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Amy Shaver birthday is not known and born place is U.S. Amy Shaver is famous as daughter of Earnie Shaver. Amy Shaver father was an American professional boxer, who fought between the years 1969 and 1995.

Amy Shaver age, wiki, biography

Amy Shaver date of birth is not known and place of birth is U.S. Her parents are Earnie Shaver and Laverne Payne. Earnie Shaver is her father name and Laverne Payne is her mother name. By profession her father Earnie Shaver was an American professional boxer. She has 7 siblings. In siblings she has 7 sisters. Her sister names are Tamara, Cynthia, Carla, Catherine, Natasha, Latonya and Lisa.  Her nationality is American.  Amy Shaver is well-known due to her status as Earnie Shaver's daughter. Between the years 1969 and 1995, Amy Shaver's father competed as a professional boxer in the United States of America.

Earnie Shavers was born on August 31, 1944 in Garland, Alabama, in the United States. His birthday is August 31. When he passed away on September 1, 2022, he was 78 years old. The day of his passing was September 1. Earnie Shaver had two failed bids for the heavyweight title, first against Muhammad Ali in 1977 and then against Larry Holmes in 1979. In the second round, he injured Ali, and in the seventh round, he knocked to the ground Holmes.

Amy Shaver father Earnie Shaver death

Amy Shaver father Earnie Shaver passed away on September 1, 2022 at 78 years of age.


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