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James Howard Marshall II date of birth is January 24, 1905 and place of birth is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. By profession he was an American billionaire entrepreneur, professor, and government figure. Through his educational, political, and business initiatives, he was actively engaged in the petroleum sector and invested in its success. He was a Koch Industries shareholder to the extent of 16%. 

At the time of his passing away he was married with the famous model and actress Anna Nicole Smith. J. Howard Marshall wife names are Anna Nicole Smith, Bettye Bohannon, Eleanor Pierce. J. Howard Marshall children names are E. Pierce Marshall and J. Howard Marshall III and both were son born to him.

His inheritance was dragged through the courts for an extended period of time, culminating in two cases that were heard by the Supreme Court: Marshall v. Marshall and Stern v. Marshall. The court upheld the will and testament, and the majority of the assets in Marshall's inheritance were distributed among many trusts for the advantage of Marshall's daughter-in-law, Elaine Tettemer Marshall, and her household.

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J. Howard Marshall, wiki, biography

J. Howard Marshall's birthday is on January 24, 1905 and birth place is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. His age as of the date he passed away which was August 4, 1995 is 90 years. Aquarius is his birth sign. He was born in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

His Parents names are not known. His mother's name is not known, and his father's name is not known. He was brought up as a Quaker. He studied at the George School, a private high school in Newtown, Pennsylvania. He then enrolled at the Haverford College, where he studied liberal arts, both of which are quaker institutions and completed his graduation in 1926. During his time at George School and Haverford, he was an All-American soccer player, served as captain of the debate teams, edited the school newspapers, and competed in tennis competitions while receiving training from a professional named Bill Tilden. In 1931, he received the highest possible degree from Yale Law School, the magna cum laude. During his time at Yale, he functioned as the case editor of the Yale Law Journal and learned under the renowned law and economics expert Walton Hale Hamilton. His nationality is American.

In 1931, Marshall tied the knot with Eleanor Pierce. The couple officially divorced in 1961. They welcomed two children both boys, J. Howard Marshall III born on February 6, 1936 and E. Pierce Marshall born on January 12, 1939 and passed away on June 20, 2006. 

He tied the knot for the second time to Bettye Bohannon in the year 1961. Their marriage lasted until 1991, when she passed away as a result of Alzheimer's. He met "Lady" Diane Walker in a club in 1982 and made a proposal to marry her in the event that his wife Betty, who suffered from Alzheimer's disease, passed away. Over the course of a number of years, Marshall presented Walker with jewelry and other presents totaling $15 million in value. Walker passed away in the year 1991, at the age of 51, as a result of problems that arose from her facelift surgery. He tied the knot with the model Anna Nicole Smith, in 1994, when he was 89 years old, whilst she was 26 at the time. Their marriage remained strong till he passed away 14 months later.

Marshall's eldest son, J. Howard Marshall III, chose to side with Bill Koch, Frederick R. Koch, and other family members in a conflict with Charles Koch and David H. Koch in 1980 attempting to make Koch Industries a public company and paying dividends. Marshall bought back company stock from his eldest son, which he had given as a present, for $8 million, which was a high price, and excluded the eldest son from his will and testament. During the same conflict, Marshall's youngest son, E. Pierce Marshall, chose to take his father's side. As a result, Charles Koch and David Koch got most of Marshall's estate, which was worth $1.6 billion when he passed away.

In Houston, Texas, on August 4, 1995, Marshall passed away at the age of 90 from complications related to pneumonia. Anna Nicole Smith, got embroiled in a legal dispute with her former stepson, E. Pierce Marshall, after Marshall passed away. both Anna Nicole and J. Howard's other son, J. Howard Marshall III, were not in J. Howard's will or trust. 

