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Cisely Saldana is a celebrity sister. Cisely Saldana is famous and well known as sister of Zoe Saldaña. By profession Zoe Saldaña is an American actress. After gaining experience with the theatrical company Faces, she made her appearance in 2 episodes of Law & Order in 1999. Cisely Saldana is a person that a lot of people are interested in learning about. 

Cisely Saldana's admirers are currently looking for information on Cisely Saldana Zoe Saldana sister, siblings, age, wiki, biography and more. Cisely Saldana has become a huge star and majority of the people know her.

Cisely Saldana age, wiki, biography

By profession Cisely Saldana is an executive producer. Cisely Saldana parents are Asalia Nazario and Aridio Saldaña. Asalia Nazario is her mother name and Aridio Saldaña is her father name.

She has 2 siblings. In sibling she has 2 sister. Cisely sister names are Mariel and Zoe Saldaña. The better part of her early life was experienced in the New York City along with her siblings. Her sister Cisely Saldana date of birth is June 19, 1978. By profession she is an American actress. When her sister Zoe Saldaña was 9 years old their mother uprooted and went to the Dominican Republic with their siblings and children after their father died in a car accident. After her father died her mother got married to Dagoberto Galán. Dagoberto Galán is her step father. her father Aridio Saldaña was Dominican and her mother Asalia Nazario is Puerto Rican. 

Cisely along with her siblings spend quality time like going out to eat Chinese food some time. She is the aunt of Zen Perego-Saldana, Bowie Ezio Perego-Saldana and Cy Aridio Perego Saldana.  Cy Aridio Perego Saldana and Bowie Ezio Perego-Saldana are twin Nephew. Marco Perego Saldana is her brother in law.

Cisely Saldana Career

Zoe Saldaña, Mariel Saldaña, Cisely Saldaña, Dan Signer, Christopher King, Jennifer Robinson, Eva Longoria, Claudia Forestieri, Josh Berman and Brigitte Muñoz-Liebowitz are the executive producers of Gordita Chronicles. On June 23, 2022, an American comedy show Gordita Chronicles was made available to watch online via the streaming platform HBO Max. The star cast of Gordita Chronicles are Diana-Maria Riva, Juan Javier Cardenas, Olivia Goncalves, Savannah Nicole Ruiz, Noah Rico, Cosette Hauer. Cisely is also the executive producer in Zoe Saldana Presents My Hero

Cisely Saldana is also the producer of many tv shows. The wealth that she has earned is from her professional career being a executive producer.

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