Jossara Jinaro wiki, age, biography

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Jossara Jinaro wiki, age, biography

Jossara Jinaro birthday is on 25 May 1973 and born place is Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She is a well known Actress, Singer, and Dancer.

Jossara Jinaro is a person that a lot of people are interested in learning about. Jossara Jinaro's admirers are currently looking for information on Jossara Jinaro wiki, age, biography and more. Jossara Jinaro has become a huge star and majority of the people know her.

Jossara Jinaro age, wiki, biography

Jossara Jinaro Wiki: Jossara Jinaro date of birth is 25 May 1973 and place of birth is Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her age as in 2022 is 48 years old. Gemini is her star sign and she was born on Friday. She passed away on 27 April 2022. At the time she passed her age was 48 years old. She died on Wednesday. By profession she is an actress. Jossara Jinaro is best known for her work as an actress in a large number of Hollywood films and tv series.

She is known by her nick name as Jo, Jossey. We dont have any details about Jossara Jinaro parents, Neither we dont have any details about her siblings. She like to keep the information about her family members secret as she like to keep them private. At this time, we are looking into Jossara Jinaro family details. As soon as we have any additional insights her family history, we will communicate it to you all as soon as possible.

Jossara Jinaro, who is talented in singing, dancing, and acting, has been dubbed "the ultimate chameleon." When she was 10 years of age, she moved to the United States. She is a passionate student in ballet, jazz, contemporary, and tap dance. Her family moved back to Colombia when she was 16 years old.  She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theater. Jossara Jinaro had already performed as Velma Kelly in Chicago and choreographed. She has done her graduation from Columbia University. She was staying at Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Jossara Jinaro Nationality is Brazilian and her Ethnicity is White Latin. The Religion she follow is Christianity.

Jossara Jinaro dating, relationship, Boyfriend and husband

Jossara Jinaro has dated and her boyfriend name is Matt Bogado.

She is a married woman. Her husband name is Matt Bogado. She was residing in the Los Angeles area with her husband, Matt Bogado along with their two children. The name of her children are Liam Bogaro and Emrys Bogaro.

What Caused Jossara Jinaro's Death?

She died on 27 April 2022 and the day of her death was Wednesday. The reason of Jossara Jinaro death was Cancer. On her official Fb account, her partner, Matt Bogado, posted the upsetting news that Jossara Jinaro had passed away.

Jossara Jinaro Career

Jossara has established herself as a strong and creative performer during the course of her career. Jossara tried out her first equity show, and director David Petrarca ultimately decided to cast her in the role. to take on the role of Rene in the American Conservatory Theater production of dark rapture. After great comments. The call from Hollywood didn't take long to come. She was cast to appear on the sitcom Viva Vegas.

Vicki Rosenberg, executive vice president of casting at Tristar, took notice of the situation. On the CBS show "Judging Amy," she suggested Jossara Jinaro for the role of Cheech Marron's outspoken activist daughter which was her tv debut. Jinaro was cast in the role. The performance of Jossara Jinaro as the enigmatic Ray Thomas, which is genuinely the first representation of an American daytime television, was nominated for a GLAAD award and received a nomination. Jossara went to Colombia to portray the role in the Colombian version of the drama LaBella Ceci el imprudent a. The main source of her wealth came from Acting Fees, Business and Modeling. As a result of her outstanding performance in Desert Roadkill, Jinaro was recognized as the Best Actress at a number of different film festivals. At the Scarlet Waters Film Festival, she was awarded the prize for Best Actress for her performance in Desert Road Kill in 2012.

Her performance in the show Passions earned her a nomination for a GLAAD award in the year 2006. In 2009, she travelled back to Colombia to concentrate on the novela La Bella Ceci y El Imprudente. After completing that project, she travelled back to Hollywood to film on the show East Los High.

Jossara Jinaro started making her own short movies, and eventually expanded into a full picture, which was eventually selected into the new filmmaker's programme at Panavision. Her performance in Desert Road Kill, for which she won an award for Best Supporting Actress, has earned her recognition at a number of film festivals.

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