Anna Nicole and J. Howard III made an attempt to have the will and trust revoked. During the course of a six-month jury trial in a Texas state court in 2001, they were both unsuccessful in their claims. Anna Nicole Smith passed away on February 8, 2007 whilst E. Pierce Marshall passed away on June 20, 2006. Both Anna nor Pierce lived long enough to find out how their case was ultimately resolved. On June 23, 2011, the Supreme Court of the United States handed down its ruling in the case, which was favorable to the Marshall family with a 5–4 vote now styled Stern v. Marshall 10-179.At first, the judges decided to give E. Pierce Marshall $35 million in damages; however, the probate court cut that sum and awarded him just $10 million. The court ruled in favor of Pierce's family in 2014, and as a result, his widow, Elaine Tettemer Marshall, inherited the money, as a result of the legacy she received from her husband.

How much is J. Howard Marshall Net Worth?

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J. Howard Marshall Career

After receiving his degree, he worked at Yale Law School as an Assistant Dean from 1931 until 1933.During that time, he also taught classes at the school on subjects such as business, finance, and procedure. Additionally, he wrote articles as a member of the influential legal realism school of thought. He collaborated with William O. Douglas, who would later serve as a justice on the Supreme Court, on an essay that was launched in 1932 and called A Factual Study of Bankruptcy Administration and Some Suggestions. In 1931, he contributed to the release of two articles called Legal Planning of Petroleum Production, which was co-written with Norman Meyers. These research provided a solution to the procedures of controlled production that were prevalent in the petroleum business at the time. These practices were causing dramatic boom-and-bust cycles in the sector. They were able to attract the attention of the government due to the fact that many of those who supported the New Deal were advocates of legal realism.

He quit Yale in the year 1933, and went on to work as an Assistant Solicitor for the Department of the Interior under the direction of Harold L. Ickes. Following the ruling of the Supreme Court to invalidate the National Industrial Recovery Act, he penned the Code of Fair Competition for the Petroleum Industry in 1933 and the Connally Hot Oil Act in 1935.. It reintroduced laws that limited the movement of oil between states in order to safeguard the oil sector from "contraband oil" and to steady dropping prices. Initially, Ickes was going to propose that the government establish a price floor for oil. However, Marshall convinced Ickes to give his approval to a scheme that would need certificates of clearance for lawfully produced oil that was going to be exported in interstate commerce.

He resigned from his position in the government in 1935, and accepted a position as the special counsel to Kenneth R. Kingsbury, the president of Standard Oil of California in San Francisco, which is now Chevron Corporation. He was made a partner in the law firm in 1937 that served as the company's outside counsel, which was known as Pillsbury Madison Sutro. During World War II, he returned back to Washington, D.C., in 1941 as Solicitor of the Petroleum Administration for War. In this role, he assisted in the development of United States energy policy during the war, such as the Cole Pipeline Act of 1941. He eventually joined the Committee on Reparations and the American Petroleum Institute. After getting to know Paul G. Blazer in 1944, he relocated to Ashland, Kentucky, and then went on to become the Vice Chairman and President of Ashland Oil and Refining Co., which is now called Ashland Inc. 1946 was the year that he penned the executive order that established the National Petroleum Council (US). 

He was appointed to the position of Executive Vice President of Signal Oil & Gas, where he worked under the direction of Samuel B. Mosher in 1952. He relocated to Houston after accepting the position of President of Union Texas Petroleum in 1961. He was appointed to the position of Executive Vice President of Allied Chemical now known as Honeywell in 1967.In addition to that, he served as director for Coastal Corporation. He established Marshall Petroleum, in 1984, which served largely as a holding company for his stake in Koch Industries.

Marshall helped establish Great Northern Oil in 1952, and the company went on to construct a crude oil refinery in Rosemount, Minnesota, in 1955 that was able to process heavy, sour crude oil from Canada. Fred Koch spent $5 million in 1959 to purchase a 35% stake in Great Northern Oil. Union Oil had a majority stake in Great Northern and made an effort to seize control of the corporation; however, Marshall and Koch, who wished to maintain private ownership of their assets, were able to prevent the acquisition from occurring. Charles Koch, who had previously bought out Union Oil and had a similar corporate philosophy with Marshall, made a trade in 1969 in which he exchanged a stake in Koch Industries for the remainder of Marshall's holdings in Great Northern Oil.

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