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Mary Lanier: Do you want to know about Mary Lanier? How old was Mary Lanier when she died? we have done a research about Mary Lanier net worth in 2022, hеight, wеight, wifе, age, biography, аnd соmрlеtе dеtаil аbоut her lifе

Mary Lanier date of birth is August 15, 1912 and place of birth is in Mobile, Alabama, USA. She passed away on May 23, 2002 at the age of 89 years and her place of death was Ojai, California, USA. She is a well known actress. Her grand daughter Laura Dern real name is Laura Elizabeth Dern. Date of birth is February 10, 1967, and place of birth is Los Angeles, California, United States. Laura Dern is an American actress. By profession, she is known in the entertainment industry as an American actor, producer, and director. Her performance in Marriage Story earned Laura Dern a lot of accolades, including a nomination for the Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award in the category of Best Supporting Actress, respectively. White Lightning was the first film in which Laura Dern appeared on screen. Her first appearance was as a background actor in the 1973 production of the film, which starred her mother.

Mary Lanier age, wiki, biography

Mary Lanier real name is Mary Bernadette Anderson. Mary Lanier birthday is on August 15, 1912 and born place is Mobile, Alabama, USA. By profession she is an American Actress. She is recognized for The Ladies on Sweet Street in 1990 and Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me in 1992.

She is the grandmother of Diane Elizabeth Dern and Laura Dern. Her grandchild Diane Elizabeth Dern was born in 1961 and who passed away when she was just 18 months old in 1962 and grand child Laura Dern born on February 10, 1967. Her daughter Diane Ladd and her grandchild Laura Dern worked together in the movies Wild at Heart, Rambling Rose, Citizen Ruth, and Inland Empire, as well as the HBO show Enlightened. 

Laura Dern is her grandchild. Her former son in law name is Bruce Dern. By profession Bruce Dern is an actor. 

Mary Lanier dating, relationship, Boyfriend and husband

Mary Lanier has dated and her boyfriend name are Daniel Garey and Preston Paul Lanier.

She is a married woman. Her husband name are Daniel Garey and Preston Paul Lanier.

She tied the wedding knot with Daniel Garey in 1981. Next she got married with Preston Paul Lanier. With her husband Preston Paul Lanier she is blessed with 1 children, a daughter was born to them. Her daughter name is Diane Ladd.


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