Car Wreckers Taupo: 4 Tips To Get The Most Cash For Your Old Car


 Do you want to get rid of your old car and get cash?  

Car Wreckers Taupo: 4 Tips To Get The Most Cash For Your Old Car

If you still have your grandparents’ 1980s front-wheel drive hatchback or 1990s sedan, you might want to sell it online through a marketplace or social media. You can create a detailed car listing and promptly answer potential buyer inquiries to sell it quickly.  

Another option is to sell your vehicle through car wreckers Taupo or wherever it is in the world. But, how do you obtain the most cash for your old vehicle?  Read on below. 

1. Take Advantage Of A Cash For Cars Service 

Cash for cars service companies promise to offer the best price for private car sellers. They advertise seamless cash for car transactions, offering free towing service and spot cash. You can take advantage of a cash for cars service to save you time dealing with demanding online car buyers. However, there are important reminders you need to know.  

First, you have to determine whether the car wrecker or car for cash company offers fair quotes. You can check such information on their website through customer testimonials and their social media page through the comments section.  

Next, find out what sorts of vehicles they accept. For instance, a car wrecker can accept used, old, unwanted, wrecked, deregistered, scrap, not running, and damaged cars. Many car wreckers also accept vans, 4x4, sports utility vehicles (SUVs), trucks, and other commercial vehicles. 

Lastly, make sure that the cash for cars service will take care of all paperwork without expense on your part. This way, you can get the most cash from the sale. 

2. Invest In Basic Car Care  

Car Wreckers Taupo: 4 Tips To Get The Most Cash For Your Old Car

If you want to get the most cash from selling your old or unwanted vehicle, you might want to invest in basic car care to make it more appealing.  

This tip is applicable if you plan to sell your car to a private buyer. You want to ensure that no major aesthetic or functional issue can change a prospect’s mind about buying your car. Investing in basic car care actually serves as a freebie to entice a potential buyer to close the sale.  

The following are the important steps in basic car care when planning to sell your old car: 

  • Wash and wax the vehicle exterior 
  • Clean the engine using a degreaser or engine cleaner 
  • Check and clean the tires, wheels, and brakes  
  • Make the interior spotless using a car foam cleaner 
  • Change oil  
  • Replace old battery  
  • Repair car paint issues  

3. List Your Old Car As A Vintage Collectible 

List Your Old Car As A Vintage Collectible

Many people, especially millennials, are into vintage car collecting. Hence, listing your old car as a vintage collectible can attract novice and seasoned car collectors, and get the most cash for your vehicle.  

Your old car should look classic and still be in good running condition to make a vintage collectible-worthy listing.  

A genuine vintage car is from the 1919 to 1930 period. But, in a general sense, car enthusiasts categorize vehicles as antique, vintage, classic, and so on. Most classic cars have hood ornaments, tailfins, bench seats, radios, spare tires installed outside the car, and white wall tires.  

Does your old car have historical importance, or was it a pioneer of new technology when it appeared on the market?  If yes, it qualifies as a collectible—more so if it looks beautiful without obvious marks, cracks, and scratches. 

4. Sell Your Old Car For Auction 

Car Wreckers Taupo: 4 Tips To Get The Most Cash For Your Old Car

While you probably have an idea of the current market value of your old car, it still pays off to try selling it for auction. Major online marketplaces offer seller listings of used cars for auction.  

When you set a minimum bid price for your old car, make sure it’s close to its current market value. In that way, you won’t lose out and get the opportunity to study how potential buyers will respond to your pricing.  

Some people try to find rare old cars on auction sites. But, of course, they want a bargain price. However, other people are willing to pay a higher price for an old car than its current market value because of the make and model’s sentimental value, collectible-worthiness, and other factors.  


Get the most cash for your unwanted or old vehicle by finding the best platforms and ways to boost its exposure to potential buyers. While you can list your second-hand vehicle online to sell it, it’s also a great idea to consider dealing with a reputable cash for cars service. Regardless of your choice, prepare all the documents necessary to complete the sale and get the most cash from selling your old car. 


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