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Laurence Francis Halliwell date of birth is August 12, 1922 and place of birth is Liverpool, Merseyside, England, United Kingdom. Laurence Francis Halliwell is famous and well known as father of Geri Halliwell. Laurence Francis Halliwell daughter Geri Halliwell is an English singer, songwriter, author, actress, and philanthropist.

Laurence Francis Halliwell age, wiki, biography

Laurence Francis Halliwell birthday is on August 12, 1922 and born place is Liverpool, Merseyside, England, United Kingdom. He passed away on November 1993 and his age at death was 71 years. His Place of death was Watford, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom. He is of Swedish, English, and French ancestry. Laurence Francis Halliwell parents are Mathias Karlson Sjövik and Kathleen Halliwell. Mathias Karlson Sjövik is his father name and Kathleen Halliwell is his mother name.

He is the grand father of Bluebell Halliwell and Montague Horner. Bluebell Halliwell is his grand daughter and Montague Horner is his grand son. Christian Horner OBE is his son in law. He was the former father in law of Maximo Hidalgo and former sister in law of Maria Hidalgo.

Laurence Francis Halliwell dating, relationship, Boyfriend and Husband

Laurence Francis Halliwell has dated and his girlfriend name is Ana María née Hidalgo.

He is a married man. His wife name is Ana María née Hidalgo. His wife Ana María née Hidalgo is a native of Huesca and of Spanish lineage. He has 3 children/ kids. In children he has 2 daughters and 1 son. His daughter names are Geri Horner Geri Halliwell and Natalie Halliwell. Max Halliwell is his son name. They raised their children in North Watford on a council estate. Geri Halliwell date of birth is 6 August 1972. Max Halliwell was born in 1967 and Natalie Halliwell was born in 1969.

Laurence Francis Halliwell daughter Geri Halliwell Career

Geri Halliwell appeared as a guest judge on the ninth season of The X Factor UK in the year 2012, and the following year, she appeared as a judge on the seventh season of Australia's Got Talent.

In September 2013, it was reported that Halliwell will make her comeback to the Australian music business with the launch of "Half of Me," her first solo single in eight years. She has also made a name for herself in the publishing sector, having published two autobiographies, such as the highly acclaimed If Only, as well as a series of children's novels like Ugenia Lavender, among others. Prior to beginning her career in the field of music, Halliwell served as a nightclub dancer in Majorca as a presenter on the Turkish version of Let's Make a Deal and as a glamour model. She made her debut as a Page 3 girl in The Sun when she was just 19 years old. The topless pictures of Halliwell that were released during her rise to popularity were reprinted in a number of magazines, including Playboy and Penthouse, in the year 1996.

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