Wesley Kilmer Val Kilmer brother, age, wiki, biography


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Wesley Kilmer is famous and well known as younger brother of Val Kilmer. Wesley died at the age of 15 in a jacuzzi drowning accident in 1977. His brother Val Kilmer is a well known American actor.

Wesley Kilmer age, wiki, biography

Wesley Kilmer Parents are Gladys Swanette Ekstadt and Eugene Dorris Kilmer. His mother's name is Gladys Swanette Ekstadt and his father's name is Eugene Dorris Kilmer. His mother Gladys was born in 1928 and passed away in 2019. She was of Swedish origin. He also has roots in Ireland, Germany, and the Cherokee tribe. His father Eugene was born in 1921 and passed away in 1993. In 1968, when Val Kilmer was eight years old his parents got divorced. In 1970, his mother remarried with William Bernard Leach. 

He has 2 siblings. In siblings he has 2 brothers. His brothers name are Val Kilmer and Mark Kilmer. His elder brothers name is Mark Kilmer. His nationality is American and ethnicity is white. Wesley Kilmer's grandpa worked as a miner for gold in New Mexico, close to the state's border with Arizona.

Wesley Kilmer brother Val Kilmer date of birth is December 31, 1959 and place of birth is Los Angeles, California, U.S. By profession Val Kilmer is an American actor. Val Kilmer rose to prominence in the film industry after playing cameo roles in many comedic movies, beginning with Top Secret! in 1984, Real Genius in 1985, the military action movie Top Gun in 1986 and the fantasy movie Willow in 1988. He is the uncle of Jack Kilmer, Thomas Kilmer, Lisa Kilmer and Mercedes Kilmer.

Wesley Kilmer death

Wesley experienced a seizure caused by epilepsy while in the family's jacuzzi and passed away while being taken to a hospital.


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