Top 7 Tips for PMP Exam Preparation in 2022


Preparation for an exam needs tremendous effort, diligence, and time. When it comes to the PMP (Project Management Professional) exam, it is more challenging than other exams that require extensive preparation. There is a lot of material available to absorb in the area of management. And every student has to master the practical applications of the information. To state in one word, PMP is critical.

Tips to Start with PMP Exam Preparation

PMP® certification is among the fastest-growing certifications throughout the globe. The number of exam takers has risen considerably. Hence there will be an excellent competition to fight. But with some good guidance and regular practice with a practical approach, you can easily take care of yourself. 

Here are some points that you should keep in your mind to start your prep - 

Survey - Before you start with your preparation, you have to survey the areas of your material that you plan to cover. You have to go through the charts, headings, graphs, etc., with a guide called Project Management Body of Knowledge. You have to become familiar with the topics you wish to cover, which will surely give you a better understanding. To commence your preparation with a survey helps you to arrange information systematically and in a sensible order according to your strategy.

 Motivation - You have to remain motivated throughout your preparation. There will be circumstances when things do not run according to you, but you have to stay focused and give your best.

Research - Before you start to learn things, you have to research all aspects possible to select the individual approach you are up to. Research your study material, options, techniques, and toppers preparation plans. 

Top 7 Preparation Tips for PMP Exam

Conquer Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide - The PMBOK® guide is crucial in clearing the PMP Certification exam. The guide will give you many advantages and a roadmap that you can follow to help yourself. Start from this guide, when completed, then move on to other materials available. This approach will help you to understand the concepts and topics. 

Try to break down the knowledge areas of the project management body of the knowledge guide and go through each process a day. This will ease your burden and help to recognize each and every concept. 

And remember memorizing is not an option in management exam preparation. You have to give a practical approach to the topics you study. 

Use a Known PMP prep book - The quality of your study material will ensure the quality of your preparation. No matter how studious you are, it depends on what you study. You have to go for a good PMP textbook that is known and trustworthy. The book will include a number of difficult questions with answers. The book will consist of step-by-step problem-solving methods to help you tackle unknown questions. 

The preparation is all about inputs, techniques, tools, and output. The material you adapt will help on the D-day of your exam. 

Workshops of PMP exam preparation - Workshops can be a good option for students who opt for classroom or direct interaction. These workshops can give you a practical approach, where you can meet people and share the perspective of the concepts you learned. You will meet aspiring Project management professionals by attending workshops. They will motivate you to work more effectively and how things work in the real world. 

Students looking for some physical interaction can attend these workshops; they will learn new things and get to know about the experiences of pre-exam takers.

Online Workshops of PMP exam preparation - These workshops are pretty different from regular workshops, they are less expensive, and you will get a chance to be heard by all participants. These workshops are online so that they can be attended from anywhere. Students have to register themselves and follow the workshops at once. Some of the workshops are free of cost. 

Students have to keep their study style in mind while choosing the workshops category. The workshop will directly affect your thinking process. So, choose wisely. You might have to read testimonials on your behalf so prepare for that.

Flashcards - Smart study requires flashcards, so those who believe in them should use them. Flashcards are one of the most portable and cost-effective ways to prepare for the PMP exam. Students can download flashcards from computers or their smartphones, even if they get a printed copy. These flashcards can boost your preparation and can be used as some short-cuts to learn concepts.

Discussion Forums and Group Study - Students must join some discussion forums or study groups as they can immensely help their preparation. Joining these discussion groups can help you and other students for the PMP exam. You can put up your queries and address your concerns in these forums, and mentors can directly reply to your questions at once. You can clear your doubts by double questioning your mentors. These groups will make you meet new people and exchange your thoughts regarding the preparation, and can even give you a new perspective on your study plan. 

Online Program Management Professional exam simulators -  The simulators are here to test your knowledge and preparation. These simulators show a mirror of your practice. They are available in online mode and are like the actual exam of PMP. Students who think that they are ready with their preparation must go for these simulators as they help them to find and rectify their mistakes. Simulators will help you to know the level of your preparation. 

Many students participate in these sorts of tests so that they can have a reality check of the position. The format is like the actual exam, so students appearing for the first time can know how to tackle the question paper in an actual exam.

Concluding Words

The management test is tough to conquer but not impossible; with some regular practice and a reproductive mindset, you can pass them and have a fabulous career in the field of management. 

Hope! You have got the notion of all the essential tips for PMP exam preparation. All the Best!


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