8 Movies That Will Inspire Students to Learn Sciences


Without any doubt, different fields of science are incredibly important in our world. They drive progress and help us build a better world. But, let’s face the truth - studying such subjects is not too exciting.

So how can young people stay interested in studying? The answer can surprise you. Sometimes, gaining back your inspiration and interest in knowledge is as easy as watching the right movie. We know you must be busy with all the homework. So, get academic paper help by WritePaper to save enough time to throw a movie night for yourself without risking your grades. And this article will tell you what films to check out to see how fun, important, and perspective it is to study sciences.

8 Movies That Will Inspire Students to Learn Sciences

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This award-winning epic science fiction movie has taken the world by storm after its release in 2009. And now the whole world is looking forward to seeing the second film.

Probably, the majority of you have seen it earlier. But there are some weighty reasons to watch it again from a different perspective. Apart from being a very exciting to watch and beautifully designed film, Avatar is also heavily science-backed. The creators have done plenty of research to get the concepts behind the technologies, characters, and scenery used in the movie right. And it also shows what unique and unlimited opportunities science can offer us. So it really has the potential to inspire young talents to get on this path too.

Iron Man

Although superhero franchises seem like they are created solely for entertainment, there is actually a lot of praise given to science in such films. For example, take a look at the Iron Man franchise. It shows how much knowledge and technology together can mean for one person and the world in general.

The main character, Tony Stark, boasts a sharp mind that craves knowledge. At the same time, the movie shows him as a very successful and prosperous personality. Such a combination can’t help but inspire young talents.

8 Movies That Will Inspire Students to Learn Sciences

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/dZmNJKFDuVI

The Martian

It’s believed that books are better than movies. But not in this case. The Oscar-winning science fiction picture The Martian is an adaptation of the same-called novel by Andy Weir, and it is a blast.

Thanks to the excellent adaptation of the plot and great play by Matt Damon, this film is just one of a kind. Not only is it very fun to watch, but it is also very inspiring and can easily make you want to study better yourself.


One of the most recent films on our list, Radioactive (2019), takes us behind the scenes of the life of one of the most notable women in science Marie Curie and her husband Pierre Curie. It tells about love, passion for science, and the impact one can make on the world if their potential is reached to the maximum.

Just don’t take everything shown in this movie for granted. Although it is marked as a biographical piece, the creators got severely criticized for altering quite many events and characters for a stronger dramatic effect.

Back to the Future

The classic 1985-1990 franchise Back to the Future appeared to be way ahead of time when it was released. And it still inspires viewers with its ambitious outlook on our future.

The movies from this series are incredibly fun to watch. What’s more, they really can urge youngsters to study science as well. After all, the life of a scientist Doc in this franchise appears to be very exciting. Moreover, experts say that, although Back to the Future doesn’t explain everything properly, it still gives a good idea of the time-traveling concept.


The next film on our list seems to have everything to keep the viewer engaged. There are plenty of twists and turns, exciting journeys through space and time, and a bit of drama too.

Interstellar won multiple awards, including Academy Awards, and many others. It is recognized for outstanding visual effects. But, at the same time, it has lots of science in it. This movie is so exciting that it can’t help but promote interest in knowledge. So, if you are a student lacking the inspiration to learn, be sure to watch it!

Jurassic Park

Another good old classic franchise, Jurassic Park, is also much deeper than it can seem at first sight. The entire plot revolves around a team of talented genetic scientists. The movie also tells us a lot about evolution and paleontology. So it is one more thing you can watch if you want to get more motivated to study.

At the same time, this franchise shows us the other side of innovation and progress. It represents the danger and, thus, responsibility that comes along with major breakthroughs. One way or another, it is interesting, inspiring, and definitely worth watching.

Mr. Nobody

Finally, the last on our list but not by the effect and depth, Mr. Nobody is one of those films that can be pretty hard to digest on the first try. It might take a few rounds to get the science and philosophy behind its plot. But, if you eventually can do it, we bet that you’ll feel rather proud of yourself.

At the heart of Mr. Nobody, the viewers will see many interesting concepts and insights from theoretical physics. It takes you to the exciting world of science. And though it can be somewhat tangled, you will definitely want to learn more after you watch it. So, give it a try!

The Bottom Line

While studying in school or college, young people focus nearly 100% of their time and energy on studying. So it’s not surprising that they can eventually get bored or lose motivation. Especially if we are talking about such complex subjects as sciences.

Nevertheless, if this happens to you, now you know that it’s possible to regain your inspiration with ease. Every movie from our list is proven to promote the interest and desire for knowledge. So be sure to keep them on your must-watch list.


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