Chase Landry age, net worth, wiki, biography


Chase Landry: Do you want to know about Chase Landry? we have done a research about his net worth in 2022, hеight, wеight, age, biography, аnd соmрlеtе dеtаil аbоut his lifе

Chase Landry age, net worth, wiki, biography

Chase Landry birthday is April 25, 1989 and born place is Pierre Part, LA. Chase Landry is recognized for his appearance in Swamp People and as a son of Troy Landry. Chase Landry father Troy Landry is famous as a gator hunter and for making his appearance in the tv show Swamp People in the channel History. 

Chase Landry age, wiki, biography

Chase Landry date of birth is April 25, 1989 and place of birth is Pierre Part, LA. His age as in 2022 is 33 years old. He celebrate his birthday every year on April 25. Taurus is his birth sign. He took birth on Tuesday.

Chase Landry made his appearance in the History Channel television show "Swamp People". His parents are Bernita Landry and Troy Landry. Bernita Landry is his mother name and Troy Landry is his father name.

He has 2 sibling. In sibling he has 2 brother. His brother name are Jason Landry and Brandon Landry. Jacob Landry and Brandon Landry are his elder brothers. Along with his father Troy Landry the 2 brothers are also in the tv series Swamp People. His nationality is American and his ethnicity is Mixed. His grandparents are Duffy Landry and Myrtle Landry. Duffy Landry is his grandfather name and Myrtle Landry is his grandmother name. His uncle name are Bubba Landry and Guy Landry. The news of his father death was circulating but Troy Landry health is good and he is still alive. His father Troy had been identified with prostate cancer and be back to his house from the hospital and is making progress in his health. His health is improving and he might be in the 4th season of Swamp People.

Chase Landry dating, relationship, Girlfriend and wife

Chase Landry has dated and his girlfriend name are Chelsea Kinsey, Cheyenne Wheat.

He is a married man. His wife name is Chelsea Kinsey. Chelsea Kinsey and Chase Landry are known for their relationship for a longer time. The couple tied the wedding knot in 2020. The couple were blessed with 1 children/ kids, a daughter was born to them. His daughter name is Riley Blake Landry. It is in news that he and his wife has parted ways after the birth of their child. Riley Blake Landry date of birth is March 18, 2017.

He is dating another girlfriend whose name is Cheyenne Wheat. Cheyenne Wheat and Chase Landry dating came in public from the status of FB. They both were in a relationship from October 25, 2020. Cheyenne Wheat is also known by other name as Pickle Wheat. The pair spends their free time outside camping, fishing, and participating in other activities related to nature.

Chase Landry Career

Over the course of its many episodes on the television, Swamp People has placed us into an unique universe in which the pursuit is limited to alligator hunting as the only available activity. The Landry family serves as the primary focus of the program. The male members of the Landry family have all enjoyed prosperous professions as hunters. Troy Landry, Jacob Landry and Chase Landry have tremendous specific capabilities, but it's their surprising errors, missteps, and weird slip-ups that kept audiences returning for again.

From the very first episode of 'Swamp People,' Chase Landry has been a vital component of the show's ensemble cast. Chase Landry is widely regarded as being of the best experienced alligator hunters who has even made an appearance on a major television network. He was brought up among a group of males who were quite enthusiastic about alligator hunting, as his neighbourhood was comprised of French Canadian refugees at the time of his birth.

Chase Landry shares the same excitement and enthusiasm for alligator hunting as the other members of his family. The fact that he did this led to him getting into some difficulty in the earlier, but it also gave him the opportunity to acquire some attention life situations and the capacity to create even tighter relationships with his father, Troy. The wealth that he has earned is from his professional career. Chase Landry is also doing rather well for himself. Considering that the show's success appears to be increasing with each new season, he might anticipate that his private fortune will keep rising beyond this already reasonable number in the foreseeable future. He is very active on his social media accounts and has many fans followers on his account.


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