Cora Faith Walker Death Cause, Husband, Age, Wiki, Biography

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Cora Faith Walker Death Cause, Husband, Age, Wiki, Biography

Cora Faith Walker Death Cause: Cora Faith Walker is a person that a lot of people are interested in learning about. Cora Faith Walker, date of birth is not known but the year of her birth is 1984 and place of birth is not known. By profession Cora Faith Walker was an American politician who represented the 74th district in the Missouri House of Representatives from January 2017 to July 2019. She was originally known as Core Faith Drew.

Cora Faith Walker announced her resignation from the Missouri House of Representatives on July 29, 2019, and soon after began working as the policy director for Sam Page, the executive of St. Louis County.

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Cora Faith Walker age, wiki, biography

Cora Faith Walker's birthday is not known but the year of  her birth is 1984 and birth place is not known as well. Her age as of the date she passed away which was March 11, 2022 is 37 years.  Her Parents are not known. Her mother's name is not known and her father's name is not known. There is no information about her siblings. Her nationality is American.

Cora Faith Walker attended Washington University in St. Louis, where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree and Master of Public Health degree. She then studied at the Saint Louis University School of Law, where she obtained her Juris Doctor degree.

Tim Walker is the name of Cora Faith Walker's spouse. Cora Faith Walker resided in Ferguson, Missouri.On March 11, 2022, Cora Faith Walker passed out at a hotel in St. Louis, where she was attending a birthday celebration for Mayor Tishaura Jones. She was rushed to a hospital, where it was determined that she had passed away. Her age at the time of death was 37 years. It was established that non-ischemic cardiomyopathy was the root cause that led to the death.

Cora Faith Walker dating, relationship, Boyfriend and Husband

Cora Faith Walker Husband: Cora Faith Walker has dated and her boyfriend's name is Tim Walker.

She was a married woman. Her husband's name is Tim Walker

Boyfriend / Dating / Spouse / Relationship

Cora Faith Walker has dated -

1) Tim Walker - Tim and Tim Walker tied the wedding knot in June 2012, in a ceremony that took place at the Busch baseball stadium in Missouri. He lived in St. Louis with his late wife.This year, 2022, would have been the year that they would have celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary. Her husband Tim Walker is an avid ice hockey fan who cheers for the St. Louis Blues team, keeps up with the sport, and can be seen wearing the team's t-shirt  frequently. 

Cora Faith Walker would often post photographs on Instagram that she and her spouse Tim Walker were having fun together doing activities such as going ice skating, walking on the Chubb Trail in West Tyson, and spending time with their families. Although the pair never publicly stated that they had any kids of their own, they did spend a significant amount of time looking after their nephews.Tim and Cora's pets, Rocket, Bennie, and two chihuahuas they got from a puppy mill in Joplin made up Cora's small family. The pair often volunteered their time to animal welfare organizations and farms, including Purina and Big Bee Farms. In addition, Mickey, the couple's dog, who unfortunately died in September of 2021, was a part of their family.

Cora Faith Walker Death Cause

Cora Faith Walker who was an American politician died on March 11, 2022 and her age of death was 37 years. Cora Faith Walker was found to have suffered from heart illness that was brought on by an undiagnosed condition. A per Dr. Michael Graham her death occurred de to lethal cardiac rhythm disturbance that was resulted by underlying heart muscle disease known as "nonischemic cardiomyopathy,"

According to Dr. Michael Graham there were no traces of illegal substances found in her system, and alcohol "had nothing to do with the death." Cora Faith Walker passed away on March 11 after leaving her room at the Loews Hotel. Earlier that night she was captured on social media enjoying the birthday of St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones at Neo on Locust. At 8:55 a.m., a Good Samaritan contacted 911 and tried to resuscitate the St. Louis County leader who had passed away after finding Cora Faith Walker in the hallway. Cora Faith Walker was not being medicated for any heart condition. "She was clueless to the fact that she in particular was experiencing this."

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