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David Michael Schramm is David Schramm real name. date of birth is August 14, 1946 and place of birth is Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. By profession he was an American actor. In the Tv show Wings, he portrayed Roy Biggins, a portly and grouchy rival airline owner. This role brought him the most of his fame.

David Schramm age, wiki, biography

David Schramm's birthday is on August 14, 1946 and birth place is Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. His age as of the date he passed away which was March 28, 2020, is 73 years. His Parents names are not known. His father worked as a bookmaker. David Schramm said in a 2008 interview, that his parents constantly came to see him at school, where he received medals for speaking, and then in those large outdoor plays in Kentucky, and then as an apprentice actor at the playhouse that ultimately became the Actors Theater of Louisville. In addition to that, David Schramm made an additional $25 a week by participating in a play and cleaning restrooms.

David Schramm attended the acting program at Western Kentucky University, and it was there that Mildred Howard awarded him a full scholarship to attend the Juilliard School.Between the years 1968 and 1972, David Schramm was a student at Juilliard, where Michael Kahn was the instructor for many of his courses. After that, David Schramm graduated from Juilliard. He is also one of the people who started The Acting Company. David Schramm was a New York resident who also owned properties in the Chatham and Riverdale. When he brought David Adkins to visit Juilliard, it is widely believed that this was the catalyst that led Adkins to pursue a career in acting. 

David Schramm passed away on March 28, 2020, in New York, at the age of 73, due to a heart attack.

David Schramm Career

In an off-Broadway production of William Shakespeare's play with the same title, Houseman made the invitation to David Schramm to take on the role of King Lear. David Schramm had his Broadway debut in Alan Ayckbourn's Bedroom Farce, in which he was cast alongside Judith Ivey, in 1979.He portrayed the character of Malcolm in the play.At the Ambassadors Theatre in 1980, David Schramm appeared in the drama Goodbye Fidel, by Howard Sackler. He portrayed the character of the ominous and rat-faced General D. in Raggedy Ann: The Musical Adventure at the New York State Theatre Institute, in 1985.  He continued with the company the next year, when the production performed for full houses in Russia.

A version of Born Yesterday was staged at the Pasadena Playhouse in 1988, and David Schramm was one of the actors who acted alongside Rebecca DeMornay in the play. At the South Coast Repertory in September of 1989, he was a part of the production of Ayckbourn's A Chorus of Disapproval. David Schramm played the role of Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara in the miniseries Kennedy in 1983 and featured in the television film The Dreamer of Oz: The L. Frank Baum Story in 1990. Additionally, David Schramm was seen in the films Another World and Wiseguy.Alongside Sandra Bullock, he starred in the ill-fated television series Working Girl, in 1990, which was adapted from the movie of the same title from 1988. In addition to that, he portrayed a serial murderer named Professor Eric G. Halliwell in the seventh segment of the fifth season of Miami Vice, which was titled "Asian Cut." Johnny Handsome in 1989, Let It Ride in 1989, and A Shock to the System in 1990 are all examples of movies in which he has acted. During the course of the comedy Wings, which ran from 1990 to 1997, David Schramm received widespread acclaim for his role as Roy Biggins, the pompous and obnoxious Airline owner. The sitcom had 172 segments in total, and he was in every single one of them.

After finishing work on Wings, David Schramm went back to performing on stage, starring in productions on Broadway and in theaters all around the United States. David Schramm featured in the production of The Beard of Avon that was put on by the New York Theatre Workshop from the 31st of October to the 21st of December in 2003. He portrayed the Character of John Heminge in the play. David Schramm appeared as Candida's father, Mr. Burgess, in the production of George Bernard Shaw's Candida that was shown at the Berkshire Theatre Festival in June of 2008. At the same festival, he performed the role of Pozzo in Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett in the month of August of the same year. At the George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick, New Jersey, David Schramm played the character of Richard Harkin during the run of Conor McPherson's The Seafarer from November 18 to December 14, 2008. Anders Cato, with whom Schramm had previously worked on Waiting for Godot and Candidate, was in charge of directing the production. David Schramm played the character of Senator Rawkins in the production of Finian's Rainbow that was revived at the St. James Theatre in New York City from October 29, 2009 to January 17, 2010. David Schramm will be a part of a theatrical production of Reginald Rose's Twelve Angry Men at the George Street Playhouse, was revealed in February 2012.The show made its debut on March 13, 2012.At The Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, D.c., throughout the months of June and July of 2012, David Schramm played the role of Falstaff in William Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor. David Schramm disclosed that this was his very first visit to the Shakespeare Theatre. In the staging of John Patrick Shanley's Outside Mullingar that took place at the George Street Playhouse in October 2014, David Schramm portrayed the character of Tony. It was revealed in June of 2015, that David Schramm was having issues with his voice, and as a result, he was required by his physician to abstain from participating in the production of Richard Strand's Butler that was being put on by the Barrington Stage Company. Wally Dunn, who was Schramm's back-up, was given the lead character when the director Joseph Discher decided to replace David Schramm.


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