. Online Store

People love to shop where they can find everything to their taste and comfort with the feeling of shopping at a real store from the comfort of their homes. And they love to shop even more for products that are exclusively found only in your online store, with exceptional hospitality and customer service, where you can easily sell your products and services from the comfort of your homes with the click of a button.

There are a number of products you can sell online, but since almost everything is already available on the online stores, it is wise to come up with a unique idea that sparks interest and curiosity with the needs of the customers.

9. Virtual Assistant 

If you are good at organising skills, handling clients and administrative tasks, this is the job for you. Surprisingly enough, you can now become a legit assistant from your home for companies who require assistance. From handling phone calls, to answering mails you job is exactly like that of an executive assistant or secretary, the only difference being, you have the luxury and comfort of your home. Virtual assistants can charge a decent amount for their services and live a comfortable life, while exploring other options.

10. UI/UX Designer

A self-explanatory profession for tech nerds who enjoy designing or engineering interfaces for machines and softwares such as computers, home appliances, mobiles or other electronic devices can easily find well paying work from home jobs in their designated fields. UI/UX designers have complete freedom to work on their own time and in their own space, while charging a decent amount per hour for providing their services.

11. Travel Agent 

While traveling to another country, you may find the need of a travel agent for many reasons and for many reasons you’d prefer a local travel agent from your town who would better understand your needs. Becoming a freelance travel agent is no different from a regular travel agent at an office desk, a work from home travel agent has the same access and can rather give you undivided attention to meet your traveling needs. Working as a freelance travel agent, gives you the freedom of exploration and financial stability.

12. Coaching and Consulting 

A lot of business geniuses choose to quit the corporate world to legitimately share their expertise, knowledge and experiences to young entrepreneurs. From insight in the business industry to strategic communication advice, these individuals help small businesses and individuals help achieve their desired business results. These experienced professionals become coaches to people who wish to run a business with gaining utmost knowledge and spending less resources and time on the outside world.

13. Graphologist 

A profession that is not heard of or practiced much, but an effective work from home option. A Graphologist is a person who analyses your Handwriting and Signatures to provide you with a full personality profile. A legitimate work from home, be your own boss kind of job. It is also a diagnostic tool to detect mental and physical health problems at an early stage to help people get the right treatment at the right time.

As long as you have a good internet connection, you can easily be in contact with your client and provide them an analysis of their handwriting with a full profile, online. Graphologist can be hired by companies to help evaluate candidates applying for jobs and help Human Resources make well informed decisions. The best part is you can even train to become a Graphologist at the comfort of your home, as there are many online diploma courses available for you to choose from.

Working from home is a revolution for everyone and anyone looking to escape the daily rut and make a change in their lives. Women looking to break away from toxic relationships but cannot because they can’t afford it, people looking to get rid of a mortgage but don’t have the time for a third job, working a dead end a job because health insurance does not cover everything, whatever the reason might be, there is hope now.

Having a job that doesn’t drain you mentally and physically and provides for all your needs and let’s you work from home is a dream come true. When you don’t have a nagging boss over your head or need to punch a clock or be on restricted lunch breaks, your realise your mind is capable of wonderful things. You are able to find your true potential and try to achieve dreams you thought were never real.

Website like WorldArtCommunity, Fiverr, Udemy, Skillcrush, Upwork and Working Nomads and many more such platforms offer legitimate online work from home jobs for everyone share their skills and expertise or sell their products and earn an income.

Once you are able to the crack the code to working from home, there is no turning back as you realise there is a whole window of opportunity open for you. Get your dream project or business running without being dependent on a bank or an an investor, where almost all your earning go into paying back your loans. Live a life with less complications and stress to be able to do more and see more that you could never do before. This online jobs most of the companies require them and they pay you well.

Work from home and enjoy your home you built with so much love.

Author: Johannah Singh
Johannah is a writer, a trained Graphologist and a nomad, more appropriately-The Nomadic Graphologist! who travels solo to the remotest part of India to reconnect to her true self! A wild life lover and a hippie by heart, she is playing a vital role in introducing the nomadic culture in India, especially among young women.