How to make money from home for free - Easy and quick ways

10 Easy and Quick ways to Make Money from Home for Free


You all might be thinking about how to make extra money and the most convenient solution to the same has been none other than the work from home jobs. Working from home and earning has been the most favored activity by majority of the people. Some of them earn from home just because they need to earn extra income apart from their full-time profession.

Such a way of earning some bucks and that too from home has been a favorite of many since it is the most relaxed and comfortable way of working. These also work as a saviour for those who need to get some extra pocket money to meet their small expenses. Who doesn’t want to earn money fast? And those who are looking forward to do this should definitely opt for work from home jobs.

During the older days, those who needed some more financial help would have to move out and search for a new and better paying job. But this is not the case presently. People nowadays have rather started thinking in a more enhanced manner and thus, they have taken out innumerable easy ways to make money from home. Whether you are a kid, college student, a busy stay at home mother or an unemployed father, you should surely go for the work from home jobs so that you can earn money from home.

Some of the work from home jobs are powerful money-makers while some can help you out in making a few bucks every month. These will not only enable you gain extra income on the side, but also save your time of going out and looking out for the better paying jobs.

There are many exciting, easy, hassle-free and fast ways to make money while sitting at your home with utmost comfort. We have brought up the best 10 out of them. Have a look:

10 Easy and Quick ways to Make Money from Home for Free

1. Get your own vlogs and blogs 

How to make money from home for free - Easy and quick ways - Get your own vlogs and blogs

You can formulate your own blogs and create many vlogs. These are not only going to make you famous, but will also be providing you some extra income. Nowadays, Internet has many options to open your own blogs and these can be created with an amount costing less than a cup of coffee. Thus, Blogging is considered as one of the best ways to make money on the side.

You can place the ads on your sites through Google AdSense and that will also help you in earning good bucks. While on the other hand, vlogs will also provide you a good amount of financial assistance with the number of views and the ads on it. The more the number of views on your video, the more it is going to get popular and earn money.

Write about your experiences at a place or with a person through your blogs, share important information with the readers and keep them updated about what all is going on in the world. If you do well and people like your posts, they will surely recognize you and soon you are going to get famous.

2. Selling your unwanted items

How to make money from home for free - Easy and quick ways - Selling your unwanted items

Your closet might be full of innumerable objects, but how many out of them are really useful for you? No doubt on this one, but there would be many items in your room, house and closet that you might see as the unnecessary ones. While mentioning about some good ways to make money, selling the used and unwanted items has always topped the list.

This is because it is very easy and doesn’t take much time. Any of your books, clothes, electronics, toys or jewelry that you are bored of using can surely be a help for some persons who need them. While selling them offline, you can do it by visiting a local consignment shop or have a garage sale.

You can either sell them directly to a buyer, else using the online websites for the same is preferable. While uploading them on the websites, it is recommended to give an honest description about that object. The description must also be compelling so that the writer could trust you for buying your item.

3. Selling your captured photos online

How to make money from home for free - Easy and quick ways - Selling your captured photos onlines

Internet is all about visuals and undoubtedly, pictures attract more attention of the viewers rather than words. If you compare two contents on the Internet with one of them being without images and the other one being with images. It’s too obvious that the reader is going to have a look at the write up with images first rather than the one with no visuals. Thus, the demand for the perfectly clicked photographs have been a need of the hour for Internet.

Counted amongst the most interesting money making ideas, selling the images that you have captured during your free time can be a good money maker. There are many bloggers, video makers, website owners and e-publishers who would be in need of many photographs. You can sell the quality photos that you would have clicked from your DSLR or smartphone at a good price. There are many stockphoto sites where you will be paid for your clicked photos.

4. Take surveys and earn

How to make money from home for free - Easy and quick ways - Take surveys and earn

If you are looking for a reliable source to earn extra money without experience, you can take surveys and attain some good bucks online. Taking surveys is not a complex task and thus, you can easily do it while being engaged in some of your household work. Majority of the companies all across the globe rely on the customer feedback for knowing what exactly their customers have to tell after using the products. If you are going to do the same, you are surely going to prove as a fruitful asset for the organization.

The amount of money you will be earning through these surveys will depend upon the number of surveys you take, the kind of company you are working for and the time you are giving to that particular activity. Every company pays in different manners. Some pay in the form of money through PayPal, while others give you their products to use for free.

