Freebies to Ask for When Buying a New Car

Thinking of buying a car? Now is the best time to flex your bargaining muscles. Car salesmen are trained to sell, and if you’re naive, they’ll try to sell you all kinds of pricey add-ons. But here’s the thing, if you ask nicely, you might get a lot of stuff for free. Just be sure to request for items that fit the driving conditions of your area. 

Freebies to Ask for When Buying a New Car

Car buying is on again, but as vehicle prices continue to surge, dealerships are coming up with more ways to attract car buyers. Most auto retailers are willing to add one or two extras to sweeten the deal, especially if they sense that a car buyer is hesitant. Here are some freebies you can ask for when buying a new car.

Service and Maintenance

Most car dealers can offer free service and maintenance for new cars for a limited period. Some dealerships may even offer 2 to 3 years of free Preventive Maintenance Service while others may offer this for the first 1,000 kms and/or 5,000 km check-up.

A Full Tank of Gas on the House

This used to be standard in the past, but only some dealerships offer it now. In case you buy a car from a dealer who doesn’t offer a full gas tank with the purchase, you are likely to get the freebie if you just ask.

Buying a new car is stressful for most people. Claremont Toyota, a Toyota dealer in Claremont, California, says it’s important to find out the freebies a dealer offers before you decide to buy a car from them. The more freebies you get, the more you’ll save. 

Navigation System

Car dealers often have extra GPS systems because they’re no longer popular with drivers. Smartphones and car software have phased them out completely. After all, they can do everything GPS does--and more.

However, unlike smartphones, GPS systems don’t consume your data and don’t depend on your internet connection to work, which might be an issue if you’re in a rural area. The dealer can throw in a free GPS system, but you'll have to ask.

An Extra Set of Keys

Most car owners want an extra set of keys because they share their vehicle with their family members. An extra set of keys can also come in handy if you lock your keys in your car. This is one freebie you should ask for when buying a new car. While an extra fob (the keyless locking/entry/security device) might be harder to get, it’s worth asking.

A Car Care Kit

A car care kit is an important thing to have in your car, so you should persuade your dealership to give you one for free. It contains cleaning equipment and products that can cover up dents and scratches. Car care products can renew dull and fading paint, restore wax, and get rid of fine scratches and rust, something household cleaners can’t do. Also read Best Rooftop Cargo Carrier in India - Top 10 best rooftop cargo for the car in India - Rooftop Cargo Carrier with price

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