Electra Niarchos age, wiki, biography

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Electra Niarchos date of birth is July 05, 1995 and her place of birth is New York, New York, United States. She is famous and recognized as the daughter of Greek billionaire Philip Niarchos.

Electra Niarchos Age, Wiki, Biography

Electra Niarchos birthday is on July 05, 1995 and her birthplace is New York, New York, United States. As of 2022 She is 27 years of age.  

Her parents are Philip Niarchos and Victoria Niarchos. Her father's name is Philip Niarchos and her mother's name is Victoria Niarchos. She has 3 siblings. In siblings she has 2 brother's and 1 sister. She is the youngest among her siblings. Her brother's names are Theodorakis Niarchos and Stavros Niarchos. Her sister's name is Eugenie Niarchos. Her grandparents are Stavros Niarchos, Eugenia Livanos, Dolores Guinness, Patrick Benjamin Guinness. Her nationality is American. Her star sign is Cancer.

By profession her brother Stavros Niarchos was a Greek billionaire shipping tycoon. Her brother Stavros Niarchos III date of birth is April 17, 1985 and died on 15 April 1996 at the age of 86 years and his place of death was Zürich, Switzerland. Her brother Theo Niarchos is a art enthusiast. At 9 years of age her brother Theo Niarchos was found of art. Theo Niarchos has a art gallery in Los Angeles. 

Electra Niarchos grandfather names are Tara Guinness and Stavros Niarchos. Her grandmother names are Dolores Guinness and Eugenia Niarchos.

Her great grandmother names are Princess Tajuddawlah Khan Doweger Viscountess Camrose, Arietta Livanos and Eugenie Niarchos. Her great grandfather are Loel Guinness, Stavros Livanos, Spyros Niarchos. Her great great grandfather are Benjamin Guinness, Spyros Niarchos, George Livanos, tavros Coumandaro, Stavros Niarchos. Electra Niarchos great great grandmother are Bridget Guinness, Eugenia Livanos, Aikaterini Coumandaros, Maria Adamantioschoupas. Her 3x great grandfather are Sir Richard Williams-Bulkeley, Stavros Livanos. Electra Niarchos step-grandmother are Tina Niarchos, Charlotte Ford, Melpo Niarchos, Helen Niarchos.

Her uncle names are Spyros Niarchos, Maria-Isabella Niarchos, Constantine Niarchos. Her aunt names are Elena Rippolone. Her great aunt are Maria Dracopoulos, Tina Niarchos and her great uncle is George Livanos. Electra Niarchos cousins are Nicholas Nicarchos, Ines Sophia Niarchos, Lex Spyros Niarchos

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