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The world of online gaming is enormous. You can play useful games, such as chess, answer questions in a quiz, for example, guessing words. Many games are based on real historical events; developers often try to recreate life, costumes of the ancient world, the Middle Ages. Playing, you can learn history, ethnography, and geography. Just visit Game Karma and select your perfect game. And here, we are going to discuss a few examples.

Caesar III

It is a simulator of the ancient Roman city. The first version was released in 1992. The second version was a simulator of a city in which there were buildings but no inhabitants. The third version was a serious game in which locals walked around the city, and you could make an army, fortifications, and trade. The fourth version was an improved version of the third, but the classic is still Caesar 3. There are still versions of the game that take place in ancient Egypt (Pharaoh, Cleopatra, Children of the Nile), ancient Greece (Zeus, Poseidon), and ancient China (Emperor). Every version has differences in construction and management.

Age of Empires

This strategy was released in 1997. The real-time game requires managing the economy and troops. Microsoft has managed to make beautiful graphics and good voice acting. It was necessary to get food by hunting and collecting berries. In the second version, the story takes place in medieval times. The third version of the Age of Empires has a more detailed schedule. The action takes place in modern times (XVI-XIX centuries). There was an online version, but it was closed.


This game is concerned with the construction of an ancient city. It is necessary to extract resources, seize territories. The first version was released in 1993.


The actions of this space strategy take place in the future, three races are at war with each other – zerg (dinosaur-like), protos (aliens), and earthlings. There are two types of resources – crystals and gas ‘Vespen’. The first part was released in 1998. The second part has improved graphics, new units, and new features. The maps have beautiful space graphics and good voice acting.


This is a strategy that allows you to build medieval castles. The first version was released in 2011. Although this is a military strategy (you can fight, storm fortifications), the game has a developed economy – you can make weapons, grow food, extract stones, and cut down trees. This game, compared to other games about the Middle Ages, has the most realistic castles – there are walls and parapets, and you can put catapults and ballists on the towers. During the assault, you can break the walls with metal machines, fill ditches, dig, and go to the walls on ladders. There is an online version of Stronghold Kingdoms.


This game was launched in 2009. To play the game online with other players, it was enough to go to the game in the browser. A downloadable version later appeared. Tanks are now being developed online with Tanki X.


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