Stacey cummings passed away: cause of death: Date of death with reason


Who is Stacey Cummings and What Has Happened to Her? a bodybuilder from Texas Dies at 31

Stacey cummings passed away: cause of death: Date of death with reason

Stacey cummings passed away: Stacey Cummings date of birth is 1990 and place of birth is Lakeland, Florida. The unexpected death of Stacey cummings has left everybody in a disbelief. She died on April 20th, 2022 Stacey Cummings, who was born and raised in Texas and was a mother to two children, passed suddenly. She was only 31 years old at the time. It has not been determined what caused her death at this time. The information about her passing away is quickly spreading around the internet as she recently passed away. The reason of her death is not known to us.

Stacey cummings age, wiki, biography

Stacey Cummings birthday is in 1990 and born place is Lakeland, Florida. Her parents are Michelle Sanders and William Cummings. Michelle Sanders is her mother name and William Cummings is her father name. She has 1 sibling. In sibling she has 1 sister in the family. Her sister name is Lindsay Taylor Cummings. She was brought up by her parents along with her sibling. Her Nationality is American and her Ethnicity is White.

Stacey Cummings was a professional bodybuilder who competed in the IFBB and hailed from Texas and Florida in the United States. 2013 was the year that she first competed in the class. Stacey cummings was victorious in the competition at the NPC Nationals in 2016, which led to the awarding of her IFBB Pro card. She was giving people tips on how to remain active and healthy throughout their lives.

In 2013, Stacey Cummings began participating in competitions. After another three years, in 2016, she was awarded her professional card from the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness). Stacey cummings competed in the division of the IFBB Texas Pro competition. The National Physique Committee Texas confirmed "It is with sad grief that we reveal the sad and unexpected death of IFBB Pro Stacey Cummings,".

Stacey cummings was observed taking part in a number of different bodybuilding events and tournaments between the years 2016 and 2021. In addition to that, she accomplished a number of noteworthy things in the Figure class. Stacey cummings finished the prior year's 2021 IFBB Texas Pro competition in the category with a ranking of 12th place overall.

She along with her husband, along with another bodybuilding expert named Bryant Fought, were co-owners of a fitness centre that was called Flex Fitness 24/7 gym. McKinney, Texas is the location of the fitness centre. The bodybuilding industry has been rocked by a huge group of high early deaths in recent months, but Cummings' death is the only one that occurred recently. Read Also Gabbie Jonas cause of death: Date of death with reason.

Cedric McMillan, the winner of the Arnold Classic in 2017, passed away after dying of a heart attack while running on a treadmill the previous week. He has reached the age of 44.

Stacey Cummins made her debut in the world of competitive bodybuilding at the 2013 NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic, where she finished 14th overall in the division. Her first competition as an IFBB Pro was the 2017 IFBB Europa show in Dallas, which she competed in after getting her IFBB Pro card  (2016). She came in fifth place overall in the Figure competition. The most recent competition that Stacey Cummings participated in was the 2021 IFBB Texas Pro, where she finished in 12th place in her division.

Kelly Lynn, a buddy of Stacey cummings and a professional bodybuilder, stated in an internet article that she is still getting to terms with the fact that Cummings is no longer with us. Kelly Lynn  went on to note that she and Cummings appeared in a total of three shows collectively in the year 2020. Stacey cumming smade the decision to turn pro during the time that Kelly Lynn was competing in the Nationals.

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Who broke the news that Stacey Cummings had passed away?

The young bodybuilder Stacey Cummings was found to have passed away, and this was confirmed by the Texas section of the National Physique Committee. They made the following statement: "We regret to inform you of the sudden and terrible demise of IFBB Pro Stacey."

Ed and Betty Pariso, the promoters of Texas Bodybuilding Competitions, paid tribute to her through their personal Instagram profile. In their post, they claimed that they "had the privilege of working with her many times over the years at our workshops."

A great number of Stacey Cummings' family members and friends have taken to their own social media profiles to share their grief over her untimely passing.  On social media, a lot of people shared their sorrow at her passing.

We're also sending her family our sympathy. Our sincere sympathies to Stacey's family and friends.


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