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Sean O'Neal is famous and recognized as the son of Tatum O'Neal. Sean O'Neal mother Tatum O'Neal is a popular American actress.

Sean O'Neal age, wiki, biography

Sean O'Neal parents are Tatum O'Neal and John McEnroe. His mother's name is Tatum O'Neal and his father's name is John McEnroe. He has 2 siblings. In siblings he has 1 brother and 1 sister. His brother's name is Kevin O'Neal and his sister's name is Emily O'Neal. His parents got divorced in 1994 and his custody along with his siblings was given to his father. His nationality is American.

Sean O'Neal grand parents are Ryan O'Neal and Joanna Moore. Ryan O'Neal is his grandfather name and Joanna Moore is his grandmother name. Ryan O'Neal and Joanna Moore divorced in 1967. By profession his grandmother and his grandfather both were actors. Sean O'Neal uncle name are Griffin O'Neal, Redmond O'Neal, Patrick O'Neal. His uncle Griffin O'Neal who was on born Oct 28, 1964. His uncle Redmond O'Neal, born on Jan 30, 1985. His grandfather Ryan O'Nea immediately tied the knot with actress Leigh Taylor-Young. They have a son named Patrick O'Neal. His uncle Patrick O'Neal was born on September 14, 1967. In 1973, the two got divorced. Sean O'Neal uncle Redmond O'Neal was born as a result of grandfather Ryan O'Neal romantic relationship with actress Farrah Fawcett. At the age of 63, Sean O'Neal grandmother Joanna Moore passed away due to Lung Cancer, following a successful acting career. 

Sean O'Neal Mother Tatum O'Neal

Tatum O'Neal's birthday is on November 5, 1963 and birth place is Los Angeles, California, U.S. Her age as in 2022 is 59 years. Her Parents are Ryan O'Neal and Joanna Moore. Her mother's name is Joanna Moore and her father's name is Ryan O'Neal. By profession her mother and father both are actors. She has 3 siblings. In siblings she has 3 brothers. Her brothers name is Griffin O'Neal, born Oct 28, 1964. Her parents divorced in 1967. Her father immediately tied the knot with actress Leigh Taylor-Young. They have a son named Patrick O'Neal, her half brother born September 14, 1967. In 1973, the two got divorced. Tatum also has a half-brother named Redmond O'Neal, born on Jan 30, 1985, as a result of her father's romantic relationship with actress Farrah Fawcett. At the age of 63, Tatum O'Neal mother passed away due to Lung Cancer, following a successful acting career. She starred in movies like Walk on the Wild Side and Follow That Dream. Her father is Irish, English, and Ashkenazi Jewish.

The late 1970s saw Tatum O'Neal in a relationship with singer Michael Jackson, her first public boyfriend. O'Neal was regarded as Jackson's first love. When Tatum O'Neal moved into John McEnroe's Central Park West apartment in New York City in 1984, she started a romantic relationship with the tennis player. In 1986, the couple tied the knot. They have three kids, two boys and 1 girl. Kevin O'Neal, Sean O'Neal and Emily O'Neal. They split in 1992 and in 1994 got divorced. McEnroe got custody of the kids in 1998.

Tatum O'Neal and her dad started working on repairing their bond after 25 years in 2011. A brief Oprah Winfrey Network show, Ryan and Tatum: The O'Neals, chronicled their reunion and reconciliation journey.According to her, she started seeing women in 2015 and chose not to label herself as lesbian, bisexual, or heterosexual, stating that ""I'm not one or the other."" Her Nationality is American and her Ethnicity is Caucasian White.

Sean O'Neal Mother Tatum O'Neal Career

At the age of 10, Tatum O'Neal received the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress on April 2, 1974. She also claimed the Golden Globe Award for New Star Of The Year - Actress for her work in Paper Moon, which premiered in May 1973. She was nine years old when the movie was shot in the autumn of 1972, making her the youngest person ever to claim an Academy Award in a competitive category. In the movie, Tatum O'Neal starred as Addie Loggins, a young con artist who is being mentored by a Depression-era grifter, portrayed by her dad. Tatum O'Neal revealed that her father had not been able to accompany her to the Academy Awards ceremony because of his hectic workload in a 2010 episode on RuPaul's Drag Race.

Other movies in which Tatum O'Neal has worked are The Bad News Bears in 1976 with Walter Matthau, International Velvet in 1978 alongside Christopher Plummer and Anthony Hopkins, and Little Darlings in 1980 alongside Kristy McNichol. She even acted with her father in Nickelodeon in 1976 and in Circle of Two in 1980, alongside Richard Burton.The Faerie Tale Theatre episode ""Goldilocks and the Three Bears"" featured her as the titular persona, in 1984.During the following fifteen years, Tatum O'Neal acted in only five movies, one of which was Basquiat in 1996, in which she played Cynthia Kruger.

Tatum O'Neal came back to the screen in the early 2000s, with cameos in shows like 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter, Sex and the City, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. As Maggie Gavin on a regular basis in the firehouse television drama Rescue Me, in which she depicts the unstable and energetic sister of Tommy Gavin, portrayed by Denis Leary, in 2005.She competed in Season 2 of ABC's reality TV show Dancing with the Stars, in January 2006 with professional dance partner Nick Kosovich. In the second round they got dismissed. In the following years, she worked as a commentator for the show on Entertainment Tonight.

In the MyNetworkTV drama Wicked Wicked Games, from 2006 to 2007, her role was that of the vengeful and deranged Blythe Hunter. In the movie My Brother in 2007, she co-starred alongside Nashawn Kearse and Vanessa Williams.A Lifetime original movie, Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal, was released in 2008, and she starred in it. An actual incident that occurred at McKinney North High School in Texas is the inspiration for the movie. In the movie she played mother to Brooke Tippit, the lead. Through her journey in the role as mother she became good friends with the actress Ashley Benson, who played the character and she even coached her in the acting profession throughout her time on the show. Tatum O'Neal featured in the movie Not To Forget which released in 2021. The movie is meant to raise awareness and money for the fight against Alzheimer's disease. The movie featured actors Karen Grassle and five Academy Award winners like Tatum O'Neal, Louis Gossett Jr., George Chakiris, Cloris Leachman, and Olympia Dukakis. It was directed by Valerio Zanoli. 

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