Ron Edgeworth Judith Durham husband, death, age, wiki, biography


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Ron Edgeworth birthday is on January 29, 1938 and born place is England, UK. Ron Edgeworth is a celebrity husband. He is famous and well known as husband of Judith Durham. Ron Edgeworth wife Judith Durham was an Australian singer, songwriter and musician. Ron is trending in google as his wife passed away on 5th August 2022. Ron Edgeworth is a person that a lot of people are interested in learning about. 

Ron Edgeworth admirers are currently looking for information on Ron Edgeworth Judith Durham husband, death, age, wiki, biography and more. Ron Edgeworth has become a huge star and majority of the people know her.

Ron Edgeworth age, wiki, biography

Ron Edgeworth date of birth is January 29, 1938 and place of birth is England, UK. He took birth on saturday. He passed away on December 10, 1994 and the reason of his death was motor neurone disease. When he died his wife Judith was with him.

By profession he is an actor and composer. He is famous and recognized for Raw Deal in 1977 and Cash and Company in 1975. He has 1 sibling. In sibling he has 1 brother. His brother name is Patrick Edgeworth. Patrick Edgeworth is his older brother. Ron Edgeworth sister in law is Beverley Sheehan.

His parents in law are William Alexander Cock DFC, and Hazel Durham. His father in law William Alexander Cock DFC, was a navigator and pathfinder during World War II. His sister in law name is Beverley Sheehan.

Ron Edgeworth dating, relationship, Girlfriend and wife

Ron Edgeworth has dated and his girlfriend name is Judith Durham. 

He is a married man. His wife name is Judith Durham. he and his wife Judith tied the wedding knot on November 21, 1969, at Scots’ Church in Melbourne. They spent the first half of the 1980s residing in the United Kingdom and Switzerland before making the shift to Nambour, which is located in the state of Queensland. The couple did not have any children together.

His wife Judith Durham date of birth is 3 July, 1943 and place of birth is Essendon, Victoria, Australia. By profession Judith was an Australian singer, songwriter and musician. 

Ron Edgeworth wife Judith Durham death

Judith Durham passed away on 5 August 2022 her age at death was 79 years old. The day of her death was Friday. Athol Guy shared the news about her death. Her passing was caused on by problems resulting from a long-term chronic lung condition. Her place of death was Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She was getting palliative care at the Alfred Hospital before she passed away.

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