5. Being a data entry clerk

How to make money from home for free - Easy and quick ways - Being a data entry clerk

Gaining massive popularity all across the globe, the data entry jobs are the most common and real ways to make money from home. It lets you work remotely and also enables you gain a decent amount with not much efforts. However, this work needs a little bit of research and if you are eminent in the same, you are good to go. The amount of money you will be doing depends upon your typing speed and the number of entries you do per day.

While searching this job, it is recommended for you to search for a company that is doesn’t ask you to pay for getting that work. Also, you must check that the organization is authentic and not a scam. This job will also help you in getting a capability of working for the e-Commerce stores or other book publishers in the near future.

6. Freelance writing 

How to make money from home for free - Easy and quick ways - Freelance writing

On asking about the most preferred way to make money from home online, many have said that freelance writing is a very convenient job and a job that even teens can earn from home. This freelance job is going to greatly increase your income. There are no stones to cross or any other kinds of difficulties for being a content writer. However, there exist many ways in which you can be a pro in it.

You don’t need any kind of specific degree for being into freelance writing. But if you are starting from scratch then you must know some things for educating yourself about it. Being a beginner, you can follow a good number of ways to make money through freelance writing. These include starting your own blog, pitching a guest post, entering a writing contest, becoming a copywriter, writing a listicle and many others.

7. Plenty of cashbacks

How to make money from home for free - Easy and quick ways - Plenty of cashbacks

Generally, a good number of people are still dependent on cash on delivery payment, but it’s very important to know about the online payment processing. It is because, paying online through credit/debit cards is accompanied with many benefits.

The most important benefit out of these is getting cashbacks on the purchase that you made through them. Mentioning about the most significant ways explaining how to make extra money online, attaining cashbacks is the most common one.

Paying through the virtual wallets will give you a chance to get the cashback amounts. These are provided against the purchases that you made. Especially for the first-time users, they give exciting cash back offers as well as discounts on your shopping cart. Irrespective of the things you are buying, whether it’s cloth, food or electronics, there would be many cashbacks for you.

8. Providing tuitions

How to make money from home for free - Easy and quick ways - Providing tuitions

While being at home, you can play the role of a tutor and provide classes to the students. You can do this any time during the whole day as per your leisure time and also, you will get to know many new things. This is the reason that giving tuitions to the children is considered as the best ways to make money from home. Moving parallel with the education through tuitions during your free time is a great idea without any doubt.

It provides you easy make money and thus, by dedicating around 1-2 hours per day you can easily earn a notable amount every month. Teach the subject as per your degree or preference and pass your time efficiently while making money.

You can give tuitions to some of the children that are the known ones to you. Also, you can seek assistance for the same from some online sources intending to unite the tutors and students willing to take some education and knowledge.

9. Small Business Investments

How to make money from home for free - Easy and quick ways - Small Business Investments

You can earn money while staying at your home by investing small or the bigger amount (as per your convenience) on a business. You don’t have to dedicate your energy in any kind of activities on a daily basis. Small Business Investments have been referred as a proper solution for the question of how to make extra cash.

The company in which you have invested will be earning the profits and automatically you are going to gain a share from those benefits without any hassle. This is thus, a great way of attaining supplemental income. Such investments sometimes have a specific pay monthly for the investors.

But some other investors also have a pay with irregular amount totally based on the ROI earned by the organization he has invested in.

10. Reviewing products

How to make money from home for free - Easy and quick ways - Reviewing products

There are a good number of websites on the Internet which intend to gain a good number of reviews and in return they pay for that. This can be a great and the finest ways to make extra money online. Some e-commerce websites allow the users to try out their products and then leave their reviews on the website.

In return, these sites let you win rewards. Many give them in the form of cash while other give the free products to those who reviewed them. For such reviews, you need to do a bit of research about the product and give the detailed description along with its pros and cons. Also, you are going to get a higher pay if you write the reviews for in-demand products.

Whenever you are going to ask someone about how to make money from home for free, they are going to list an endless array of jobs meant for you. These would really be a convenient one and quite flexible. Such qualities make them the best ways to earn from home.

Making money from home is fun! Surely, you are not at all going to feel under pressure while undertaking these activities at home. However, before accepting such projects you would have to check the company and its authenticity. Just ensure that those organizations are not a scam and are credible. If yes, then nothing can stop you from earning some bucks as a side income that too in a very convenient manner.