Electronic Devices and Apps That Can Improve Your Health


Advancement in technology have increased mobility. It allows you to manage your health easily and well-being by finding general medical information, prompting you to get regular check-ups and access your test results online without the tedious process of having to book an appointment and wait for days for the results.

Electronic Devices and Apps That Can Improve Your Health

Advantages and Disadvantages of Health Apps


Convenience: it gives you the luxury of being able to monitor and manage your health. You can even set reminders to help you remember when to take your medication and set appointments on when to see your doctor. You can even view your medical records.

It encourages healthy habits. Most users tend to co-relate their personal decisions intending to achieve healthier outcomes.

Educate the user. Health apps are generally educational and informative. It helps you understand medical terms that were new to you. You can access medical literature, journals, and even applications that help you identify prescription drugs. It helps in giving you pointers on how to improve your health.


Inaccurate information. Some apps claim to have features that deliver accurate information, such as measuring stress levels and heart rate using the sensor located beneath the camera, which at times isn't accurate.

No regulation or approval. None of the healthcare applications providing these services have been approved by the FDA, and only 14 percent can potentially turn into a certified medical device that measures blood pressure. Only 3 percent of the top 107 applications have been developed by recognized and approved healthcare agencies.

Privacy of your data. Many of these health applications can leak your data. Many medical apps for patients are prone to hacking and third-party access. They can access personal information like your e-mail address, phone number, the physical address of where you live, and more information remotely without your consent. To curb all this and keep your data safe. You should install a VeePN on your IOS or Android device before downloading any health improvement application on your device to ensure maximum safety. A VPN for iOS and Android encrypts your data and makes it inaccessible to third parties and hackers. It routes your data through a secure server provided by the VPN provider. To avoid leaking your personal information, you should ensure you enroll for the services.   

Examples of Modern Health Applications

Generis DNA & Nutrition

It aims to help people understand their genes. The user's DNA powers it. Patients love it because it is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. It recommends supplements, nutrition, food, fitness, and other health-related factors. It provides the user with actionable, safe, and accurate steps. The app aims to inspire users to become their best possible versions through education.

Teladoc-24/7 Access to A Doctor

 It helps patients get in touch with a certified doctor anytime at the convenience of their phone. It provides patients with easy and quick information passing with doctors who are prepared to take an ear and resolve their issues. Doctors can also swiftly prescribe drug prescriptions and connect users to suitable pharmacies. The integration into Apple Healthkit enhances the user experience and enables the provider to create a better diagnosis and bring in the patient's medical records.

Most Popular Phone Health Apps

Most Popular Phone Health Apps

Better Help-Online Counselling

It allows patients easy access and quick, inexpensive access to professionals on mental health issues. It is an easy way to get help from a therapist who is licensed and counselors online. Patients get to enjoy customized individual counseling through messaging and video chat. Online counseling is viewed as a safe space provided for all.


It is the one-stop shop for all information on cannabis. It connects dispensaries, clinics, and doctors with the click of a button. Its main aim is to shed light on the controversial cannabis plant. It educates users on the thousands of strains. It provides actionable and safe steps which are backed by lab-sourced data.

MySugr-Diabetes Tracker Log

It allows users to keep records of their blood sugar, bolus, and carb levels. Users boast of how it has changed their lives. Daily logging of their data has given them a better grip on their condition. Doctors can also review the data of their patients to treat them better. Diabetes is very difficult to live with, but this application has become generally easier to cope with.

EyeCare Live

It allows you to connect with an eye doctor through the convenience of your mobile phone. If experiencing serious conditions, this app is not recommended. It is suitable if you are experiencing symptoms like red eyes, dry eyes, allergy eyes, or any questions you might enquire on the topic of contact lenses. It first connects you to a doctor where you record your condition through pictures or videos of the affected eye region. Within a few minutes, your doctor can diagnose you using high-definition video to understand better and help you figure out your condition.

How Technology Can Improve Your Health

Improve Your Diet

Health apps are configured to help you know what to eat and what not to eat to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. It also gives your insight into factors like the average water intake amount you should be taking in a day. It will also monitor and ensure you are on track regarding your diet goals.


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