Did Kelly Clarkson Lose Weight?


Kelly Clarkson Lose Weight: Kelly Clarkson or Kelly Brianne Clarkson is a TV star, who is 5 feet 4 inches tall, sings, writes songs, and acts all at the same time. She was born and raised in Texas. In 2002, she became famous overnight when she won the first season of American Idol, which is the most popular singing show. Not only did people talk about her hands-on work and glam style, but they also talked about how much she weighed. The singer has always been an advocate for body positivity, and she always looks great no matter what size she is. But she has really lost 37 pounds in the last few months.

Fans and the media alike noted Kelly's weight loss as she made several public appearances in the summer of 2018. And during an interview with Extra on the red carpet at the 2018 CMT Music Awards, she said that her weight loss was due to a new eating plan that was very strict.

How did Kelly Clarkson Lose Weight?

Kelly's transparency about the strategy that worked for her did not prevent unfounded diet rumours from spreading, but she wasted no time dispelling them. She dispelled the talk that she was on some sort of medication or fad diet. She stated firmly, "I don't have time for all of these."

Kelly Clarkson said that she read the book “The Plant Paradox” instead of undertaking an extreme exercise programme. This book is authored by a medical doctor: Steven R. Gundry. She attributes her success in shedding pounds entirely to the guidance she found in this book. 

Clarkson disclosed that, in addition to a transition to a plant-based diet, her weight loss was also the result of an autoimmune illness and a thyroid ailment. Kelly said that exercise is good for people's general health when asked if she often goes to the gym and works out for an hour or two. However, she added that many people are the same as her and don't actually do any exercise. She went on to say that she always became hot and bothered whenever she attempted an exercise routine. Unfortunately, she despises both sweating and feeling her blood pumping through her cheeks.

What Prompted Kelly Clarkson to Reduce Her Weight?

Kelly Clarkson has had a rocky health journey. Her autoimmune illness and thyroid problem were diagnosed in 2006. Therefore, her weight has always been a source of stress for her.

People were commenting on her size from her debut appearance on American Idol in 2002. Clarkson has said that as she began her career, she felt intense pressure to become the stereotypical thin professional lady. It may surprise you, but Kelly says she faced more pressure within the music industry. This led to an extended period during which she actively rejected and rejected her physical form. In 2015, she opened up about her lengthy battle with hate speech on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

What type of food is she now eating?

Kelly Clarkson is determined to maintain her current weight, so she watches everything she eats extremely carefully. She recently switched to using cassava flour, almond flour, and tapioca. She still likes to drink wine and eat fried chicken and cake. She also enjoys a wide variety of other foods, such as dark chocolate, avocados, goat cheese, Macadamia nuts, dairy-free ice cream, chicken, berries, lobster, champagne, and more.

Kelly Clarkson reduced her weight by adjusting her cooking methods rather than her diet. As much as she can, Kelly avoids eating at restaurants. In addition, she has established a cap on the number of alcoholic beverages she will consume every week.

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